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Moms Across America are OUTRAGED at the callousness of our government to pass the Monsanto Protection Act with no thought for our children and citizens of America. This is a sad time for many Moms who supported Obama. It is unfathomable to us that Michelle, who has spoken up about organic gardening and children's health would also tolerate her husband's choice. Our President, Congress and Senate have given immunity from law to a company from being held accountable for any harm that comes to people or the planet from their toxic chemicals. What happened to integrity in America?

They also gave Monsanto the ability to plant any kind of GMO seeds they want to. And no court, the exact wording is "nothing shall override" them. We know now that Monsanto was part of drafting this new rider and that our government is really not for the people and by the people but is, officially, a Corporatocracy. I did not want to admit this for a long time and I try to stay out of politics because I want Moms of all parties to feel welcome to join our united cause. But this is political too and I need to voice for Moms every where, that we have lost faith in our government this week. We have lost faith in the future if left in the hands of those who control Big Pharmaceutical, Bayer, Astra Seneca and Phizer Pharmaceutical -parent company of Monsanto, who make the pesticides and herbicides AND the drugs to make us feel better,  and Big Agriculture (the same companies + DuPont). We have lost faith in a system that we put into place a couple hundred years ago and really see no way out of in the near future.

So what do we do? Hide and cry? No. When a Mom senses her child is at risk, which they are...their health issues like allergies, autism and auto immune diseases have been skyrocketing, we research more and we take action.  A new article on bi polar disorders in our children shows a 456% increase since GMOs were introduced. The same symptoms, unrest, discontent, sudden outburts of aggression and inability to focus, have all be shown in pigs who eat GMO feed as well. As Moms with common sense we are OUTRAGED that food is hurting our kids and  the one thing we see we can do to take action is put the largest distributor of GMO food on NOTICE that we will not be buying anything from their store until they label GMOs and have GMO free options- WALMART.

私たちは、お金であ最大のツールと、愛である最大の力で行動しなければなりません。この通知を10人と共有し、5と共有し、5と共有し、それらの人が5と共有する場合、Walmartで買い物をしないことを約束する1270人に責任があります。週に$ 200ドルX年に52週、これは

$ 13百万208あなたが個人的にGMO Foodsの最大の販売業者に行かないようにする千ドル。













有機またはラベルが貼られていない食品を購入しないGMOSはありません! 「」




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    I think it’s critical to get as many dedicated & very energetic doctors onboard as possible, or this will appear in most media as opinion-based whereas Mon$anto will simply quote zillions of facts & brag about how much the FDA like them. If you have respected doctors who are also quoting tons of facts, you will have progress.

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