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New GMO Soybean Paper Results

A new Soybean Paper comparing 31 soybean batches shows that GMO soybeans ARE substantially different from non GMO soybeans, are drastically less nutritious, and are contaminated with toxic levels of glyphosate.

 Compositional differences in soybeans on the market: glyphosate accumulates in Roundup Ready GM soybeans, Food Chemistry (2013), doi:


This article describes the nutrient and elemental composition, including residues of herbicides and pesticides, of 31 soybean batches from Iowa, USA. The soy samples were grouped into three different categories: i) genetically modified, glyphosate-tolerant soy (GM-soy); ii) unmodified soy cultivated using a conventional “chemical” cultivation regime; and iii) unmodified soy cultivated using an organic cultivation regime. Organic soybeans showed the healthiest nutritional profile with more sugars, such as glucose, fructose, sucrose and maltose, significantly more total protein, zinc and less fibre than both conventional and GM-soy. Organic soybeans also contained less total saturated fat and total omega-6 fatty acids than both conventional and GM-soy. GM-soy contained high residues of glyphosate and AMPA (mean 3.3 and 5.7 mg/kg, respectively). Conventional and organic soybean batches contained none of these agrochemicals. Using 35 different nutritional and elemental variables to characterise each soy sample, we were able to discriminate GM, conventional and organic soybeans without exception, demonstrating “substantial non-equivalence” in compositional characteristics for ‘ready- to-market’ soybeans.

"Subsantial Non-equivalence"???

The entire basis of GMO foods not needing FDA long term human safety testing because they are "Not substantially-unequivalent" to non GMO foods is FALSE*. The FDA needs to put a moratorium on GMO foods now,do the testing required and remove any harmful ingredients from our food. Please sign our petition today

Did you see the levels of Glyphosate?

Glyphosate is the active chemical ingredient in Roundup ( most widely used herbicide) and has been linked to autism, Alzheimer's, asthma, allergies, auto immune disorders, diabetes, bi polar and more. The average levels found below are tens of thousands times higher than what was shown to be toxic in an animal study in Europe: .1 ppm. Breast cancer cell growth proliferated in the presence of glyphosate in an Asian study at a tenth of a part per trillion. The allowable levels are outrageous.Even if they do meet "EPA allowable levels" these standards are for a 175 pound man, not a baby or child. There should be NO glyphosate in our food. The science for glyphosate, claiming it is safe is now 20 years old. The latest research show glyphosate causing organ damage, damage to gut bacteria(therefore the immune system), impairing of the liver's function to detox and breaking down of the blood brain barrier, allowing toxins in. ( See Samsel and Seneff and Mason Papers on previous blogs)

Well, I don't really drink soy milk or eat much Tofu, you may I don't have anything to worry about. Do you drink lemonade at restaurants? There is soy in there. Do you eat chinese food with soy sauce? Snack bars and processed foods with soy lecithin? Eat beef jerky? Fries at restaurants? Soy, Soy, soybean oil. Soy products are in huge amount of our foods and this paper points out clearly that we are being robbed of nutrients, contaminated with a harmful chemical and frankly, lied to by Big Ag and Big Chem.

 Mom don't take well to lying. We find out the truth. We research.

Please do your own research and get your child's urine tested for glyphosate:

Thank you to these courageous and committed people for finding and sharing the truth:  Bøhn, T., Cuhra, M., Traavik, T., Sanden, M., Fagan, J., Primicerio, R. for this paper.

The link to the full paper of the above abstract summary, published by Food Chemistry:

To see additional papers on the effects of Roundup and glyphosate:


If Roundup/Glyphosate does this to food bacteria, what is it doing to the bacteria in our gut lining ( ie: immune sytem)? It would't take a rocket scientist to surmise that Roundup/Glyphosate is most likely destroying our gut bacteria, and therefore the stronghold -70% of our immune system. WITHOUT OUR GUT BACTERIA we slowly get sick and die. Period. Seems to me our health insurance companies might want to look into this Roundup. For sure I hope Moms and Dads do, because kids can't. They need us. If you want to read more, click below:

Effects of Roundup and Glyphosate on Three Food Organisms ( Basically Roundup/glyphosate destroys the good stuff in milk etc)

Seralini's paper on cellular damage and endocrine disruption ( birth defects and miscarriages) at much lower levels than claimed.

*See this article from Washington University also showing a new discovery, that proteins are not the only things manipulated during Genetic Engineering, genes are affected as well, and could be impacting increased rates of disease and cancer. This makes GMO foods SUBSTANTIALLY Un Equivalent!

Want to do something about this? Send this new information to your Newspaper Editors. Demand it be published. Send it to your favorite food manufactures asking for a statement about GMO soy. Make your demand for healthy, whole GMO free and Glyphosate free food HEARD.

It's up to us Moms, we buy 85% of the food!

Zen Honeycutt

 UPDATE: New GMO Corn paper shows that GMO corn is also substantially different from non GMO.


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Mom's Life Altering Story of GMOs and Allergies

"My Husband, has severe seasonal allergies (hay fever), is allergic to perfume

and dyes. He also suffers from “red man’s syndrome” an allergy to vancomycin

(antibiotic) infusion in the hospital, where a red rash breaks out on his face neck

and upper torso.

I have eczema on my hands. There is a theory, that if one parent has “hay fever

type allergies” and another parent has eczema, you will produce a child with food


I was 38 years old in 2006, the year I gave birth to my first child, my son. He was a

full term baby, I had a C-section. – I read this in parents’ magazine:

{Let's start with a mini biology lesson: Trillions of bacteria already live in your

child's (and your own) gastrointestinal system, many of which are considered to

be good because they help keep him healthy. They've been there since birth, when

your baby's GI tract became colonized with good, bad, and benign bacteria (known

as flora) as he passed through the birth canal and picked up some of your microbes.

Because babies delivered by C-section miss out on this, they initially end up with a

different collection of flora, explains Mary Ellen Sanders, Ph.D., a microbiologist and

the executive director of the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and

Prebiotics. (Scientists suspect that this difference in colonization may be behind the

higher incidence of allergies and asthma in C-section babies, but more research is



Harrison was diagnosed at 3 months as having food allergies, I breastfed him and

from that point on, I did not eat the “Top 8” food allergens –Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree

Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Soy and Wheat – as he was having skin reaction from the food I

ate passing thru the breast milk to him. He was too young to be skin tested and the

Allergist said the tests would more than likely have false positives. I did however

continue to eat chicken, pork, turkey and beef. All GMO foods, unbeknownst to me.

My Son was able to tolerate soy, and I fed him “tofu” ice cream. He had a reaction

to the chocolate version of the ice cream and then I had him tested for cocoa beans,

which revealed, that he had “grown into” the allergy. During this time, I fed him

ground beef burgers, filet mignon and brisket. (all GMO ) He ate it fine for a long

while, then when he was about 2.5 (July 2009) he had a severe reaction to filet

mignon. He “grew into” the beef allergy. I also got rid of any soaps that have “beef

tallow” or “tallowate” in them, because he was being exposed to beef with soaps

and shampoos, too. I started to feed him Ground Turkey (GMO) instead of the beef,

which he tolerated for a while, until he was tested in April of 2010, he had “grown

into” an allergy to Turkey!

On a letter dated Feb 5, 2010, my son (3.5 years old) was currently tested for and

was allergic to: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, rye, chocolate, beef, shellfish, fish and

sesame seeds. (In April of 2010, he “grew into” an allergy to Turkey.)

It seemed he was acquiring more allergies, not growing out of them.

I believe my son “grew into” more food allergies, because:

(a.) I was feeding him GMOs (unknowingly) 

(b.) During this time, also my son was having “contact” reactions to GMO 

foods in children’s play areas – the frequent exposures made the allergy worse not better.

(c.) I was using toxic household cleaners, laundry detergent, soaps,shampoos , BPA toys, etc.

( Side notes from MAA founder, Zen Honeycutt - Glyphosate, which most GMOs are genetically engineered to withstand and are therefore doused with glyphosate, and is allowed by the EPA at levels which far exceed that which has been shown to be toxic in animals,  to contaminate 160 of our non organic foods. Glyphosate has been shown to break down the blood brain barrier, ( See Samsel and Seneff paper)  which could allow above stated toxins to enter cell tissues that normally may not.)


The protein in food takes two weeks to break down on a surface, so if a child

spilled milk and then my son came along and touched that table top or that toy,

he would have a “contact” reaction where his skin would break out in hives and

I would have to clean the skin area and then administer benadryll. During this

time, I thought these little “contact exposures’ would help “desensitize” him to his

food allergies. But the opposite was true: According to my son’s allergist …”It is

true. Each exposure to the food is like a small booster shot reminding the immune

system of the allergen thus keeping the allergy alive. This is true with infrequent or

intermittant exposures.”

So during this time, of feeding him GMO foods (unknowingly), GMO contact

reactions and exposures of toxins on a daily basis, his blood work numbers were


I decided during the year of 2010, to keep him home as much as possible because I

did not cook or eat with any of his food allergens. Thus, making my home a safe area

where he would not have any contact reactions. He was having several every week,

at the grocery store, in the shopping cart, at the library during story time, he even

had a contact reaction at the Drs. Office in Nov 2010, during a routine visit. Because

a child /nurse/doctor right before us had just consumed something with one of his

food allergies ( the appointment had been right after the dr. office’s lunch break)

It was during this time, that I first read, “The Unhealthy Truth” by Robyn

O’Brien and I started to think that if I fed him more organic, he would get better.

Fortunately, a lot of the pre-packaged allergy free foods are GMO free, so I had been

starting to feed him half organic already. Luckily, the only safe Soy Milk for my son

happened to be Organic. But his fruit juice and even the bread flour I used to make

his own safe bread was not Organic. But when I finished Robyn O’Brien’s book, I

really started to buckle down and get rid of all non-Organic foods.

I also read the book by Kenneth Bock, MD, and Cameron Stauth “ Healing the New

Childhood Epidemics” Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies: The Groundbreaking

Program for the 4-A Disorders --- It was in this book, that I first read about our toxic

environment, that wreaks havoc on an immature immune system. This is when I

also, started to try and get rid of as many household cleaners, laundry detergent, etc.

and use as much “green” cleaners as possible.

In April of 2010, he grew out of his Cocoa Beans and Shellfish allergies.

In August of 2011, he grew out of his  Fish, Sesame Seeds and Rye allergies.

In February of 2013, he grew out of  his Turkey allergy.

He is still allergic to Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Beef. But all of these

numbers have come down in severity (please see the Xcel spreadsheet)


In his test (Feb 2013) the Egg and the Peanut number went up about 4 points,

but I think this is due to perhaps infrequent “contact “ reactions (of GMO food) in

his school cafeteria. Our Allergist had said also, that sometimes, right before you

grow out of a food allergy, the number spikes up a little and then goes back down.

This last test, (Aug 2013) you can see the number went back down. So either he

is growing out of it, or it is because he has been home all summer away from the

cafeteria in school.

I also would like to add, that in 2008, I gave birth to a beautiful Baby Girl, it was a

V-BAC . I had been eating Half-Organic during that pregnancy because of the diet we

had at home, conformed around my Son’s. She was born without any food allergies.

UPDATE : on my daughter

Since my daughter had no known Food allergies, (before I questioned GMO foods) I

would let her indulge in birthday parties at school or a friends house. My husband

and I would let her have birthday cake or pizza (probably GMO) -- I felt, at the time,

that why should I let her suffer because of my Son’s food allergies?

On the weekends, my daughter had ballet class on Saturdays, my husband would

take her to class and then sneak her to a local bakery where they both would eat

donuts (prob GMO)

( Side note: Donuts are deffinately wheat, and a Monsanto study showed that the biggest absorption of glyphosate was contributed by wheat products which are sprayed with glyphosate in the drying process. Glyphosate has been shown to destroy the gut bacteria, which comprises 70% of our immune system stronghold.)

Because, we let her eat GMO birthday cupcakes, GMO donuts and GMO pizza

(outside of our home) I believe, she developed Celiac Disease. There is something

about my children, that they absolutely can not handle the GMO foods in their


( Side note: It is not just her children, it is a hugely growing population of our children that are being impacted and no one knows which child will be next and how it will impact them, a slow degeneration of their immune systems or a sudden fatal food allergy attack. We simply don't know. But what Moms of children with allergies DO know, and see, is that their children get better when they avoid GMOs)

From Samsel and Seneff's paper and presentation: 
I think that the “Food Allergy Bitch” summed it up perfectly in her blog…

Food allergies are not a genetic disease. Let me say it again. 

Food allergies are not a genetic disease.

In case you didn't learn this in school, changes to the genetic code take 

many hundreds of generations to happen. Food allergies have DOUBLED 

in just the last 10 years. Right now, one in 13 kids has a food allergy and it 

looks like the number is continuing to increase.

Food allergies are a disease of the immune system. Unlike the genetic 

code, the immune system can adapt to changes in the environment in 

a generation, but it can only go so far. These kids are not genetically 

deficient. They are a warning. They are the canary in the coal mine. 


Something has changed in our environment that is affecting ALL of us. 

The "peanut kid" may have an allergy as a result -- but that doesn't mean 

that YOUR immune system isn't also reacting in some way you can't see. 

Whatever's affecting the peanut kids is probably affecting you as well.

Food allergies are just the tip of the iceberg. All diseases that affect the 

intestinal tract are rising at an incredible rate. Crohn's disease. Asthma. 

Autoimmune disorders like lupus and diabetes. Cancer. Even if you're 

not in the 25% of the population prone to allergic disorders, you should 

understand that cancer could be in your future. Doesn't it seem like a good 

idea to you to figure out what the changes are in our environment that are 

leading to such a dramatic increase in all these diseases?

So, today, I cook and bake an Organic, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free,

Nut-Free diet for my kids. I feed them all Organic. I don’t feel bad anymore about my

daughter “missing out” on the GMO pizza or GMO cupcake at a party –

I feel bad for the unsuspecting parents, who let their kids eat this dangerous food, at

some point, it will catch up with them too. One day their children will be diagnosed

with something too.

The obesity rate, the type-2 diabetes, the food allergies, the diagnosis of celiac,

Asthma, Autism, ADHD – more parents should be alarmed."

-Veronica R. NJ

Please note: Allergies are not the problem, they are in fact, the body's way of sending a warning signal that there is inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the gut can lead to stomach ulcers and cancer if left unresolved. Finding out about your child's allergies could prevent life threatening health issues. Avoiding GMOs also avoids foreign proteins and "promoters" which "wake up genes". We still don't know if these promoters could be "waking up" cancer genes or latent disease genes in our children. Cancer is the number one killer of American children today ( see Robyn O'Brien's blog) so this is not just about GMos and allergies, this is about life and the people we love.

We Thank Veronica for taking the time to share a story that hundreds of thousands if not millions of Moms could also share. This touches the lives of many.

Please submit your story and medical records to Moms Across America at [email protected].

Every story matters. We need cumulative data to make a difference. Please share your story with us!


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Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!


 From our families to yours, we wish you a very Happy Holidays!


We wish everyone will rest, relax and cherish their families.We also wish you healthy and happy holiday gatherings! 
Here are some Mom-Tried-and-True-Holiday tips: 1.Always ask what the ingredients are in each dish, (never assume Aunt Josie made her banana bread the same way!) before you serve it to your child with allergies. We have spent one too many holiday gatherings in the ER. It's better to be safe than sorry!  2. Bake and bring your children's favorite GMO free dessert to gatherings so you know they can enjoy a treat. 3. Ask your family to buy organic food ahead of time! If we don't ask they might not think it is important! Let them know where they can buy organic in your neighborhood and what is most important to avoid GMOs and toxic chemicals: corn, soy, canola oil, squash, potatoes, carrots, and sugar.  We thank you for continuing to share with your friends and family about GMOs and Glyphosate (and associated toxic chemicals) in our food. They may think they don't want to know, but most likely now, everyone in America loves someone who has health issues. When they find out about GMOs and associated toxic chemicals like Glyphosate, you give them access to health and freedom. Thank you.  We also ask that if you are able to donate to Moms Across America, we are stepping up our efforts in the coming year and all resources are needed. I just spoke with a school nurse in Arkansas and she said 50% of the children in her school have allergies or asthma. 170 out of 600 are in Special Ed  and this does not count the numerous children with Autism. She said her student's health is being devastated. This is a national crisis. We need to take actions in the coming year to make GMO info and GMO free solutions available to every American. One of the best ways we know how is to be in every 4th of July Parade we can, with thousands of people in home towns and millons nationally, able to see our message. Our goal is 400 parades signed up by FEB 14th,"Share the Love, Sign Up Your Parade Day,"because we love our families! Invite your family to plan ahead and join in a parade with you this summer! We hope you will support getting GMO info flyers to 5000 people at each parade. Just $15.00 reaches over 200 families, and $50.00 nearly 700.  Thank you for giving generously!!! Every dollar counts! We can create a healthy and happy New Year for all! Happy Holidays!!! Zen, Kathleen and the MAAM Team


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Our Sick Children are Collateral Damage in War for Power


Watch Dr. Pang at 8:18 speak about one of the reasons why the government wants the USA and other countries to have genetically modified foods.

Just in case you cannot view it, what is shown is Dr. Pang from Hawaii describing a few ways in which the government is trying to stop us from talking about or stopping the spread of GMOs. They may to pre-empt our right to know with several arguments. One could be that it is a "Homeland Security Issue."

In other words, a national security issue. Dr. Pang describes how, in Hawaii, after 911 they had several homeland security talks and some Homeland Security men visited them from Texas, to talk about food security. There was "one guy who looked like Dick Cheney" he said, "that I spoke to and he said," "Mono crops, GMOs, are the most dangerous thing of all." and Dr. Pang, asked lightly "Can I quote you?"

The Homeland Security representattive said "Oh yeah, mono crops are very dangerous, when the crops get wiped out, you get wiped OUT."
So Dr.Pang asked, "You'll speak against them, here on the islands?" 
He said, "You don't understand...we want the enemy to have it, Iran and China, so you never have to invade them, you just say "I'll turn off your seed...or your seed is going to expire in 3 years."
So Dr. Pang asked "But then why do we have it?"

The Homeland Security man said,"We kinda have to have it so we can show them, and they will think it's ok for them to have it."

As an American I am outraged.

Our American  farmers get wiped out from GMO mono crop problems with increasingly resistent weeds and pests. For example, the entire orange industry in Florida right now is plagued. They are genetically engineering the orange trees with pig genes to "protect" them from the problem. (I wonder how our Jewish, Hindu and Muslim Americans feel about that?)The entire orange industry is being told that they are now dependant on one company for GE seeds when they used to have a thriving industry for generations before. (The truth is the issue can be resolved with Bio Dynamic farming some are actually doing that.)

As a mother I am horrified.

Our children are collateral damage in a war for world power.

The health implications of GMO foreign proteins and glyphosate sprayed food are overwhelemingly increasing. The 400%-1500% increase in childhood illness such as allergies, autism, asthma, auto immune disorders and the number one killer of American children now, cancer, have all been linked to GMOs and glyphosate (sprayed on GMOs and does not wash off). An yet this is acceptable for the government because we "need" world power.

As a human being I am unstoppable in my stand for health and freedom.

Our human population is being experiemented on for the wealth and power of the elite few. Now the concept is nothing new, world leaders have always been vying for world power and the little people have always been collateral damage. There is an acceptable level of collateral damage.

But what is new about this global movement is that they are controlling the USA media to stop us to find out about this and they are putting this dangerous crop in 80% of our food. It's not just a few. We are being experimented on in a national nd global scale and the top scientists and government officials have all been brainwashed to think that these crops are safe under the guise of national security. Our children's health, and our country's future is being impacted and yet this is acceptable for national security?

How do GMOs make US secure?

These GMO crops are engineered to withstand Roundup (glyphosate) and are heavily sprayed with this chemical which has been shown to break down the blood-brain barrier and allow toxins into the brain ( which is what impacts children with autism). 1 out of 2 of our children will have Autism at the rate we are going in the next 20 years. That is 50%. HALF our kids or grandkids. And thats's Homeland Security?

These GMO foods have promoters which "turn on genes" and could very likely be "turning on" latent cancer or lukemia genes in our children. Cancer is now the number one killer of our American children. And that's Homeland Security?

These GMO crops, fed to pigs have shown an increase in miscarriages, birth defects and the same gut issues which are present in babies who die from SIDS. 46-54% of our baby formula is made of GMO soy. Our American couples now have a 30% failure to conceive rate, the lowest ever in history. And that's Homelend Security?

GMO crops like sugar beets are sprayed with glyphosate which has also been linked to destroying our gut bacteria. Our gut is the only place where Tryptophan can be made in our bodies. Without Tryptophan our bodies cannot produce Seratonin, without Seratinin our bodies cannot regulate blood sugar. Diabetes is the result of unbalanced insulin and now costs our nation helath budget 279 billion. Compared to all of Medicare, which costs us 514 billion, diabetes is taking over our national budget. At this rate we will have no healthcare system money left in 13 years. None. Not for cancer, Alzheimer's, preventative health, pregnancies, none. Diabetes wil have eaten up all the money. And that's Homeland Security?

These GMO crops are mono culture, wiping out our small farmers, over 17,500 farms in the past five years and 690 acres a day in Colorado are lost to mono culture. These crops increase the profit for the top CEOs but not for our working class. They are heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals and heavily controlled by Big Ag and Big Banks. When the pests and weeds develope resistence to the chemical sprays they spray more chemicals, like 2,4-D which was in Agent Orange and caused birth defects in 500,000 babies in Vietnam and killed 400,000 people. And they want to spray that on our American food? That's Homeland Security?

This mother does not feel safe with the staus quo. This is not secure.

I realize that I may be targeted, as many others have, for speaking out seemingly against my government, but I want to be clear that I am speaking up our FOR OUR PEOPLE, for our American children and for all the children all over the world if their countries accept these crops. I do not want the world they are creating where one corporation can turn on or off a country's access to seed and food. I do not want that for children in any country.

I am speaking out FOR OUR FUTURE. Besides being dangerous, these GMO crops DO NOT WORK.


Our farmers have grown crops and fed people around the globe for  thousands of years. We owe our existence to their ingenuity and hard work. Yet in the past 20 years, all of a sudden they and we are being told we, as a human race, "cannot survive withut GMO seed". That's a lie. We can. 

I have FAITH in our FARMERS.

I ask all famers to grow non-GMO seed this coming season and get out of the mono culture GMO trap.

As a farmer, BE as STAND for our own Homeland Security. In fact, YOU ARE our Homeland Security. 

We have faith in you. Please protect our American culture, our families, children and economy.

And if you need a job, be an organic or bio dynamic farmer. Be the one to secure America's future.

Thank you.

Zen Honeycutt

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The Bold and Mighty Few

31 Million GMO meals are served each day to our children in public schools, paid for by government subsidies.

GMO foreign proteins, and the pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on these foods (and on 160 other non organic foods' soil) are being fed to our children without safety testing, without labels and without conclusive proof that they are not linked to the skyrocketing rise of our children's health issues. 1 out of 3 of our children now have autism, allergies, asthma or auto immune disorders. 1 out of 2 children who are obese or have diabetes also have one of these additional A's. Scientist, doctors and farmers have linked these GMOs and chemicals to our children's health issues (plus miscarriage, infertility and birth defects)  in rats, pigs and most likely in humans in studies and papers ( see our blog for Samsel interviews or "Proof of GMO Harm" article).

What are we going to do about this?

A small but mighty band said ..."We are going to take on the food in the California schools. WE are going to do something about this."  Three MAA supporters went to the California School Nutrition Conference, where 1000 food directors and school officials go to decide which food will be served to our children next year. Three people said NOW is the time for our food directors to find out about GMOs and the possible health impact on our children. This is their story.


"It was beautiful weather in Palm Springs. Driving out there, it was raining, hard at times, all through Moreno Valley, Beaumont, and Banning. And I was thinking this was not a good sign. But once I got to Cabazon, the sky cleared, and it was GORGEOUS!!!!!

It was fun gathering at the Forever Marilyn statue. Not to be missed if you get out to Palm Springs (it's there only temporarily I was told). We were a band of THREE for today - small but mighty (Mike H., Don David Y., and me). We took photos with our "Moms Across America" banner (hand-painted by Sharon K.) in front of the Marilyn Monroe statue.


Then we headed over to the convention center and we handed out flyers, and put them under windshield wipers for cars on the public street.  Standing on the corner of a parking lot across the street from the convention center, we handed a lot of flyers directly to people. A few even stopped to chat and ask questions. 

One of the vendors I talked to told me this convention will be in Sacramento next year (not so handily close). We need to look at getting a booth, and maybe offering to be speakers for a panel explaining GMO foods.

I met Kevin Stong of "Tofu Yu". He told me he was one of only 5 vendors there with non-GMO foods. He sources non-GMO soy for his tofu. If you'd like to connect with him, his email is: [email protected] and the website is

Another vendor I talked to also provides to Whole Foods. They are working on becoming non-GMO (didn't get their business name, sorry).

Mike took the flyers we had left over (a stack of about 3 inches high) and was going to return tomorrow morning to finish handing them out.

Thanks to Mike and Don David for their help today. Overall, I think we did some good (hopefully some people will actually read the flyers). And I got in a good walk in gorgeous weather. Afterwards, Mike and I ate lunch at Palm Green Cafe, the only organic restaurant (according to Mike) in Palm Springs. Very good food, and quite reasonable. I really enjoyed the lavender lemonade and salmon tacos I had.



These three wonderful people reached  THE 1000 people who decide the food in our schools with clear GMO info and Mom testimonials how their kids got better when they got off GMOs. This is huge. We will never know the results or reach of their generosity and commitment. We will never know which children will be impacted and how many people will begin to reconsider not only the food they serve their own families, but in the cafeteria to hundreds as well. We will never know if this will be the catalyst for change or just one more step in the direction for change down the road.

But we DO know that there are caring, generous people out there who will drive through rain, stand for hours and reach out to complete strangers because they care about health and freedom in America. This moves me to tears. I can't thank you enough Christine, Mike and Don.

Take a look at the book "David and Goliath" by Malcolm Gladwell. There are advantages to being the few, the "small" or the "disadvantaged." In this case, the advantage is that we can reach many with only a few. And the benefit is that we connect with amazingly kind and commited people. Our faith is renewed in America and we make a difference with uncountable thousands. All because we care.

I know we "lost" WA last week. But I say our movement is winning.


Zen Honeycutt

P.S. We will be acknowledging the WIN by Kauai in another blog- who's City Council overturned the Veto by their nincompoop Mayor and passed the GMO/Pesticide bill for their island. YES!!!!! Another great win by a small group of people with a mighty love for their people. Thank you ALL.

P.P.S PLEASE look up the School Nutrition Conferences in YOUR state today and get your flyers to pass out from You can download or purchase ( probably cheaper because we print large quantities) We have a new one just for schools.




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GMOs and Glyphosate or a Bankrupt America? Choose.

"The bottom line, there will be no money left for anything else by 2026 because diabetes will have chewed through the health care dollars. There WILL BE NO HEALTH CARE here in America in 13 years of we do nothing." -Dr Lutzdig at 39:54 of this video by CBC News The Fifth Estate

What does this have to do with GMOs? 


The majority of our sugar sources, beets and corn are GMO, 90-100%. They are directly sprayed with Roundup which contains Glyphosate because they are genetically engineered to withstand Roundup. Sugar cane and stevia, which make up a much smaller percentage of our sweetener sources, but are still used, are directly sprayed with glyphosate as a drying agent during harvest. So ALL our sugar sources except for organic crops, are contaminated with glyphosate, especially GMOs, which are repeatedly sprayed.

According to the Samsel and Seneff paper on Glyphosate and Modern Diseases, glyphosate is directly connected to diabetes.


Glyphosate has been shown to destroy our beneficial gut bacteria. Our gut bacteria is the only place in which essential amino acid Tryptophan is produced in our body. Without Tryptophan we cannot produce seratonin (which regulates blood sugar) and insulin. Without insulin we develop diabetes. See 2:00 on this video interview of Anthony Samsel.

According to the NY Dept of Health:

"In type 1 diabetes, the body no longer makes insulin because the body's own immune system has attacked and destroyed the cells where insulin is made*. The cause of this isn't entirely clear but it may include genetic risk factors and environmental factors. 

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, the body either doesn't make enough insulin or can't use its own insulin as well as it should."

*Do they know about the connection between glyphosate (which attacks the beneficial gut bacteria which makes Tryptophan/Seratonin and Insulin?) My guess would be no....

So 80% of our food contains GMOs, which are sprayed with Roundup repeatedly as they grow, and have high allowable levels of glyphosate. See list here. Also on this list you will see non-GMO food crops which have toxic allowable levels of glyphosate for us to consume, because the soil is sprayed with glyphosate.  There are also non -GMO food crops like wheat, sugar, quinoa, dry peas, and beans  which are sprayed with glyphosate as a drying agent during harvest and you will notice those levels of glyphosate are even higher: quinoa 5ppm, dry peas 8ppm etc.

To put it in perspective .1 ppm was shown to cause organ damage in a European animal study. That's point one. And a  fraction of a part per TRILLION was shown to induce growth of breast cancer cells in a south east study. See study here.  Shocking! So in addition to harm from glyphosate due to gut bacteria damage and impaired ability to produce Tryptophan and insulin, likely leading to diabetes, we are also extremely concerned about organ damage and cancer. 1out of 2 American men and 1 out of 3 women are expected to get cancer now. In 2010  the US spent 195 billion on cancer care and 90 billion on cancer research.  One can see that these costs will only rise with increased use of GMOs and glyphosate.

GMOs have been shown to cause organ damage in animal studies all on their own, without pesticides or herbicides. But we now know that we also have this HUGE problem with glyphosate on our GMOS ans non-GMO food crops. The problem is systemic. The problem is affects all humans.

The solution is clear.

Label existing GMO foods immediately  ( shelf talkers) so people can choose until ingredients are replaced with non-GMO ingredients.

The government bans the use of glyphosate ( Roundup) and puts a moratorium on GMOs.

Stores  and distributors stop selling them.

Farmers stop using them.

People stop buying food that is not organic ( not so easy but we are working on it).


But before any of this will happen we need to share this information. Send it to your media. If you are media and you ignore this, you are part of the problem. And the problem, let's be clear, is the projected collapse of the American economy.

Share this with your doctors. Email your congress.  Stop eating any food that is not organic. We are the only ones that say what goes in our mouth.

We also say where the money goes. If we let our money go to conventional food and Big Ag, which uses 5 billion pounds of pesticides/herbicides, including glyphosate a year, then we are also contributing to our nation's increasing diabetes and the foreseeable bankruptcy of America. We have a choice.

Bankruptcy or Organic? Choose wisely. Choose for the future of our children and our country.

Zen Honeycutt



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Mom's Letter to GMO World Food Prize Winner

Regarding an recent article on Dr. Marc Van Montagu's winning of the World food Day Prize and his comment that people who oppose GMOs "can only be due to “irrational fear” and not sound science.

Dr. Marc Van Montagu,

Perhaps you are unaware that we Moms have seen our children's health issues, allergies, autism, auto immune disorders and asthma, plus obesity and diabetes, get BETTER when they avoid GMOs and eat only organic food.

We do not have fears about GMOs because we are alarmists or are irrational. We have fears about GMOs because we are realists. What we SEE right before us are many health conditions, my own son included,  like life threatening allergies being reduced to simply a mild allergy before our eyes by avoiding GMOs. This means reduced long term chances of stomach cancer as well.

We fear GMOs because we LOVE our children and we want to protect them. The fact is that your ideas may be good IDEAS, but they do not work. They are hurting people, especially children, and we have hundreds of testimonials telling us so. That is quantitative data last I checked.

As a mother I ask you and your fellow scientists to STOP promoting ANYTHING that has any possibility of harm to our children immediately and START testing the connection between GMO foreign proteins, Glyphosate sprayed on GMOs (which breaks down the blood brain barrier, impairs the liver's ability to detox, and destroys the beneficial gut bacteria which comprises 70% of our children's immune system*) in conjunction with the environmental toxins our children are now exposed to. Glyphosate breaks down the blood brain barrier and lets toxins like pesticides, herbicides, vaccine toxins, pollution etc. into our children's brain and bodies.

1out of 2 children are projected to get Autism in the next 20 years if the current trend continues. Do you want to go down in history as being partially responsible for this? Our will you take responsibility, take precaution, and stop and test? If you did , THAT would be worthy of a prize.

Mother of Three, 

Zen Honeycutt

Moms Across America

Some of our Mom's testimonials:

Studies proving harm:

*Glyphosate and Modern Diseases:

Dr. Judy Carman: Evidence of GMO Harm in Pig Study:
Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Hoppe: Glyphosate Found in Human Urine Across Europe:
Dr. Thongprakaisang: Glyphosate Induces Growth in Human Breast Cancer Cells;
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CDC Response to Inquiry

As a Mom, I feel deeply betrayed by our government and our governmental health groups which are supposed to be protecting us. Rather than just be angry, in light of the recent papers connecting glyphosate ( in RoundUp, sprayed on GMOs) and numerous skyrocketing health conditions, I decided to ask the CDC if they are in fact, looking into this alarming connection. 5 billion pounds of RoundUp is being used per year on our parks, gardens, soil and food. Diseases caused in connection to this chemical cocktail would certainly be a national health issue.

But the response from the CDC shows once again that the biggest problem we face is not just one particular corporation, but the overwhelming lack of integrity, responsibility and accountability in our entire system. We Moms and supporters MUST speak up, we must protect our families and we must not stop holding them to account for their responsibilities. Please see my inquiry and their answer below and then please sign our petition! Thank you.


Moms Across America Founder's Inquiry to CDC

To :[email protected]
Date :2013-09-04 15:39:49
Subject :CDC-INFO: Inquiry

Subject: Glyphosate ( RoundUp), GMOs and connection to Autism, Allergies, Autoimmune +

From: Educator

Email Address: [email protected]

Your Question: Has the CDC investigated a possible correlation between glyphosate ( Roundup) and genetically modified foods with autism, allergies, asthma, auto immune disorderes, alzheimers, Chron's disease, Parkinsons, IBS, bi polar, obesity and diabetes?
Or at least Autism? 1 out of 3 of our children now have asthma, allergies ( which can lead to stomach ulceritis and cancer) , auto immune disorders or autism. 1 out of 2 are now overweight or obese with 52% of those that are hispanic or african american having one of the four A's just mentioned in addition to being obese.
Most horrifying is that 1 out of 2 of our children are expected to have autism in the next 20 years at the rate we are going. This is an epidemic. This is urgent. This an emergency for an entire generation of children.
Scientific paper by Samsel and Seneff points to a direct correlation between glyphosate (sprayed on GMOs and consumed in 80% of our foods) and all of the skyrocketing diseases and illnesses above, especially autism. Please see
Moms Across America has over 350 testimonials from Moms and over 1 million supporters a month who say that their kids get better when they get off GMOs and eat organic ( no glyphosate). Please heed this warning of a national crisis. We moms know that scientist SAY GMOs and glyphosate are safe, but we also know that Moms are SEEING that their kids health improve when they avoid them That is science enough for us. Please respond with a statement: Is the CDC investigating whether or not there is possible harm from GMOs and glyphosate? Is theCDC willing to mandate glyphosate testing in the urine or blood of people with various illness or support a study? In the meantime is the CDC willing to advise that precaution should be taken regarding the consumption of herbicide Glyphosate and GMOs?
Thank you for your statement.

Moms Across America appreciate your partnership in protecting Americans.
Zen Honeycutt

Contact: ZEN L HONEYCUTT, founder, Moms Across America

RESPONSE: October 23, 2013

Dear Ms. Honeycutt:


Thank you for your inquiry to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding.


Glyphosate is one of the most commonly used herbicides in the United States. The pathway upon which glyphosate acts is specific to plants and some microorganisms. 

Several studies investigating the chronic toxicity potential of glyphosate in humans and mammals have been performed. Research on glyphosate and its main breakdown product has not revealed any definitive evidence of adverse endocrine-related effects in humans or other mammals. Glyphosate has been studied to evaluate its potential to induce cancer formation and has not been found to be a cancer causing chemical. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not consider glyphosate to be a human carcinogen. Some questionnaire based studies of farm workers exposed to glyphosate suggest there is a possible correlation between glyphosate exposure and late term miscarriage in pregnant workers, however, this is not definitive.

CDC is not currently investigating any link between genetically modified foods and glyphosate exposure and the development of the listed diseases including autism, obesity, allergies, asthma, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, bipolar disorder, and diabetes. The above disorders have other associated risk factors which can contribute to the development of that particular health issue. Due to the multiple known risk factors for development of these diseases, it would be very difficult to create a study that could isolate and characterize glyphosate’s specific contribution—if any—to the development of any of these diseases.


CDC does suggest that people wash foods such as fruits and vegetables prior to eating (


The CDC is not a regulatory agency, but rather a research focused agency and does not have the power to regulate any substance. CDC cannot mandate chemical testing on people. At this time, we know of no CDC-planned studies looking at GMOs, glyphosate exposure and any of the aforementioned health conditions including autism. The EPA is responsible for regulating pesticides and a link to their information on glyphosate can be found here ( 


We hope this information is helpful to you.


 Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects

 National Center for Environmental Health

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


See scientist Anthony Samsel discuss the paper he and Dr. Stephanie Seneff wrote and the devastating effects of glyphosate on our human health. Why isn't the CDC investigating this? What are we going to do about this?

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Article on Pesticides and Their Effects on Generations of Families

 San Francisco Chronicle

Pesticides' effect on generations of field-workers

Long-term study looks at how widespread chemicals affect generations of field-workers in Salinas Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle

A portion of this article is being re publisehd with permission of the author

By Stephanie Lee

September 23, 2013


Health problems prevalent

Good health is precarious for many of Monterey County's 422,000 residents. One-third of adults are uninsured; a quarter of children are in poverty. From 2002 to 2012, the percentage of special-education students with learning disabilities fell, but those with autism, intellectual disabilities and speech impairments increased, according to county data. Researchers wanted to understand the health problems that might be getting overlooked.

Then there were the pesticides. About 9 million to 10 million pounds were used annually throughout the county during the late 1990s. The amount has dropped slightly, though the county still ranks sixth in the state for pesticide use.

Eskenazi submitted a proposal to the National Institutes of Health to study low-income pregnant women and environmental effects on their children, and won the funding.

Now she just had to find moms.

Gonzalez moved to Salinas from Michoacán, Mexico, two decades ago, landing a job in the fields. She was among thousands of farmworkers in Monterey County who rise before dawn to gather an estimated three-fourths of the nation's salad greens.

In late 1999, Gonzalez became pregnant with her fourth child, a boy. During a checkup at Natividad Medical Center in Salinas, a volunteer with Eskenazi's study talked her into enrolling.

So began a series of annual or biannual visits to the researchers' trailer outside the hospital. During her pregnancy and delivery, Gonzalez gave them samples of blood, urine, cord blood and breast milk, let them inspect her house and answered dozens of questions about her lifestyle. She was among 601 pregnant women in the initial stages of the study.

Gonzalez's son, Richard Luna, was born in July 2000, one of more than 500 infants in the Chamacos project born between 2000 and 2002.

From the time they were 6 months old, and every one to two years after, researchers analyzed their urine, blood, saliva, teeth and hair. The kids had physical exams and took tests that assessed their motor skills and intelligence.

Much of what the scientists later reported was troubling. They found, for instance, that mothers in the study have higher traces of pesticides in their systems compared with the general U.S. population. Children with high prenatal exposure to pesticides show greater signs of developmental delays than those with low prenatal exposure.

There are limits to what researchers can learn. They can know Richard's blood pressure, IQ scores or pesticide levels. But they don't have enough information to link those factors to his poor eyesight or asthma, or tell his mother whether her time in the fields played a role in those issues. None of their research attributes a health problem to a single direct cause, and they stress that not every potentially harmful factor is equally dangerous in everyone.

"People aren't exposed to one thing," Eskenazi said. "They're exposed to everything around them, including air pollution and alcohol and smoking."

First focus: pesticides

Still, researchers have a lot of educated guesses.

They began their study by examining organophosphate pesticides, a commonly used type known to harm the human nervous system.

One of the researchers' first findings, in 2005, showed the chemicals' presence in the urine of the women in their study group in greater quantity than women of child-bearing age in the general U.S population.

Scientists also noticed that the higher the mother's pesticide levels prior to delivery, the higher the chance their baby would demonstrate abnormal reflexes, such as passive leg movements, after the first three days of life.

The finding preceded many others. At age 5, youths who had been exposed to high levels of pesticides in the womb were more likely than others to score high on tests that determine the likelihood of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

When the children were 7, researchers noted a 5.5-point drop in overall IQ scores for every 10-fold increase in the mothers' pesticides level during pregnancy.


The findings may resonate beyond the valley and across the nation, other researchers say.

"They're helping us understand the links between early exposures and health outcomes that are significant not only in terms of children's functioning and well-being in their early years, but also ... over the entire life course," said Frederica Perera, director of the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health in New York, which has collaborated with UC Berkeley.

Other scientists have reached similar conclusions about the same exposures. In a 2011 study of New York City children, for example, Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that those with prenatal exposure to pesticides were likely to lag in mental development in their early years.

More than just a study

More studies will follow. Right now, the UC Berkeley team is examining baby teeth for traces of banned fungicides that contain manganese, a chemical element toxic in high doses.

Eskenazi's intent is not to scare residents, but to give them meaningful knowledge. "In my heart, this is more than just a study for me," she said. "This is a population I deeply care about."

The professor plans to keep up the studies as long as there is funding - and Gonzalez and her son plan to keep showing up. Maybe, the mother says, they can help their neighbors understand what is all around them.

"We are all breathing it in," she said.

This article was produced for The California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships (, a program of USC Annenberg's School of Journalism. Stephanie M. Lee is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. E-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @stephaniemlee

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The Autism and Glyphosate (RoundUp) Link : A Mom's Argument

1 out of 2 of our children are expected to have Autism by the year 2025 based on past and current diagnosis.  The increase of this debilitating condition is devastating to families, our health care system, our economy, and the future of our country.
When I read that scientists Samsel and Seneff link autism to glyphosate sprayed on genetically modified foods, I dove into all the research I could find. I have been watching countless videos and gathering documented facts and selected just a few to post here. They all focus just on vaccines causing autism and other developmental disorders, but I believe there is a missing link.
Consider these facts:
Themerisol ( Mercury) which has been linked to autism by parents and doctors, has been in vaccines since 1929. (1)
Still, cases of autism were very rare for several decades.
Watch the video, about half way through it says that in the late 90's the doctor's office was suddenly FLOODED with autistic children.
What happened in the late 90's? Well in 1996 GMO's were put into our food supply. Most GMO's are genetically engineered to withstand herbicides (or they are classified as pesticide  because they have toxins injected into their DNA to kill the bugs that eat it). The number one used herbicides, RoundUp is now used at the rate of 1 billion lbs per yer.
The chemical has been recently linked to autism because it can impact the body in three ways. (2)
1) It destroys the beneficial gut bacteria which is the stronghold of the immune system. Without the thick layer of good bacteria, holes or "leaky gut" form and allergies and inflammation develop. Also, without the good bacteria the body cannot produce Tryptophan, without Trytophan the body cannot produce Seratonin, and Gherin, which are necessary to prevent diabetes, obesity, bi polar,depression and behavioral disorders.
2) Glyphosate inhibits the liver's ability to detox, causing toxins to build up in the body.
3) Glyphosate breaks down the blood brain barrier, allowing toxins into the brain...toxins like those found in our environment and vaccines.
My point is that the flood of autistic children happened at the same time that this glyphosate, which scientist now say allow toxins into the brain, was allowed to contaminate our food supply.
The EPA website shows that 160 of our non organic foods are now allowed to have toxic levels of glyphosate which far exceed levels that have been shown to cause cancer and organ damage. The reality is that our non organic food is contaminated with glyphosate and our children are sicker than ever. (3)  See the list here.
As shown in the video above, 1 out of 6 children now have developmental disorders. Autism-related conditions like PANDAS, OCD, BiPolar etc are on the rise. Pesticide use and allowable levels on our food have risen 30-300% in some cases, in just one year. 80% of of food is now GMO and according to the USA World Health Report, we rank last of the top 17th most developed countries in health, with Autism skyrocketing beyond comprehension.
This could explain why on their own, many vaccination studies have shown that mercury in the vaccines does NOT cause autism. On it's own, perhaps it does not permeate the brain...but what about in conjunction with glyphosate, which breaks down the blood brain barrier?
Please consider this...I am not a doctor but I have Mom common sense, as I am sure you do. Feeding our kids toxin pesticides and injecting our kids with toxic vaccines, especially while their immune systems are repeatedly being attacked by GMO's and pesticides/herbicides is just risky.
This post is a call for testing. If you disagree with this argument, run some tests that include glyphosate as part of the environmental impact to determine if there is an increased absorption of toxins into the brain in it's presence.
See the world leading expert on children's health and vaccines here. Stay tuned for our interview with Andy Wakefield himself next Friday Sept 27th on the Weekly Women's GMO Free News google hangout.
See the video which explains the history of vaccines and the current court system.
Reconsider multiple vaccines, especially if your child has a compromised immune system already, like allergies or asthma, and eat organic please.
Be Well,
Zen Honeycutt
RoundUp is a register trademark of Monsanto. Monsanto is a chemical company, which made Agent Orange, and now owns the majority of our seeds. They make genetically modified food crop seeds and the pesticides and herbicides to spray on them.
(1) An independent review of the literature by Desoto et al showed that 74% of scientific studies do support a link between thimerosal and thimerosal containing vaccines and autism. It is the public relations message from the CDC and others that makes the claim that there is no link. 
(2) Samsel and Seneff paper on Glyphosate and Modern Diseases:
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