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Samsel on Widespread Glyphosate Contamination

If there was ever a time when I wanted to stick my fingers in my ears and go "LA la la la la la la...I can't hear yooooou!!!!"

It was when scientist Anthony Samsel said: "There are some 160 of our foods contaminated with glyphosate."(Listed below)  Samsel is a chemist, retired Arthur D. Little Inventor and co author of the paper :  "Glyphosate’s Suppression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes and Amino Acid Biosynthesis by the Gut Microbiome: Pathways to Modern Diseases."  The Samsel-Seneff paper can be found at the journal-Entropy, ISSN 1099-4300 www.mdpi.com/journal/entropy 

Glyphosate is the active chemical ingredient in Roundup, a registered trademark of Monsanto, the most widely used herbicide in the world. Hundreds of millions of pounds of this chemical are used each year. It is used on parks, school yards and city landscaping. It is sprayed on the soil prior to planting crops that are raised in a no-till non-organicproduction system. It is also used as a desiccant and applied preharvest on a wide number of crops destined for the food chain. Glyphosate based herbicides are sprayed directly GMO plants. GMO plants are genetically engineered to with stand glyphosate herbicide. The animals and the people that eat these crops that have absorbed glyphosate either through the soil or from being repeatedly sprayed with glyphosate are subjected to numerous health concerns.

Glyphosate is designed to kill all plants that it touches except those that are genetically designed to withstand it. It does this by chelating or "tying up " vital nutrients in the plant. It ties up; calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, copper,nickel, cobalt, boron, molybdenum, selenium and potassium and makes them unavailable. Glyphosate also kills good microorganisms in the soil (that would normally protect the plant from disease) and causes a rapid growth of bad organisms that cause disease that kills the weeds. The weed dies because it essentially has a weakened defense system. As one scientist said "It basically gives the plant AIDS, weakens it's immune system".

We are now learning that glyphosate can do the same thing to us. By eating food that contains glyphosate residue we have glyphosate in our bodies. Glyphosate attacks the beneficial microorganisms in our digestive tract and triggers a host of varying health issues for us and our children.  

Thankfully we now have the Samsel and Seneff scientific paper “Glyphosate and Modern Diseases” this 43 page peer reviewed scientific paper shows that glyphosate has "insidious" effects on the American population. Especially our children. .

Here is Anothny Samsel in his own words in an interview with Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America:

Here is a summery of the entire report from Anthony Samsel:
We have a wonderful symbiotic relationship with bacteria, which comprise 70% of our immune system.  On and within us, they represent some one thousand bacterial species, which number in the trillions, without which we would not exist.  They perform many necessary functions to our biology which includes the manufacture of essential amino acids.  Of the twenty amino acids, nine are called essential amino acids and we must derive them from both bacteria and food.  Amino acids are the building blocks of life, the materials necessary to build every cell of our bodies and the chemicals necessary for its function which include neurotransmitters and neuro-regulators.  
Glyphosate destroys the beneficial bacteria balance of our gut, which leads to bacterial overgrowth and disruption of the production of these essential amino acids.  The amino acids disrupted by glyphosate include but are not limited to methionine, phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan.  The latter three are the aromatic amino acids and interference with these can lead particularly to a wide array of disease outcomes.
Glyphosate also destroys our CYP 450 enzymes.  The CYP enzymes are part of our body's detox system.  They catalyze oxidation of organic substances which include toxins for disposal.  They process and rid the body of chemicals, drugs, lipids, fats, sterols, vitamins, and other xenobiotics from which we may be exposed.  Because glyphosate disrupts this defense system, our body suffers enhanced  damage from the effects of other food borne chemical residues and environmental toxins. -Anthony Samsel
In Mom Speak: Glyphosate is really bad news. Glyphosate destroys our gut flora, weakening our immune system and also breaks down cellular walls, allowing toxins in. According to this important paper, this is it. This chemical, along with other toxic pesticides and herbicides, are the reason for the decline in our American health and the compromising of an entire generation of our children. Samsel and Seneff project that 1 our of 2 of our children will have Autism by 2025.  1 out 2 males and 1 out of 3 females in America are expected to get cancer.
Monsanto may be trying to "feed the world" but the reality is that they are making us deathly sick. 
As a mother I am outraged by this. I don't want to believe it, but choosing to ignore it just puts my family in grave danger. As a nation, if we ignore this, we are looking at a future not only of sickness and sadness...but of economic ruin. We cannot sustain a society where half of our young adults are incapable of caring for themselves or caring for their parents when they are older. America will not be the number one super power of anything if we are mostly sick.
In addition to the devastating future of sickness and early death that we are creating for ourselves by succumbing to the temptation of the fast, easy fix of pesticides and herbacides, we are also subjecting a huge number of our citizens to a social injustice. Many if not most Americans, cannot afford organic, nor do they have it available to them. They are being deprived of the right to purchase food without these toxins and are therefore discriminated against by their economic position. This is social justice issue.
Supplied by Anthony Samsel, Here are the 160 foods that glyphosate contaminates in our food supply and the reason why everything we eat should be 100% organic with organic fertilizers as well.
This is from the EPA federal register and shows the allowable, therefore expected, levels of glyphosate in our food crops in the parts per million. The levels of glyphosate are the ALLOWABLE amounts, so conceivably, the amounts could be less ( most likely not though because the chemical companies ask the EPA to raise the levels 2, 4 even 30X higher in a year and they do), but that fact that any glyphosate is allowed in the food at all, considering what we now know about the effects on humans, in my opinion,  is an assault on the human race. Glyphosate caused organ damage in rats at .1 parts per million in a European study. Breast cancer has been shown to be caused by glyphosate in the parts per trillion*: Notice how high the GMO crops allowable amount are..cottonseeds, canola seed, corn, sugar beets and soy, on food crops which glyphosate is used as a dessicant or drying agent, like legumes, dry peas, wheat, and soy, and in root vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots. 

EPA limits for glyphosate residues as published in the Federal Register.

§ 180.364   Glyphosate tolerances for residues.

(a) General. (1) Tolerances are established for residues of glyphosate, including its metabolites and degradates, in or on the commodities listed below resulting from the application of glyphosate, the isopropylamine salt of glyphosate, the ethanolamine salt of glyphosate, the dimethylamine salt of glyphosate, the ammonium salt of glyphosate, and the potassium salt of glyphosate. Compliance with the following tolerance levels is to be determined by measuring only glyphosate ( N- (phosphonomethyl)glycine).


Parts per million



Alfalfa, seed


Almond, hulls


Aloe vera




Animal feed, nongrass, group 18


Artichoke, globe








Bamboo, shoots




Barley, bran


Beet, sugar, dried pulp


Beet, sugar, roots


Beet, sugar, tops


Berry and small fruit, group 13-07










Cacao bean, bean


Cactus, fruit


Cactus, pads




Canola, seed








Citrus, dried pulp




Coffee, bean, green


Corn, pop, grain


Corn, sweet, kernel plus cob with husk removed


Cotton, gin byproducts


Custard apple


Date, dried fruit














Fruit, citrus, group 10-10


Fruit, pome, group 11-10


Fruit, stone, group 12


Galangal, roots


Ginger, white, flower


Gourd, buffalo, seed


Governor's plum


Gow kee, leaves


Grain, cereal, forage, fodder and straw, group 16, except field corn, forage and field corn, stover


Grain, cereal, group 15 except field corn, popcorn, rice, sweet corn, and wild rice


Grass, forage, fodder and hay, group 17




Herbs subgroup 19A


Hop, dried cones












Kava, roots


Kenaf, forage


Leucaena, forage






Mamey apple








Mioga, flower




Nut, pine


Nut, tree, group 14


Oilseeds, group 20, except canola






Oregano, Mexican, leaves


Palm heart


Palm heart, leaves


Palm, oil




Papaya, mountain






Pea, dry




Peanut, hay


Pepper leaf, fresh leaves


Peppermint, tops


Perilla, tops












Quinoa, grain




Rice, grain


Rice, wild, grain


Rose apple




Sapote, black


Sapote, mamey


Sapote, white






Spanish lime


Spearmint, tops


Spice subgroup 19B


Star apple




Stevia, dried leaves


Sugar apple


Sugarcane, cane


Sugarcane, molasses


Surinam cherry


Sweet potato




Tea, dried


Tea, instant


Teff, forage


Teff, grain


Teff, hay


Ti, leaves


Ti, roots


Ugli fruit


Vegetable, bulb, group 3-07


Vegetable, cucurbit, group 9


Vegetable, foliage of legume, subgroup 7A, except soybean


Vegetable, fruiting, group 8-10 (except okra)


Vegetable, leafy, brassica, group 5


Vegetable, leafy, except brassica, group 4


Vegetable, leaves of root and tuber, group 2, except sugar beet tops


Vegetable, legume, group 6 except soybean and dry pea


Vegetables, root and tuber, group 1, except carrot, sweet potato, and sugar beet


Wasabi, roots


Water spinach, tops


Watercress, upland


Wax jambu


Yacon, tuber


(2) Tolerances are established for residues of glyphosate, including its metabolites and degradates, in or on the commodities listed below resulting from the application of glyphosate, the isopropylamine salt of glyphosate, the ethanolamine salt of glyphosate, the dimethylamine salt of glyphosate, the ammonium salt of glyphosate, and the potassium salt of glyphosate. Compliance with the following tolerance levels is to be determined by measuring only glyphosate ( N- (phosphonomethyl)glycine) and its metabolite N- acetyl-glyphosate ( N- acetyl- N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine; calculated as the stoichiometric equivalent of glyphosate).


Parts per Million

Cattle, meat byproducts


Corn, field, forage


Corn, field, grain


Corn, field, stover




Goat, meat byproducts


Grain aspirated fractions


Hog, meat byproducts


Horse, meat byproducts


Poultry, meat


Poultry, meat byproducts


Sheep, meat byproducts


Soybean, forage


Soybean, hay


Soybean, hulls


Soybean, seed


(b) Section 18 emergency exemptions. [Reserved]

(c) Tolerances with regional registrations. [Reserved]

(d) Indirect or inadvertent residues. [Reserved]

[45 FR 64911, Oct. 1, 1980]

Editorial Note: For Federal Register citations affecting § 180.364, see the List of CFR Sections Affected, which appears in the Finding Aids section of the printed volume and at www.fdsys.gov .

 What can we do?

Eat organic. Budget. Cook from scratch. Cook in bulk and freeze. Bring your own food to parties and gatherings. Tell your Congress people about this. Grow your own. Share the food you grow with your neighbors and build community.

It's time to reconnect to our food. The future of the human race depends on the actions we take today.



* Study that show sthat Glyphosate causes breast cancer in the parts per trillion: Dr. Thongprakaisang: Glyphosate Induces Growth in Human Breast Cancer Cellshttp://gmoevidence.com/dr-thongprakaisang-glyphosate-induces-growth-in-human-breast-cancer-cells/

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Thank You Everyone!

THANK YOU to the over 3500 people who signed up to march in 44 states and 177 parades on 7月 4!

Thank you to all who donated! Every penny went towards empowering millions to educate themselves about GMOs, get them labeled and offer GMO free solutions!

Thank you to our sponsors who made the GMO info flyers, banners, stickers, buttons and decals possible at a great rate!

Thank you to our supporters, from graphics, website, data entry, PR support, getting the word out and supporting Moms.

THANK YOU.  You truly are what makes America GREAT!

Here are the awesome sponsors and supporters that we hope you will support as well. They rock.

bob_mcfarland.jpg The CA Guild and President Bob McFarland

labelgmos.org.jpgPamm_Larry__Kathleen__Zen_cropped.jpg LabelGMO's and Pamm Larry


Howard.jpg 3rd Generation Farmer Howard Vlieger for the DVD talk.


allergy_kids_foundation.jpg  robyn_and_book.jpg Robyn O'Brien 


Dr.Bronners.png                  Dr.Bronner's       NYR_organics.gifNeil's Yard Remedies Organic 


organic_valley.jpg Organic Valley                     nutiva.pngNutiva


natures-path-logo-large.png   Nature's Path                           GMO_OMG_FB_image.jpg GMO OMG


IRT.jpgJeffrey_M._Smith_548x548.jpg Jeffrey M. Smith and Institute for Responsible Technology and Laurie Cohen Peters


OCA_green.jpg Organic Consumer Association  green_america.jpg Green America/GMOinside                              


NON_GMO_Logo.jpg NON GMO Project  Just_label_it.jpgJustLabelit.org


   Vandana_Shiva.jpg Vandana Shiva

And Special Thanks to ProImageSigns.com Fountain Valley for the great car decal. Meghan Thomas for website, Dorothy Winchester for data entry, Shel Spaulding-Moore and Kimberly Capwell for PR.  Lauren Weinstein Intern extraordinaire, Scott and Barbara at Magnum Screen Prints, Pennworthy and Associates for the promo materials, Mike Reinmann for the Howard Vliger DVD, OMG.com for future partnership, our husbands and family for your patience, Landmark for the empowerment, and of course, Moms, for your love.


Other Non GMO Companies we hope you support.


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American Moms Take on GMOs

Moms Across America 3月 2013

From Sea to Shining Sea


Kathleen  in Huntington Beach,  California     Zen and MAAM in Madison, CT

See a compliation video of parades:

From 6月 29th to 7月 7th, all across America Moms and supporters are joined into 172 parades to letting an estimated 1 million of  their neighbors know about GMOs directly and millions more via media and word of mouth. This was an act of generosity and courage on a grand scale, an example of what makes America great! What awesome and generous people!

 What makes America great is not the party in the White house or the rise in our economy, it is not the amount of wars we have won or popularity of our President. What makes America great are the individual actions of the people, and all people have Moms. Moms in America make the vast majority of all purchases, therefore we drive the economy. We are the social planners, of  church communities and school activities, therefore  we run our communities. Moms have the say so in the home about meals, health, chores and school homework, guiding our future generations to create the prosperity and success of America. In one sense you could say the state of America is the responsibility of our Moms. If there is anything you don’t like about America, we citizens, including Moms, need to take a close look at our role in that.

Have we taken ownership of it?

What can we do that we have not done before?

What is something new we could create in that area?

The power in being a Mom is taking on our role in America. That is why our car decals say ”Bring it ON! I’m a MOM!” and "Label GMOS!"

On 7月 4th, we took on GMOs and did something new. For most of us, we had not marched in a parade since Girl Scouts and we never even considered being an activist. The majority of us are not radicals, we are not political, we are not doing this for certain religious reasons, we are simply Moms who care about the future of our children. We know that 64 other countries have banned or label GMOs and we march for that freedom here in the USA. We are angry about GMOs but we Moms know that other Mom’s are most likely to consider information when it’s delivered in  non threatening way. Moms know that love works. So we marched with patriotism and pride to be in America’s biggest traditional community event. We marched with love, a friendly attitude and joyous smiles. We were supported by wonderful husbands, partners, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and kids. People who care about health and freedom marched for no personal gain. We took on GMOs, were mostly received with cheers and wonder, ( when have most Moms been CHEERED at for talking about GMOs before??? Never! This was so empowering!!!) and we have never been prouder of our great nation.


Sierra Madre, CA                                                          Boise Idaho


Riverton, NJ                               Savoy,  IL                       Carnation, WA

Love was all the motivation we need to march down our main street, bravely in the rain alone, like Mom Samantha in Frankfurt, Kentucky or in 107 degree heat like Jessica Denning and over 70 supporters, in Carmichael CA We sang, chanted, waved, smiled and cheered along with the surprised and delighted supporters. We also looked our neighbors in the eye and gave them GMO info flyers or held a banner and signs that brought a new message to thousands lining the streets that did not know about GMOs. We could see them wondering, turning to their neighbors and asking “What is a GMO?”. Our hearts leaped for joy when a neighbor said “Genetically Modified Organism.” Mom’s Mission Accomplished.


Huntington Beach, CA  Biggest Parade on West Coast   Dedicated Dad on Unicycle


Lake Forest, CA       Bee Car            Alameda, CA SF Bay area Longest Parade

The love for our children is our fuel. We have a never ending source of that love. This is just the beginning. Moms Across America will not stop until GM food is labeled and off our tables. We will continue to stand for, march for, sing for and chant for “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids”.


Mendocino, CA                                                      Springfield, Missouri


Blaine, WA                                                                        Madison, CT


Denver , CO                                                               Lancaster , PA


With Love, from Moms Across America

With Thanks to our partners the CA State Grage, LabelGMOs.org and sponsors Dr. Bronner's , NYR Organic, Nature's Path, Organic valley, OMG ohmygreen.com and Nutivia and everyone who donated.

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La-bel-G M O's... NOW

I just had what I believe could be a brilliant idea for the marchers that will be participating in our marches across the country. I was hoping to get Moms and Kids and whoever else would like to show support of labeling to join our group along the parade route. It would be a powerful visual statement to everyone along the route, if people kept jumping out of their seats to join us in marching against GMOs and we ended up with a huge group marching with us by the end of the parade....a huge and loud group. How do you best visually represent a large number of people....A mob that is loud is good....but in a parade....visually represented by a long line of entrants ....how bout a line of supporters several blocks long?????

Even if many people in the town support labeling (most do...and many are strong proponents) how do you get that many people convinced to join in a parade they had only come to watch??? I got to thinking what would entice many to join in....what is irresistible??? We can have people in our group running over and grabbing those who vocalize support....good....we could hand out flyers asking people to get up and march to show their support....good....we might get some that way....but what would seem just too fun to join in????  A CONGO LINE!!!! Who can resist joining a congo line....a loud, enthusiastic, and rambunctious and quickly growing congo line???  "LA - BEL   G  M  O's" ....boom  ......           " LA - BEL     G  M   O'S".....boom. 

To get things started keep some of your members in a line to start of the route marching at the beginning of the parade and distribute whever you can spare spaced out along both sides of the parade route....have one person who is marching working each side of the route handing out flyers and coaxing people to join in....have the people who have been planted in the crowd along the route enthusiastically join in. Each person joining in will be given a warm welcome and honored with a lei or a hat or a button....maybe just a hug. This should create a chain reaction along the route that will feed on itself....if it slows down, instruct members to slip out of the line and get into the crowd again to re kindle the movement of audience members into the congo line. Ask marchers to bring drums to create the congo beat...maybe even some other instruments and percussion.

I am going to give this a try....if anyone else does, let me know how it worked.


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Open Letter to Monsanto, from Moms

An Open Letter to Hugh Grant, Monsanto Board Members, and Staff


Moms Across America are writing you because we have seen the health of our children improve when we remove genetically modified, or GM foods, from their diets. We know what scientists SAY, but we ask you to consider what Moms are SEEING.


• We see that our children fare worse health-wise than children from other countries. The difference is that 80% of our food contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). (1)

 • Today, 1 out of 3 American children are overweight or obese since GMOs have been introduced. (2)

 • 1 out of 3 American children now have Allergies, Autism/ADHD, Asthma or Auto Immune Disorders. (3).

 • We Moms see firsthand that when we take our children off GMOs, and feed them organic food, their symptoms either disappear or dramatically improve. (4)


 Do you or a staff member have a child with Autism? Do you know how difficult life is for that family? Do you see that the future and potential of an entire generation of children is being stolen from them because of the impact to their health from GMOs? Have you seen a child with a rash? Did you know that a rash on the outside of the body means inflammation in the stomach, which can lead to stomach cancer?

 We know your intentions were to feed the world. But countries around the world have rejected GM food.

We know your intention in putting insecticides INTO the food we eat was to reduce the quantity of insecticides sprayed ON the food we eat. We ask you to acknowledge that, despite this intention, pesticide use has in fact INCREASED and so have the health  problems of our children and our country.

 We know you want to help the world. We ask you to have the courage to acknowledge that GM practices and Roundup® are hurting our world. We have seen the recent and new scientific studies on the impact of GMOs and Glyphosate (5a) with links to autism, Alzheimers, food allergies, liver cancer, IBS, breast cancer in humans (6) and possibly mental  illness (5b) and we have witnessed the results firsthand in our kids. (7)

We have seen the scientific study showing  birth defects, miscarriages in pigs who ate GMO feed(8). And we personally have experienced far too many miscarriages and rise in struggles with infertility. We love our children, and want them to be healthy and to be able to have their own kids some day. Please stop and consider our plea.


The auto industry issues a recall when their product is suspected of causing harm. We ask you to recall Roundup® and cease GMO seed production until the consumption and long-term use of such products are proven safe.


It takes a big person to make a global company. It takes an even BIGGER person to admit things aren’t working they way you intended and change course.

 We Moms know your Mom would be proud of you if you put the health of the nation first and stopped selling GMO seeds and spraying Glyphosate (Roundup®) and other harsher pesticides.




Further information about Moms Across America and numerous studies can be found on our website at www.momsacrossamerica.com/blog.


Further information about Moms Across America and numerous studies can be found on our website atwww.momsacrossamerica.com/blog.

(1) NonGMOProject.org, Robyn O’Brien: www.robynobrien.com/the_unhealthy_truth

and Jeffrey M. Smith, “Genetic Roulette”: http://geneticroulettemovie.com/

(2) www.kidshealth.org

(3) www.mariarickerthong.com

(4) www.anhinternational.org

(5a) Samsell and Seneff “Glyphosate and Modern Diseases” http://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/glyphosate/glyphosate.html

(5b) Jeffrey M. Smith interview with MIT Dr. Stephanie Seneff on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_AHLDXF5aw

(6) Breast cancer – Dr. Thongprakaisang: Glyphosate Induces Growth in Human Breast Cancer Cells: http://gmoevidence.com/dr-thongprakaisang-glyphosate-induces-growth-in-human-breast-cancer-cells/

(7) Moms, GMOs and Kids health: http://www.momsacrossamerica.com/moms_speak_out_about_gmos_and_family_health

(8) Dr. Judy Carman: Evidence of GMO Harm in Pig Study: http://gmoevidence.com/dr-judy-carman-evidence-of-gmo-harm-in-pig-study/


Moms Across America: 6月 28, 2013


Moms Across America unite in raising GMO awareness with a range of events planned throughout the

United States on 7月 4, 2013.

Visit their website to find an event near your location at www.momsacrossamerica.com.

 Press Contact Specified:Zen Honeycutt [email protected]



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Cross Country Update

Dear Supporters!
One week from now we will be marching in over 156 parades in our hometowns across America! Wow! Imagine how many hundreds of thousands of people we are going to reach directly and millions of family members!!! This is so exciting! Your generosity, commitment and courage to care about other people really is what makes America Great!
It's not to late to join in! Order your GMO info materials, buttons, flyers, stickers, decals and banners individually or in parade packs, which are 50% prepaid, thanks to our sponsors and your donations!


Click here to go to our website  and then click on the link on that page to go to webstore. You will need to log into the webstore and pay for expedited shipping to the east coast. Ground shipping to the west coast today only will be fine.

Remember that the  banners, and flyers are useful throughout the whole summer and can be used at summer festivals at free community booths, and the car decals, buttons and stickers are conversation starters that will change people's entire families lives by sparking a few moments of connection and curiosity.

UPDATE on our Moms Across America Tour!


The Honeycutts are driving cross country to promote the Moms Across America March to Label GMOs!  So far - CA, NV,UT,NM,AZ,CO, and KS next!
Thousands are seeing the  "Label GMOs" car decals ( Thanks for donating them Proimagesigns.com!!) and thousands more are getting our flyers, movies, books, organic body care, and solutions to shop online GMO free thanks to our sponsors, NYR Organic, Dr. Bronners, Nature's Path, Nutivia, Organic Valley and Robyn O'Brien, Jeffrey M. Smith and IRT, Howard Vlieger and OMG! ohmygreen.com online NON GMO and organic grocery store.


Even though about 50% of the people we talk to at pit stops don't know about GMOs, the ones that do really care about everyone finding out about GMOs! I have interviewed people in grocery stores, organic farms, a full moon party, pit stop parking lots, campgrounds,  restaurants and Moms' homes. They were thrilled to receive the bag of GMO info and I was moved by the stories of struggle they have faced with health issues and inspired by the triumphs they are experiencing by going GMO Free as much as possible.


We are also facing struggles going GMO Free on this trip. We brought lots of GMO free food and have stopped at Whole Foods and natural food stores along the way but after 12 meals out of a cooler, we confess we ate at 2 places, a BBQ and Pancake house ( with gluten free pancakes) in the past 5 days, and although we asked about whether or not they had corn oil, and they said no, one son got sick and the other got a rash. We now suspect cottonseed oil. We know that the answer is to only eat what we bring and we are sad to not be able to enjoy the American experience of good food throughout the USA. It only inspires us to tell more people about GMOs so that restaurants and food trucks will go GMO free.


Our family feel blessed and grateful each day that we are on this journey , creating awareness and connecting with truly wonderful, caring people all over America. Things may not be as we would like, but the people in our country are all love. Please know that when you reach out and share with another person the reward comes back 100 fold and we will prevail. Love always does.


Find out more on our Facebook page <https://www.facebook.com/MomsAcrossAmerica> and on my blog as soon as I have good internet service to upload all the videos. And thank you for your support and partnership in a health and freedom for all Americans!
With Love and Joy,
Zen and the Honeycutt Family

P.S. Please order your GMO Info supplies TODAY!


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Moms Across America Cross Country Kick off!

Here we go! Moms Across America Cross Country Tour! We are spreading the word all across America to Label GMOs!

I am driving from CA to CT  with my family and to cover more ground co founder Kathleen Hallal is driving from CA to WA. Kathleen is going to march with WA to support their upcoming ballot initiative and I am marching with GMO FREE USA leader Diana Reeves and my family of origin in my childhood homestate to celebrate their win and support the national labeling.We are so excited!

We are loaded up with GMO Info 15,000 flyers from Moms Across America, 600 GMO FREE buttons, coupons and flyers from Nature’s Path and OMG; ohmygreen.com online NON GMO grocery store, hundreds of samples from NYR Organic, movies by Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey M. Smith, “The UnHealthy Truth” book by Robyn O’Brien, and support from additional sponsors Dr. Bronners, Nutivia and Organic Valley. I do not know how my husband packed all these supplies and our camping gear, but I am grateful for his magic. My three boys, Ben 10, Bodee 8 and Bronson 4, are loaded up with toys, electronic gadgets and art supplies. The car is tuned up and decked out with a sign from Proimagesigns.com and we have Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s mapped out so we can eat GMO Free cross country.

I already spoke to a guy at the gas station who thought what we are doing was so cool even though he didn’t know what GMO’s are. He said “I will find out!” I am moved to tears by this, his willingness and the difference it will make for his family is what I do what I do and why I know you share too. We care. One person at a time America. We are doing this! Thank you for sharing about GMOs with us in the next 12 days before the 4th of July! Next stop , Vegas Baby! to be interviewed by Nick Brannigan for radio.

Along the way we will also be interviewing other, Does America Know about GMOs? If so, what might be the health implications on our nation's children and families? And can we really feed three hungry boys GMO Free cross country?

With Love and Joy


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Behind the Scenes CNN Interview Video by Ryan Wirick

When CNN aired the the Oregon GMO Wheat Mystery piece by Stephanie Elam on Monday 6月 17, 2013, http://www.cnn.com/video/?/video/us/2013/06/17/tsr-dnt-elam-gmo-wheat-oregon.cnn it was a huge step for the movement in the right direction. People watching mass media are now wondering what GMOs are and why they are in doing illegally in our food. People are also seeing not just scientists and doctors being interviewed about GMOs, but an everyday Mom. Robyn O'Brien paved the way for us with her book "The UnHealthy Truth " and was in mainstream media, but for a Mom activist to get air time shows the power of what each and every mom contributes by sharing and standing up for health and freedom. Moms activists are being heard.

The CNN piece was mostly about the Oregon wheat however, and Ryan Wirick, talented producer of the following video, saw that there was more to the story. There is the story of Mom's health concerns. There is the story of our children in America.

This is our reality. Moms get nothing out of sharing what we are sharing except connecting with others that are going through the same struggles and creating a healthy future for our children.  We share to empower America. We have the right not only to know what is in our food, but if there are health risks. We see that there are from looking at our own children and we want America and the world to know. We want health and freedom for all. 

Thank you for sharing this. 


It was a huge honor to be the one interviewed for the piece, and I didn't get to do this alone. I want to thank Michael Carey, reporter and camerman, Jack Olmstead executive producer of Weekly Womens GMO Free News for this idea,  Pamm Larrry, Howard Vlieger, Kathleen Hallal and of course our husbands and children for their support in getting to this point were we have created a national organization having an international impact. I am moved to tears by what we are creating. Empowerment, love, health and freedom for all. Thank you!

For more information about PANDAS mentioned go to www.savingsammy.net


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Global GMO Awareness


Moms Across America making news! It's so exciting to be getting the word out. Our motto is "Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids" and it's happening! Exciting day!

Zen and Kathleen on GMO's 
KUCI Radio show this AM http://getthefunkoutshow.kuci.org/
Zen on GMO Wheat Mystery and concerns
We have over 109 leaders for Moms Across America joining in parades on 7月 4! We are going to let the USA and world know about GMOs!
Please join us in marching or in finding out about GMOs. Everyone eats and everyone's health matters.
 Global GMO Movie last Saturday night that MAA posted got 80,000 views and shares in 4 hours and over 6,977 unique views of movie Genetic Roulette were seen on Sat in 94 countries! We have 225 K FB visitors a WEEK. Whooooohooooo! People are finding out about GMOs!
www.momsacrossamerica.com for more GMO blogs.studies/videos  and www.geneticroulettemovie.com to buy the movie. 
Thank you for being a part of this critical and empowering cause! YOU joining in and sharing is what makes America GREAT!


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Proof of GMO Harm

Moms just know. We knew when we saw " The Future of Food" or "Food Inc" or " The Vanishing of the Bees" that this was bad. Nothing good could come from patenting seeds, dousing them and injecting them with poison and then spraying them with more poison and feeding to our nation. We  knew that Robyn O'Brien exposed it when she linked GMOs to allergies. We knew that Jeffrey Smith put the first of many nails in the coffin of what will someday be the GMO DEBACLE. We knew that GMOs and chemical farming was hurting our kids, but besides a shocking study of rats with tumors that went completely ignored by main stream media, we did not have proof.

Until now, This is as SustainablePulse.com called it, "The Worst Week Ever for Monsanto Science".


First on Tuesday, the study of Pigs and GMO feed. PROOF that GMOs and the pesticide and herbicide combinations in and on them DO impact the stomachs of mammals. It has been claimed by Monsanto that these chemicals only kill bugs and do not affect mammals because we have a stomach acid. Look at the pictures.  Mammals are impacted. The pigs had stomach ulcers and severe damage which is also skyrocketing in our American children. They show signs which mimick autism: distraction, irritability and inability to follow directions. Autism rate shave gone from 1 in 10,000 children to 1 in 50, in the 15 years since GMos and Glyphosate has been sprayed ON our food.( get our Howard Vliger DVD for more info)

They also had 25% heavier uteruses, resulting increased miscarriages. We currently have the lowest birth rate in America's recorded history. Every Mom I know as either had a miscarriages, has trouble getting pregnant or has a sister who lost a baby, many in the the third trimester, mysteriously, or to "SIDS" as an infant. These are our BABIES!!! The tragedy of loss is something no mother should ever have to bear. To find out it may have been prevented with just some regulatory testing is too outrageous for me to even comprehend. What if this is linked to my miscarriage, what if my baby had lived? Might I have had a daughter? It's time for Monsanto to do the wondering...when they are going to stop doing this and start doing something else.

Dr. Judy Carman: Evidence of GMO Harm in Pig Studyhttp://gmoevidence.com/dr-judy-carman-evidence-of-gmo-harm-in-pig-study/



Then Wednesday,  the report of Glyphosate showing up in 18 countries throughout Europe came out. What I wonder is, how are they getting tested? I am sure it is in our urine too, as I have called the water department and they shared recording of glyphosate in the CA water with me. But none of my doctors will test me for it. Another Mom was told that no lab would test her for it because Monsanto owns the patent and no testing is allowed. So we cannot even test our own blood and urine for the most commonly used herbicide on our planet?

Then, today I got the email with the Mother of all Damning evidence. The C word. Cancer. And the worst one of all, breast cancer.
You just cannot get a bigger offense then this, Monsanto, being linked to killing MOTHERS and women by the millions???? If I were you I would close up shop today. Really. Cut your losses and admit when the time has come. The Race for the Cure is Over, Susan. Time to use your millions to sue Monsanto instead.
This is it folks. Time to get all this information to our senators, congressmen and women, teachers, nurses, and friends.
We no longer need to debate. It's time to legislate and get GMOs off our plates and out of our states!
Scientists have been HUGE in propelling our momentum. Each one fo these groups has been the feet on the ground. We are doing it!!! Love to LabelGMOs.org, Howard Vlieger and friends, SustainablePulse.com , GMWatch, Jeffrey Smith, GMO FREE USA, March Against Monsanto, Millions Against Monsanto, GMOinside, Natural News, Info Wars, GM watch, GMO Evidence, Weekly Womens GMO Free News, Elizabeth Dougherty, Smart Health Talk, RT.com, Houndstooth Radio, Mother's Market and Thrive Radio, Gary Hirshberg & Just Label It, Dr. Bronners, Friends of the Earth, Pesticide Action Network, Food and Water Watch, NON GMO Project, Occupy Monsanto,  Organic Consumer Association, Robyn O'Brien, Food Democracy Now, the Coalition of 37 States and many more  ( if I forgot to put your group down , please chalk it up to 11pm Mommy brain and let me know). We may be many separate groups but we are one mighty force.

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