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Moms Say STOP Spraying Glyphosate!

I know the last thing any Mom needs is more bad news. Here's the thing. This can also be good news.

Finding out the possible reason for any health issue is always good news. Because then we can do something about it. Then we can stop it. 

Any Mom's "Spidey sense" will go off when you see these charts. They clearly show an undeniable correlation between Glyphosate ( found in many herbicides but most commonly in RoundUp ) and increases in many western ailments including Autism, Thyroid cancer, Kidney Failure, Pelvic cancer, Alzheimers and more.


Glyphosate is sprayed on the soil of most non organic foods ( and is absorbed into plant), directly ON GMO foods and (cannot be washed off), on schoolyards, parks, and landscaping.

 Report links Glyphosate with leukemia and anemia.

GreenMedInfo article on leukemia, anemai and glyphosate link


Glyphosate is even linked to Cancer in dogs. Anyone bury a dog before his time was really due and have to explain it to a kid? Oy Vey. 



According to the http://www.seedsofdoubtconference.com/ ( video segment 5 about 3.35 in )

Glyphosate ( Roundup) was found to be highly toxic to animals at .1ppm, causing organ damage.


The new EPA standards examples: allow berries .2 ppm, sweet potatoes 3.0 ppm, carrots to have 5.0 ppm, and canola oil 40.0 ppm!!! WHAT?? PLEASE comment to the FDA that this is UNACCEPTABLE!! And ONLY eat organic!!!

Please comment on the EPA board about the insanely high levels of Glyphosate allowed on our foods!


And then sign our petition to STOP Spraying Glyphosate on school yards, parks and our food crops.

Moms and Supporters Say "Stop Spraying Glyphosate!"

It's time to take a stand for our children. We clearly see danger and it's time to stop it.

Together we can create a world that is safe for our kids... to roll down a hill at school on the grass, blow a blade of grass like a whistle at the park, and eat berries by the handfuls a friend's birthday party.

Thank you for your partnership!

"We ask you not to ignore the risk of spraying Glyphosate, a chemical in RoundUp and other herbicides, on our school yards, public parks and spaces, gardens and food crops. Err on the side of safety. Please stop spraying Glyphosate today.

Instead: Use natural pesticides, boiling water or vinegar and bio-ag practices to balance the soil and reduce weeds, or recruit a troop of Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts for a regular service project to pull weeds. Together we can create a safer environment for our children and citizens."

Thank you.
Moms Across America
and Supporters

Will you sign this petition? Click here:







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The Power of Moms


Dear Moms

” If every Mom knew how awesome they are , every problem in the world would be fixed.” – Kid President

When I watched this video,  my heart giggled. My soul glowed and I thought of all the times when I stopped, looked and listened to the glory of childhood…and sometimes even joined in with a booty shake and high five. The awesomeness of being a Mom is not all the things we do, but it how present we are to what we are doing.

In short, it’s who we are BEING. Mostly I don’t take the time to think about or create that, but when I do, when I choose that Today is the Day that I am being Courageous, Creative and a Contribution…whoa, watch out world…things are done that have never been done. My kids get a Mom who is happy to build a volcano with them instead of resentful.  I reach out and do activism in the world to make  a future for our kids great in ways I never imagined before. And when I see other moms being present with their kids, being gentle, curious and giggly, I know that all our activism is for those moments…the fleeting, magical, moment of love and delight.

So  I invite every Mom on Moms Across America, to really get how awesome you are. Not because of all the doing, but because of who you are being. You are being your kids champion. You are being Courageous, Creative and a Contribution. You are the Gateway to Adventure! You are the most awesome person on the planet to at least one person and in their eyes, you can do anything.  Look at yourself through their eyes …because theirs is the most beautiful perspective in the world.


As founder of Moms Across America our mission is Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids. Our current commitment is to empower millions to educate themselves about genetically modified organisms or GMOs, label them and offer America GMO free solutions.  

We have created the Moms Across America March to Label GMOs on 7月 4. We have  partners all across the nation like Robyn O’Brien ( Mom of 4 and TedX Talk speaker “Patriotism on a Plate”),  LabelGMOs.org, The CA Guild, GMO Free USA ( Mom Diana Reeves), Green America/GMO inside, March Against Monsanto (Mom Tami Monroe), Institute for Responsible Technology, NYR Organics,  Dr. Bronners, Nature’s Path, Nutivia, Holistic Moms and many more.

We hope you will join us in marching in parade on the 4th of July in your hometown or town on vacation near you. This is  the one opportunity we have to share our message with thousands locally and millions nationally, who are ready, waiting and interested.  So grab a balloon, your kids and trike and join us!

Sign up at http://www.momsacrossamerica.com/

For more info about GMOs go to http://www.momsacrossamerica.com/gmo

Read more: http://www.momsrising.org/blog/the-power-of-moms/#ixzz2TNyOBSTs

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Moms Speak Out About GMOs and Family Health

plate_1.jpgOn Our Moms Survey: Your Family's Health

Moms are speaking out. The responses are amazing. Americans are seeing positive results from going GMO Free.

Here is a photo of my son's allergic reaction to Carageenan before and after eating GMOs regularly. We found out about GMOs, went GMO free and 4 mnths afterwards he was accidentally exposed to Carageenan again in the toothpaste at the dentist office. His reaction was drastically less inflammed and painful. I only took photos at the time to text to my doctor. These are real photos he wants us to show them to help heal other kids..

Update: my same son recently ate walnuts by accident. Usually he would have been near death in the ER for 6 hours, instead his toungue itched and he felt queasy. He was back in school in two hours. From life threatening to a mild allergy. This is huge!



Read these real results from real Moms from our Moms Survey. No scientific peer reviewed publishing needed, just some Moms willing to share their reality.

 "My son just entered high school and his new teachers cannot even tell that he used to have severe autism symptoms. All I did differently was feed him organic food for the past two years, and I am a single Mom and make 40K, so it's not easy but it's that important. Even after two weeks of going organic my Dad saw his behavior changes and thought I had given him a new drug. I said, "Nope, no drugs, just organic food." Avoiding GMOs is the best thing I have done for my son, his life is totally different now."- Cindy RI.


"My son was diagnosed with asthma. We went organic and he went from being on a nebulizer 3xs a day to zero asthma. I lost 13 pounds, doing NOTHING else different, just eating organic only." Karen L.TX

"My son had a rash around his mouth now and then but since getting off GMOs he doesn’t have that problem any more. My daughters tummy used to puff out after meals and she’d get a belly ache. She doesn’t get those after meals since we went off GMOs. I used to feel like my skin was crawling but I don’t get that anymore since being off GMOs." Laurie O. WA

 I had an auto immune diseases for 8 years. I was on different medications for it and actually had surgery for it. It was a living nightmare. I took GMOs almost completely out of my diet 8 months ago and the symptoms are gone! Some of my family think I'm crazy for posting so many food posts about GMOs but I know first hand how devastating the effects are. Doctors said there is no cure for my disease. I found the cure...stop eating GMOs!!!!- Morgan M.

Here is a video from Jennifer Lawrenson who recorded this for the Moms Across America Initiative for World Child Health Day 2013.


 More testimonials:

Do you or your family members have health issues that you suspect may be connected to GMOs?

( Before going GMO Free) "I had, depression, myofacial pain syndrome, constipation, chronic pain, atrial fibrillation.weight gain food cravings. My mom Parkinson’s Disease, obesity, depression, lots of surgery. My dad died of colon cancer, he ate white bread all of his life with Coke as his main beverage. My Husband, Barret’s Disease, weight gain after age 50 around the middle with back pain, swelling in feet and ankles. Our son, pimples, adhd type symptoms, that I would not medicate him for. Sleepiness and lack of energy. Real food real health." - Ellen B. Oregon


Why are you supporting this movement?

"My husband was in the hospital 5 times last year Doctors wanted to remove part of his intestine because it was so infected instead doctors pumped him full of antibotics for a week when he got out of hospital I changed his diet and all our family food choices to NON- GMO foods WOW what a diffrence he’s doing great and food never tasted so good! I will march sign petitions anything to reclaim our healthy labeled food choices. God Speed JUST SAY NO TO GMO’S ….MAAM! "-Rhonda B. 

Here is a video from a Mom of twins.

These are just a few of the hundreds of responses we are getting. We want you to know, if you have health issues and suspect GMOs might be connected, that you are not alone. We get your frustration, upset and confusion as to why this could possibly be allowed. We also have health issues or have loved ones with health issues. We also know many people who don't have health issues, but are preventing them by supporting this movement.

Share your reality today: http://www.momsacrossamerica.com/moms_survey

The fact is that we don't know how GMOs could affect you. Everyone is different. But we do see, after testimonials like this, that every GMO bite is a gamble we don't want America to  take.

We LOVE America. We LOVE our kids and the amazing people in this country and we know we are going to love our kids future spouses someday. We want them to be healthy. For the sake of future generations, and our right to freedom as an American, we demand GMO LABELING NOW! We also demand testing immediately from the agencies that are supposed to protect the American people, the CDC and the FDA. Please sign our petition today and share this petition and blog with everyone you know.





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Rise of Allergies in the National News: But What is the REAL News?


In this NBC news story they are talking about food allergies.  They say that there has been a dramatic increase since 1997.

What really is the news is what they are not saying.



What they are not saying is that:

1997 is the first year of widespread implementation of Roundup Ready soybeans and cotton, in other words GMO soy and cotton. 

Roundup Ready soy, Roundup Ready cotton and BT cotton all sprayed with Roundup,a patented trademark of Monsanto.  

The active chemical ingredient in Roundup is Glyphosate, which chelates, or holds and prevents  the availability of vital nutrients in the soil, plants and grain wherever it is present. Glyphosate chelates manganese, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron etc...all nutrients we need to be healthy and thrive and fight off disease.

Glyphosate is a registered pesticide and patented as an antibiotic with the USPTO 7771736*. It is also a foreign chemical and the body fights foreign invaders. An anaphylatic allergic reaction (swelling of the throat) is the body responding to a foreign invader and trying to keep it out. Peanut allergy is the most common cause of death from a food allergy. 

2007 was the last printed public statement of RoundUp use. 185 million pounds of glyphosate were being sprayed on all kinds of non organic foods at that time. 

It has been reported that the use of pesticides on GMO crops increased 26% in 2008 alone.Roundup is used as a burndown herbicide before planting for conventional crops. It is sprayed directly ON and absorbs into GMO RR soy, cotton and corn. It cannot be washed off.

The real news is that the major rotation crop in cotton growing areas is guess what? Peanuts.

Plant a peanut crop after a RR cotton crop and you have glyphosate residue in the soil that the peanut plant (legume crop) will take up. Glyphosate also causes an increase in opportunistic fungi in the soil which causes plant diseases which cause the development of mold and mycotoxins to be in peanut crops.** To combat that, guess what? They spray the peanut crop with a fungicide. Might there be fungicide residue in the peanuts?

Why would there ever be a problem with allergies? I hope you get the sarcasm here.

The real news is:

How many kids have died from peanut allergies? Are you a parent of a child who has a peanut allergy?

Do you fear for their life like I do? 

If not, did you know that 78% of the children who die from a food allergy never had a severe allergic attack before?

In a neighboring school district the number of kids who need Epi Pens was 750 last year. This year it is 2000.

That is 2000 kids that could die from food. Die. OUR kids! Is there anything more outrageous or horrible???

Why are we permitting corporation profits to be more important than our children's lives?

The REAL story is the hold that Monsanto has on our media. 

We demand NBC and all major media put the health and well being of our nation's children before the call of the almighty dollar from your commercial sponsors. Otherwise the major news will not be what you report but how false the news is that you do report.  The lack of accountability that Monsanto lays claim to will drain the integrity of every person and corporation that associates with, or protects them, by not reporting the truth.

We have access to information and we will share it.

We are Moms and we see the truth right before us.

It's called: Our kids GET BETTER when they GET OFF GMOs.



 * USPTO patent of Glyphosate: http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-adv.htm&r=1&p=1&f=G&l=50&d=PTXT&S1=7771736&OS=7771736&RS=7771736 .

 ** This information is from a 3rd generation farmer. It doesn't matter who..ask any farmer who knows about farming peanuts. They call it " Farmer's common sense". Want to discredit this? Show us the reports of glyphosate levels in peanuts and ALL our foods!

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Holistic Moms Network's Nancy Massotto on GMOs

10_years_full_logo_FINAL_2.jpg          Nancy_M.jpg

Despite the  mess in the food industry we currently have, something beautiful and strong is emerging. The connections we are all creating by speaking up for a healthy future and freedom to choose our food are making America stronger. I had the privilege and honor to connect with Nancy Massotto, Founder and Executive Director of Holistic Moms Network. The Holistic Moms Network has partnered with Moms Across America to increase GMO awareness and spread the word about Moms Across America. In doing so we get to know Holistic Moms better. What an amazing organization and powerful woman!


 What was your intention when you started Holistic Moms network 10 years ago?

When I started my own family, I was already well on my way to holistic living.  Although I was raised very conventionally, a variety of interesting twists and turns put me on a path to alternative medicine and natural health.  My first son was born at home, with a midwife, and I was dedicated to raising as naturally as I could.  I rather naively thought I would go out into the "mom" world and meet other parents like me, but it was very difficult.  Many of my family members and friends did not follow a holistic lifestyle and being a first-time mom trying to raise my son according to my holistic perspective was very challenging.  After much searching, I was very lucky to meet a couple of like-minded moms and we decided to form a moms group based on natural living.  It was so empowering to connect with others and to learn about their own journeys and holistic passions.  The power of support and community were deeply fulfilling and I wanted to bring that experience to others, so I decided to build the Holistic Moms Network into a national, non-profit community to duplicate the amazing experiences we all had together.
What surprises have you had along the way?
I have to say that I was truly astounded at how many moms responded to our community right away.  By the end of our very first year, we had Chapters in 14 states!  It was overwhelming, yet powerful.  I was also surprised at what a great impact our communities have had for moms and especially for our Chapter Leaders.  Many of our Leaders are Type-A mamas who truly embrace their leadership role and find it to be truly life-transforming.  Many have gone on to change careers into something in the field of natural living or to get involved in their local towns and cities to make them greener and healthier.  Support and community truly are empowering and the catalyst for positive change!
 What personally have you gotten out of being connected to other Holistic Moms?
Being connected is so valuable in our digital age!  It is great to read stories online or in magazines of other natural moms and dads, but there is absolutely nothing like sitting in a room full of people, in real life, who share your passions, who are open-minded, and respectful and to connect face-to-face.  You learn so much by being part of a social network and a community and by watching others in their parenting styles and habits.  You leave a Holistic Moms meeting or social event feeling energized and empowered!  Plus, you learn so much.  Over the many years, I have learned about new foods, therapies, ways to make holistic remedies, clean my house without toxins, and the list goes on.  There is so much we can learn together and so many changes we can take on, step by step, when we have the information, support, and community that we need.
What do you think the Moms role is in  having genetically modified foreign proteins in our food or not?
I truly believe that moms are the ones who will make the difference with regard to GMOs.  We are largely the ones who feed our families, who purchase food for our children, and who are concerned about wellness within our homes and our neighborhoods.  We have seen so many of our children struggle with allergies and a wide variety of health issues and we are tackling the problems of the next generation head on.  Nothing is quite as powerful as moms protecting their children.  We just need to realize that collectively we really DO have the power.  We CAN create change by connecting and acting together!
What do you want every Mom to know/do about GMOs?
Every mom needs to become aware of the concerns about the safety of GMOs in our food and for our environment.  We know, inherently, that tampering with nature is not safe.  And we realize that our children are particularly vulnerable to exposure on many levels.  I believe that parents also have a powerful long-term perspective by nature of raising our children and having one eye on the future.  We want to protect them, protect our food supply, and protect the planet.  GMOs are an important part of that effort.

Nancy Massotto is the Founder and Executive Director of the Holistic Moms Network and mother to two boys. She founded the Holistic Moms Network to meet other parents who shared her passions for living healthy and living sustainably, and to help raise awareness about natural living options. Before becoming a mom, she completed three graduate degrees, including a Ph.D. in political science, specializing in gender studies and feminist theory and spent several years working for non-profit research institutes, including the Women’s Research and Education Institute (WREI) and the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), while residing in the Washington, D.C. area. As a mom and community leader, she is dedicated to empowering women, supporting mothers, and raising her two sons as naturally and sustainably as possible.

Nancy Massotto
Founder & Executive Director
Holistic Moms Network
Moms Across America encourages every mom to reach out and join their local Holistic Moms Network near them. Connect with Moms who care about health and the future of America's children as much as you do and spread awareness together.
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How To Be a Speaker about GMO's

 Last night, after doing a talk for 18 awesome Moms and Dads I was told I should train others. I thought I would share my response as a blog post for all the Moms who want to know how to share about about GMOs and just don't know where to start. Feel free to copy, paste and formulate your own outline or talk.

First of I want you to know one thing. There is no "right way" that I have or anyone else has. The way to do a talk in front of others is to trust yourself. You have everything it takes and all the love in the world to do a perfect talk in front of your best friends or in front of thousands. Now how can you say that? You might ask...you don't even know me...you don't know that I am shy, or soft spoken, or I just can't look people in the eye...I can't be a speaker. Phooey to that, is what I say.

I know you. You are a Mom. You love with ever fiber of your being where you don't even know there are fibers. Your commitment goes to unknowable depths and then some. You are more powerful and more clear and more moving than any fancy advertising or well oiled marketing report ever. When you are present to that love you have for your children, you can do anything. So my "training advice"is that you set aside any chatter in your head that you can't do this or don't know how and take a deep breath. Just think about how adorable your kids are and how you would like them to experience the profound love that you have for them, for their own child one day, that they created and birthed, and then get on with it.


To be a speaker about GMOs:

1) First Introduce yourself and ask by show of hands how many people know about GMOs.
Get a feel for the room and acknowledge them for being there to learn new information (whether they know about GMOs or not) to address their/families well being. It's not easy information and you really want to acknowledge them for their courage.
2)Let them know your intention for the evening in your own words but something like "The intention for this evening is that you leave completely clear about what a GMO is, what the possible health impact could be and what you can do about it. I also intend for you to be empowered to share with others about GMOs.
3) Then authentically say in less than 3 minutes what had you be there. ( practice this, write it down, be clear just so that you are comfortable ) Share your story concisely, keeping in only the most important parts you know they will relate to, understand and be moved by. Touch on before finding out about GMOs and what had you get to the place to want to find out about them. Share your feelings.
4) Show Robyn O'Briens Ted X Talk 18 minute video on YouTube.
5) Get a few people to share how they feel. Expect them to be pretty speechless, so share how you felt, give them the space to relate to your anger, sadness and fear.
6) For a 1-1.5 hr presentation then show, from You Tube, the Genetic Roulette 10 minute version.
7) Address that this movie points out that not everyone is impacted the same way by GMOs, but that every time we do eat them, it is a gamble. Share some facts to help them decide if they want to gamble.
Read the facts from a few new studies, you can use my blog's resources, the 2012 Corn Report, the Glyphosate exposure to Farmer's Family case study and brand new peer reviewed independant scientific published study that shows the link between glyphosate ( which is sprayed directly ON the GMO crops) and the skyrocketing rise of most western diseases like autism, alzheimers, diabetes, infertility, parkinsons etc.
8) Address the behavior aspect of GMOs: read an excerpt of  Barbara Stitt's book "Food and Behavior the Natural Connection" found on blog, called Violent Behavior and Junk Food, on my site.
9) Then just ask what can we do about this? You might want to hear their answers. If they are still speechless, share what you did and do, how you eat GMO free, etc. You know more about GMOs than most and just let them know you are not a scientist, just a mom that wants to share to Empower Moms to raise Healthy Kids. Inside of that commitment, there is nothing you can say that would be wrong. The most important thing is just to come from love, be who you really are, be compassion
and self expression.
10) Finally, empower them to make a difference. Make sure to note that they can all just eat organic and be fine. Why that doesn't work is because your son/daughter's future spouse is out there somewhere...their child's wife or husband is out there somewhere...and you would all like for their ovaries/parts to work. You would all like for our children to be able to experience the profound love of creating a child of their own flesh and heritage. So what works is to SHARE...and if one Mom shares with 10 people, has a movie night like this, and they share with 5 people, who share with 5 people, then that one person will be personally responsible for 1270 people finding out about GMOs! Ask for a show of hands who thinks they can do that. Acknowledge that if all ten raised their hands, that over 12,000 people will find out about GMOs from tonight!!!
11) Then share about Moms Across America March and how, in one day,  across the nation, we can have million of moms and their families find out about GMOs. YES we Moms can do that. We can cause the tipping point of consumer rejection in which food manufacturers will need to replace their ingredients with non GMO. AND labeling for those who don't know about GMOs. This is our country, our children and our freedom to choose what to feed our families. Just grab a trike, a balloon and your kids and join a parade!
Ask who will march by show of hands.
BONUS: If you are really committed to developing your self expression and leadership, I love www.landmarkeducation.com because the courses have empowered me to take on leadership in my life that I never thought possible. I recommend these courses more than anything else. Why take on something else? Because we all have ideas about ourselves that stop us ( not experienced enough, too soft spoken, too busy... etc) . It's time for us Moms to set those aside and BE THE ONES to transform the food industry. At Landmark you get completely empowered to come from what you are committed to..that future you want..rather than all the reasons why you might not do it. Don't let those reasons stop you! No matter what you do, take on the bonus or not, it's time!!!
It's up to us. It's up to you. Monsanto may have a lot of money but the love for our children is bigger than their wallets. The FDA and government may have a lot of power but we have the gift of gab...we will share...no one can stop us....and we buy 85% of the food! It really is up to us, we are the ones with the power.
My new Motto is:  BRING IT ON! I am MOM.
Try that on. Book a talk or movie night today. Just look at your calendar book something a week or two out and call up/FB your friends. It might feel scary but the empowerment you are creating for others will be more exhilarating and fuel you.
Lastly, THANK YOU. Many people will benefit from your courage to wonder how you can step up and present a talk about GMOs.
With all the Gratitude in the World,
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What is Roundup ( Glyphosate) Doing to Our Families? : New Study

"Glyphosate Exposure in a Farmer’s Family"

Journal of Environmental Protection, 2012, 3, 1001-1003 doi:10.4236/jep.2012.39115 Published Online 9月 2012 (http://www.SciRP.org/journal/jep) 1001

The following studies explain the health crisis in America. Really truly. This is it...all the searching for the cure is over. These studies show the cause. And as a mother, I am both outraged and relieved to finally know. Now we can do something about it. If there was ever a reason to eat organic and share information, this is it.

Glyphosate may not be a household word, but Roundup* is. You likely spray it on your weeds, or your neighbor does. Your children's school definitely does. Your city sprays it on your sidewalks and parks and the farmers who grow your food have been told it's the best thing since sliced bread to spray on the grounds surrounding almond trees, fruit trees, strawberries and almost every non-organic vegetable grown in America. Roundup is the most widely used pesticide in the world, 185 million pounds (1) are used in the USA alone each year and glyphosate is the active chemical ingredient.

Not only is it sprayed on the soil, the chemical is drawn into it root system and plant, it is also now being sprayed on the GMO plant in ever increasing doses and it is absorbed into every cell of the plant. It's called "Roundup Ready”. The problem is, that means it is in our food, potentially for 14 years plus, it cannot be washed off, and the food is not labeled.

Some of you may know this already...but what you may not know is that the impact of Glyphosate is equally as potentially harmful as Genetically Modified foods. In a peer reviewed published scientific study titled "Glyphosate Exposure in a Farmer's Family" published in the Journal of Environmental Protection. This has not been widely circulated in the USA however, Moms Across America just found out that glyphosate has been proven to harm humans more than anyone realized. 

The family in the study lived 1.5 miles away from their fields that were sprayed with Roundup. The father would spray the fields, come home and wash his hands thoroughly, but not take a shower. Apparently he hugged his children, because the levels of glyphosate found in their urine were far above what has shown to be toxic in animals. The glyphosate level in the  father's urine was 9.5 ppm and the children's was 2 ppm. It is scientifically documented that infertility is caused by glyphosate at .5 ppm and endocrine disruption (which causes birth defects) is caused by glyphosate at .2 ppm.

 The farmer and his wife had two children with birth defects including imperforated anus, growth hormone deficiency, hypospadias (which is when the urethra of the male penis's opening is not at the end but under, and along the side instead), heart defect and micro penis.


We also have a brand new scientific study which connects glyphosate and numerous diseases which have skyrocketed in our Western culture since the introduction of GMOs to our food supply . 

 "Glyphosate’s Suppression of Cytochrome Enzymes and Amino Acid Biosynthesis by the Gut Microbiome: Pathways to Modern Diseases" states that glyphosate residues have been found primarily in corn, sugar, soy and wheat. Good God, that is practically in everything all of us eat!

"Consequences are most of the diseases and conditions associated with a Western diet, which include gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. We explain the documented effects of glyphosate and its ability to induce disease, and we show that glyphosate is the “textbook example” of exogenous semiotic entropy: the disruption of homeostasis by environmental toxins."

 This new 48 page published scientific study is extensive and complicated. I have to say as a mother I would much rather be playing play dough with my kids or even cleaning a crusty toilet than scouring through these scientific reports and trying to decipher sentences like "Elevated amounts of shikimate-derived benzoic acids such as protocatechuate and gallate are also found in plants exposed to glyphosate."

 So without further ado, I post these studies for you to make sense of. All I know is that glyphosate = harm to my family. So Stop It People! Stop spraying it on my food, stop spraying it on my school playground and stop spraying it in the city parks. And tell your city council, your representative, your congressmen/women. Share this report with them and demand that we stop using this chemical. If for no other reason than to err on the side of safety.  These are our families we are talking about.

You need someone to pull up weeds? They are called Boy Scouts who need community service projects. No harmful side effects from a Boy Scout.




 Harm to Farmer’s Family Study page 1

 Harm to Farmer’s Family Study page 2

 Harm to Farmer’s Family Study page 3


Glyphosate/Modern Diseases Study page 1

Findings of Glyphosate/Modern Diseases Study page 29

Conclusion of Glyphosate/Modern Diseases Study page 30

For the full report ( which is 48 pages long and too big of a file for my site) go to www.mdpi.com/journal/entropy

(1)http://www.beyondpesticides.org/pesticides/factsheets/Glyphosate.pdf from the latest 2007 report)

* Roundup is a registered trademark of Monsanto

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The Uprising


There is an uprising happening in America. It's not visible like in Europe where they are tearing up crops and being dragged away from protests in Hazmat suits.... in America the uprising is in kitchens and coffee shops and on the internet. Moms who once found their lives exhausting are now waking at 6 am automatically and posting everything they can about GMOs. They are spending money from their savings to start a ballot initiative for their state and learning the ins and out of politics that they once abhorred. They are doing radio shows and sharing their rage with thousands. People are MAD. Moms are LIVID. The recent reports, there seem to be a new ones every day now, are so many that if you don't scan Facebook for two hours you are out of the loop...and these reports now show categorically that GMOs are dangerous, not only to our health but to the environment and  our economy. This is something I knew in my bones as soon as I saw Robyn O'Brien's TedX Talk "Patriotism on a Plate" and Jeffrey M. Smith's movie Genetic Roulette, but my brain did not have proof of human harm on paper until just these past few weeks. See here for many of those reports.

These new reports, coupled with the devastating impact of the President signing the "Monsanto Protection Act", have Moms practically spitting fire on the internet. Our Moms Survey, along with testimonials that their kids have gotten better off GMOs, have numerous responses saying:  




Yes, all in CAPS, all SHOUTING. They are MAD. That's why 69,000 people liked the "March Against Monsanto" on 5月 25, and 9,000 signed up in about a week. People are angry...and worse than angry...people like me feel betrayed.

Usually we leave politics out of this at MAAM because anyone and everyone eats and Tea Partiers, Democrat and Republicans alike are working together on our team. I have to express for myself and all the Moms that I have talked to, that voted for Obama like I did and know about GMOs, that we want to weep with sadness. I feel betrayed. I feel a heavy weight and shame in being gullible and I am outraged at him about that. How could he? How could Michelle allow it? It's like my world turned inside out and upside down. Suddenly I have taken the blue pill and I can see clearly now that we are in the matrix.

For example: Walmart makes big profits, partially by paying their employees so little, and those workers must resort to buying cheap, nutritionally bankrupt foods. Big Agriculture profits from from the purchase of these cheap foods by Walmart and other poorly paid employees. When they get sick from this so called food, they have to pay huge amounts of whatever income they have left to pay for drugs from Big Pharmaceuticals. Big Media operates off commercial ads for those drugs which are paid for by Big Pharmaceuticals which also makes herbicides and pesticides for Big Ag, they are one and the same. Together they run our Whitehouse and Big Government.....paying for all the laws to be written in their favor to continue this circle of profit.

I am sure another website could put together much better statistics for this situation, exactly how much money they control, how many senators and congress people they have bought out...frankly the graphics that show the overlap of former Monsanto, Phizer and Dow employees that literally run our government, is sickening. Like a bad accident, I can't look at it for more than a few seconds. I don't want to know. It's too deep of a betrayal to everything I love about America.

Especially as Mom, I love our freedoms, our opportunities, the fact that we are not at war with another country on our homeland and our children are mostly safe...but now with GMOs in every school, church gathering, birthday party and scout outing...I feel like they are being attacked by food and our government knows this and lets it happen. My faith in our country is deeply shaken...and our food is slowly and literally killing us. ( I say this in reference to Dr. Huber's report, see link in first paragraph, that it has been discovered that soy has a new pathogen which causes birth defects and miscarriages in animals AND humans and we now have the lowest recorded birth rate in history. These are our BABIES.)

Unless I fight the status quo, be the one who doesn't have her kids sit down and eat the pizza at the bowling party, be the one who says "No you can't have popcorn" (at the movie theater because it was impromptu and we didn't smuggle in popcorn without GMO canola oil on it) "because it's GMO", loud enough for everyone around me to hear and not care...

Unless I am VIGILANT, tirelessly, actively, vigilant, my kids will be harmed by GM food over time. I know thousands of Moms get this and feel the same way. It's EXHAUSTING isn't it? Don't you just want to say "F it" and move to New Zealand or Peru where they ban GMOs?

Can you just NOT BELIEVE what a twilight zone of a mess our country is in right now? I hate to say this because it seems so un-American. I want to shake myself and wake up. I want to be able to eat at a restaurant and not feel like crap for two days afterwards. I want be able to send my kids to school with 3 dollars and say "Sure, buy lunch today". I want to be able to go to parties and smile authentically at the host and thank her and accept the cake, but that is not going to happen now. Not because I can't, because I could do all of those things, I just choose not to. 

We have a choice but many don't. They don't know what they don't know. They are eating GMOs and wondering why the hell they can't loose the weight or why their autistic kid is not responding to therapy. Everybody, teachers, librarians, parent friends, bankers are all  trying to give our kids GMO candy or sweets as rewards. They just don't know...and not only do they not know they are literally having the freedom to choose their food taken from them by not being told what is in their food. What is truly American is to have faith in the people. That's what our founding fathers did a couple hundred years ago and that's what this movement of mothers is doing now.

So as Moms, as exhausted and mad as we are, I invite us all to channel that energy, that relentless vigilance and tireless love for our children, to share. Share everyday, and in every way you can imagine as an act of generosity for fellow Moms and as an investment in the future of America. We are the ones. There is no one else that is going to swoop down from the sky and fix this for us. This is our country and our kids and it's up to us. We just need to shift from what's bad and wrong to what's possible...

What is possible for our movement as we go from Mad to Inspired? From Betrayed and Depressed to Creative?

What would be possible for our children if,  rather than stewing in our own anger, we share with all our Mom friends from a place of love? Right now, that is the kind of leadership we need in America. If each one of you shared with 10 Moms, let's say you had a movie night, and each one of them shared with 5, who all shared with 5 and they shared with 5 Moms, then you would be personally responsible for 1,270 Moms finding out about GMOs and empowering them to have the freedom to choose their family's food. Multiply that times 100 thousand Moms ( that's only 2000 per state) and we have brought freedom to over 127 million Moms. That is way more than the tipping point needed to cause consumer rejection of GMOs and food manufacturer profit loss of 5%. This will spark the food manufacturers to make the switch to NON GMO. By signing up to march on 7月 4 and sharing GMO info flyers with your WHOLE TOWN all at once, we will be causing that tipping point simultaneously around the nation!

My friend Montgomery posted on Facebook last night:

It’s almost 4月 2013 and the planet is going through a mass transformation. There are many aspects to this transformation, and in the end one must come to realize the basic building block for global change starts with us, humanity on a collective level, together.- Collective Evolution

My husband gave me a well worn book the other day, "The SIXTIES: Years of Hope, Days of Rage". It seems to me we are mimicking those times in many ways...they had "Pranksters" just like "Anonymous" they had a women's uprising and Gloria Steinmen like we have Vandana Shiva. They had war (with the involvement of the same chemical company today, Monsanto) and meeting of community groups like we did with Prop 37 and protests like Occupy Wall Street. What I derive from posts on Facebook that speak of transformation, a shift in consciousness, and the energy I see rising everyday, is that it's not hippy-ish or weird, it's real...we are on the cusp of something bigger and more different than any of us can image.

Think of the huge shift in society from the 50's to the 60's. HUGE. The average person in the fifties, with their crisp suit or housewives with hats, matching shoes, prim purses and gloves, would have laughed their butt off in disbelief or told youthat were loony if you told them how people would be in the 60's...long haired, bell bottom wearing, freely pot smoking and maybe even swapping spouses. I am not saying we should fight for the 60's again but I am saying there is a correlation between the standards and ideals in the fifties that came from marketing and advertising and the standards and ideals that we have now about our food system. We've been "sold" a way of eating that doesn't work for us, this advertising is brainwashing for their maximum profit not for the nourishment of the people. There is a freedom before us, if we continue to rise, connect, garden, grow our own food, gather with love and empowerment, that will transform our world. The cool thing is, that this time around, we can still shave our armpits.

When I think about the food revolution that we are up to causing, my energy comes back. I can set aside my resentment for the President. I shift my focus to the new and amazing relationships that are being created from this movement. Like my new friend Monica and her daughter Alicia, the 6 year old who is petitioning  the Girl Scouts to make NON GMO cookies, that I only met because of this movement. I get inspired by my kids who want to write letters to Monsanto's employees telling them what they are doing. My heart fills with joy and awe when I get calls from across the USA and even from other parts of the world, saying "We support you, keep going". Then I want to weep tears of gratitude, fulfillment and wonder at the amazing resilience and generosity of the human spirit.

Thank you to ALL of you who keep on keeping on. We are standing for Empowered Moms and Healthy Kids, no matter what.



Please note: I do not know whose graphic this is, it was posted on Facebook and I just love it. If you know whose it is so I can credit them, I would appreciate it. My feeling that they just want it to be seen and I am thrilled to share it.



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More Info on 2012 Corn Comparison Report

There has been quite a stir this past week about the 2012 Corn Comparison Report by Profit Pro posted on this site on 3月 15. Keep in mind this is a report, NOT a scientific peer reviewed study and I do not have any other information other than what is in this blog.

See original blog and report  here

See follow up comments from a 3rd generation farmer who is not connected to the report but knows of the report.

 "People want to know the genetic makeup of the GM RR corn and the genetic makeup of the non-GM corn. They want a side by side comparison of the same genetics with a complete nutritional analysis of each after being raised with the same fertility and the in the same soil conditions with the only difference being the application ofglyphosate based herbicide on the GM RR corn and a conventional herbicide on the non-GMcorn. This has not been done and cannot be done without being at risk of being sued by the patent holder of the GM RR corn. The wording in the technology agreement for the GM RR corn makes it illegal to conduct such an experiment without the written consent of the patent holder.
This is the scenario from which the formaldehyde corn was detected.
Corn ears from two adjacent corn fields in Iowa (separated only by a fence row) were selected for sampling 2 weeks prior to harvest. The corn fields were selected by a third party to potentially provide corn that would test free of any glyphosate residue in the grain as this grain would end up in the human food supply. The samples were collected from the adjacent fields in the exact same manner. Walking from the edge and corner of the field the sampler collected the sample ears of corn 18 rows in from the side of the field and five paces in from the end of the field and then collecting another ear of corn every five paces until enough ears were collected for the required sample.  The same process was repeated in the adjacent field. The separately bagged ears of corn were then shelled from the cob and then the grain samples were sent to the lab for glyphosate testing. One of the samples tested to contain 13 ppm (the EPA’s legal limit of glyphosate in corn) of glyphosate residue, this was RR corn. The other sample tested to be free of any glyphosate residue and this was non-GMO corn. Thecorn sample that tested positive for the glyphosate residue (RR) also tested positive for formaldehyde at a level of 200 ppm.
Dr. Huber ( who is not connected to the report, just commented on the report) believes the formaldehyde can come from two sources: either degradation ofglyphosate to Aminomethylphosphonicacid (AMPA) and then to formaldehyde or from normal plant metabolism via serine to glycine plus formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is normally metabolized to CO2 through the C1 cycle (PGA mediated) so it would appear that that process is blocked. It is not likely that the formaldehyde came from the degradation of the glyphosatewithin the plant as the glyphosate needs to metabolize to AMPA first before breaking down to formaldehyde. AMPA is toxic to all plants. It is believed that because of the chelatingeffects of the glyphosate in the plant that the normal processes in the plant did not function properly and the plant actually made the formaldehyde or the effect of the glyphosate on the enzymatic processes in the plant were disrupted. Lab and green house testing is needed to verify this. Of course the scariest part of this is that any RR plant (corn, soybean, canola, cotton, sugar beet or alfalfa) that is sprayed with glyphosate could potentially produce formaldehyde when it is sprayed with glyphosate and then the formaldehyde would unknowingly end up in the feed and food supply.
This corn was not raised in an area that was effected by the extreme drought conditions of 2012."

There have also been many comments that this report is not true. I wish it weren't true. The people who say it is not true, however are people who work in the Genetic Engineering field and want to protect their science. I get that. If you question it, please request that Monsanto runs an independent study or show their own data. We suspect they have this data already, as they pressured the EPA to raise the EPA standard of Glyphosate from 6.2 to 13ppm the year before this report came out. They also had the Monsanto Protection Act rider passed in the nick of time from when this information was posted. We believe they knew harm could come from their GMO corn and had the " Monsanto protection act" passed to pre-empt lawsuits. What do you think?

This video link below will explain a lot to them and to everyone who cares about what is in their food.

This is information that shakes the ground of our foundation of faith in our food system. This will be difficult information to process. All I can say is that you need to know this. And share it.

Here is an interview from Howard Vlieger from Weekly Womens GMO Free News which addresses the corn report.

For more information on the autoimmune condition PANDAS, which Kathleen mentions on the video go to www.savingsammy.net



Protect Our Children! Not Monsanto!


Moms Across America are OUTRAGED at the callousness of our government to pass the Monsanto Protection Act with no thought for our children and citizens of America. This is a sad time for many Moms who supported Obama. It is unfathomable to us that Michelle, who has spoken up about organic gardening and children's health would also tolerate her husband's choice. Our President, Congress and Senate have given immunity from law to a company from being held accountable for any harm that comes to people or the planet from their toxic chemicals. What happened to integrity in America?

They also gave Monsanto the ability to plant any kind of GMO seeds they want to. And no court, the exact wording is "nothing shall override" them. We know now that Monsanto was part of drafting this new rider and that our government is really not for the people and by the people but is, officially, a Corporatocracy. I did not want to admit this for a long time and I try to stay out of politics because I want Moms of all parties to feel welcome to join our united cause. But this is political too and I need to voice for Moms every where, that we have lost faith in our government this week. We have lost faith in the future if left in the hands of those who control Big Pharmaceutical, Bayer, Astra Seneca and Phizer Pharmaceutical -parent company of Monsanto, who make the pesticides and herbicides AND the drugs to make us feel better,  and Big Agriculture (the same companies + DuPont). We have lost faith in a system that we put into place a couple hundred years ago and really see no way out of in the near future.

So what do we do? Hide and cry? No. When a Mom senses her child is at risk, which they are...their health issues like allergies, autism and auto immune diseases have been skyrocketing, we research more and we take action.  A new article on bi polar disorders in our children shows a 456% increase since GMOs were introduced. The same symptoms, unrest, discontent, sudden outburts of aggression and inability to focus, have all be shown in pigs who eat GMO feed as well. As Moms with common sense we are OUTRAGED that food is hurting our kids and  the one thing we see we can do to take action is put the largest distributor of GMO food on NOTICE that we will not be buying anything from their store until they label GMOs and have GMO free options- WALMART.

We must take action with the greatest tool we have which is money and the greatest power we have which is our love. If you share this notice with 10 people and they share it with 5 and they share with 5 and those people share with 5 you will be responsible for 1270 people promising not to shop at Walmart. At $200 dollars a week X 52 weeks a year, that equals

$13 MILLION 208 THOUSAND dollars that you personally will cause NOT to go to the biggest distributor of GMO Foods.

Can you do that? 

Here are the comments below from the moms who have signed the notice.

Please sign and share today.


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