We will do this by doing what we do best, CARING about our families and community and SHARING with them about food, GMOs, PESTICIDES, and health.  We have an opportunity to bring awareness about health issues to our neighbors, communities, and nation and stand together, thousands in our hometowns and million nationally, empowered and unified, for our kids' healthy future.

WHO? ママ!食べ物の85%を買うからです!それは私たち次第です!買わないと売れない!さらに、ママは止められず、私たちの唯一の特別な関心は私たちの家族です。アメリカ中のママは、私たちの環境、特に私たちが子供たちに与える食物の毒素に関連する健康リスクの上昇を見てきました。私たちは、家族の世話をするために、私たちの食べ物に何が含まれているかを知る能力を求めています。また、皆様のご参加をお待ちしております!この動きはお母さんだけのものではなく、みんなが必要です!

Why?  Avoiding GMOs and toxic pesticides has been reported to improve health in families across the country.  By raising awareness about GMOs and chemical farming, we improve the health of our community, increase the prosperity of our country and support future generations.

How? Create an event to educate your neighbors about health issues such as GMOs or pesticides/herbicides.  If just one MOM shares about GMOs with 10 Moms, who all share with 5 Moms, and each of those share with 5 Moms, who share with 5...that one Mom, YOU will have reached 1270 Moms in your town! We can reach millions together!  WE CAN DO THIS!  These are OUR children, this is our country and it is our RIGHT to take care of our families' nutrition fully informed.  Tell all those you care about--your yoga class, your women's circle, your book club--get everyone on board!  Host a movie night, potluck, or Meetup! Join into your local parade, have a booth or walk through a street fair, pass out flyers at a farmer's market, or just leave flyers at your library. 

Where?  If there's no event near you, then you have an opportunity to be a catalyst for change by creating one and getting Moms nearby to join in.  It's as easy as hosting a movie night.  Check out our film page under "about" for great ways to share informational movies with your friends and start a conversation.

When? NOW!  62 other countries have either labeled or banned GMOs. 34 countries ban or restrict glyphosate. Why not America?  Let's raise awareness and create change.  Each of us has the power and together we are unstoppable!!



Zen Honeycutt and the MAA Team

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    I really love what you guys do, supporting moms across America. I really wish we had something like this in Canada, though we have similar organizations. What you guys do is really special, so Iw anted to show my gratitude. Thanks a bunch.

    Yours sincerely,
    Don from Victoria BC
    Appliance Repair Victoria
    (778) 400-2049
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    ここでは、e aadharカードに関するすべてのものを見つけることができます < a href="//www.aadhardownload.online/"> aadhardownload.online訪問サイト https://www.momsacrossamerica.com/about?recruiter_id=156901
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  • CR
    コメントした 2016-05-06 08:47:42 -0400
    This would be more interesting if we could reply to people here. All I want is to ask people for studies. Here’s a forum where we could actually converse: http://www.natmedtalk.com/
  • CR
    コメントした 2016-05-06 08:45:31 -0400
    Billboards are $350 a month in Grand Rapids, Michigan, if you’re interested. I looked into it. We also have digital billboards which might be less as they can rotate 4-5 ads on it all the time. Each ad is shown for 5-7 seconds.

    Also there is a tagged, searchable list of 90+ studies on glyphosphate if you’re interested. Very helpful if you’re looking for studies on specific symptoms, a certain country, or by certain authors. Go there http://goo.gl/iVrB3g and click on the “searchable library” link right at the top.
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    プレート上の愛国心:ママが行進しています。お近くのパレードに参加してください! 取得する ラウド GMOについて! #はい奥様 #July4th @マーチングママ http://bit.ly/1wF8Erw @経由マーチングママ
  • ジン・マッカーシー
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    I would like to also volunteer for this campaign. Please let me know how I can be associated with this.

    John From http://Secstates.net
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    ママはみんなに遺伝子組み換え作物について知ってほしい!アメリカを再び健康にしましょう! #はい奥様 #July4th @マーチングママ
  • アンドリュー・スティーブンソン
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    Just read this if you think GM Frankenfoods are ok, Remember the ‘YES’ vote is only about the right to know whereas the ‘no’ group is about lies, deceit and that old motivator, making money at your risk! :-
  • エリザバスマーティン
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    Its a good step. Healthy children can built a healthy nation.
    From: http://becoming-a-psychiatrist.org/best-schools-to-become-a-psychiatrist/
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