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Organic Awareness Billboard Blitz



8月 24, 2016- Mission Viejo CA. This week, 99 billboards and 55 signs were posted by Moms Across America and Adams & Fairway Outdoor Advertising in 12 states to raise awareness about organic food.

The billboard, the third of a series, refers to the Back to School season and reads “Pack Organic: Delicious and Non Toxic” showing a picture of a pre-teen girl with her lunch box open.

Moms Across America Founder and Executive Director Zen Honeycutt states, “Many people in America do not understand the implications of not eating organic. Their children, who are the most vulnerable due to developing immune, neurological, nervous and reproductive systems, are being inundated by toxic chemicals in conventional and genetically modified foods. Most of our food manufacturers would like Americans to be ignorant to this fact so we must take matters into our own hands and raise awareness ourselves.”

30.5 million GMO (genetically modified) meals which have residues of dozens of toxic chemicals are served to American children each day in federally funded schools. American children have skyrocketing health issues and costs. Proponents of GMOs claim that they are necessary to feed the world, however 40% of Americans are obese, 40% of food is wasted and yet 15.3 million US children go to bed hungry every night. Chemical companies claim that their chemicals are safe for farmers and consumers, but recent studies show serious harm, including cancer and neurotoxicity. Honeycutt points out that, “It is not the food that needs to be modified, it is the food system.” The meals served in our public school system are often the only meals that students in underprivileged areas eat and are therefore even more important to be nutritious and toxin free.

Organizations like Turning Green and The Conscious Kitchen are working to support schools and universities to transition to fresh, local, organic, seasonal, non GMO, and pesticide free food for students. Founder of these organizations Judi Shils adds,“Our student-run organizations have shown that schools can switch to local and organic food, it starts with just a few committed people and a lot of dedication.”

Honeycutt adds, “In the meantime, we encourage Americans to pack as much organic food as possible for their children, starting with fruit, oils, and dairy which can have the highest levels of contaminants. Buying bulk, local, whole foods reduces costs and supports the local economy.”

Moms Across America is reaching millions, with more than 400 leaders who created over 750 events in all 50 states to raise awareness about GMOs and related toxic chemicals since 2013. She attributes the growth of the moms network to the determination of mothers who will research, share and speak up to protect their children. Find out more about GMOs and related toxic chemicals at

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