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The GMO Initiative: Global Dominance and Lies

Thanks to sponsors Refounding a Bold America, Occupy Word Food Prize and Citizens for Community Improvement of Iowa, who asked me to be the keynote speaker at the Occupy World Food Prize event, I was able to later attend the Borlaug Dialogue in Iowa last week. 

Fighting for healthy food can often make me lose my appetite.

The Borlaug Dialogue is an international symposium of GMO chemical company CTO's- Dow, Dupont and Monsanto, food companies like Cargill and Land O' Lakes, big Ag farmers, banks like the Bank of Africa, Chelsea Clinton, Tom Vilsack, Warren Buffet's son, USDA officials and African/Asian dignitaries. 

IMAG0773.jpg  IMAG0776.jpg

They gave awards and accolades to many women African farmers and then wooed them with the claims of the latest "agriculture technology." Apparently GMO is "activist lingo" now so they barely ever mentioned the word for the two days that I attended.
The entire conference was a GMO commercial. It made me sick to my stomach to see them bold face lying over and over again about yield, nutrition and improved technology. They failed to tell the whole story...that the yield is not consistent, the nutrition is lacking and the technology is failing.
I did everything I could to contain myself and not get arrested.


I did ask a question at a smaller panel with African farmers led by Julie Borlaug (the woman who debated Robyn O'Brien) about bringing organic methods into Africa, especially since the UN Report "Wake Up Before It's Too Late" stated that small organic farms are the only way to feed the world. They denied this report created by 60 international experts as and brushed it off as "opinion". Julie Borlaug said "I was there and that is not true." They asked me to leave when I brought up the harm from glyphosate and blocked me from approaching the African farmers. I got to the official from Uganda anyway, as I refused to leave. Later in the big room in front of 1200, I asked almost the same question and people literally hissed at me. It was so amazing how brainwashed they were, how they blatantly ignore harm.

My take away is this: 
  1. They are anxious. The FOIA on Kevin Folta was mentioned. They said "it's dangerous out there" The focus on women and waning of FOIA's shows me we are making headway.
  2. They will continue to dismiss us as uneducated, fringe, emotional and uncaring about the starving children until we bring SOLUTIONS for feeding the world to the world in a prominent way. The 9 billion by 2050 was the over riding theme.
  3. They are going after Africa in a massive way.  They are convincing them that "they deserve the best technology and no one else should stop them from having a choice. "We should have the freedom to chose," one farmer said. (meaning NO bans of GMOs...stealing our phrase, "Freedom to chose") They are taking advantage of their lack of resources and education and I truly fear the outcome unless we get a presence there.
  4. They have many new initiatives: free curriculum "Bringing Bio Tech to Life" for middle school, high school and college programs. They are brainwashing our youth. Everything a college student said to me was parroting their talking points.
  5. They are promoting fisheries in Africa which I am sure will feed the fish GMO feed.
  6. I learned why the TPP has so much support. It reduces the tariffs on soy and corn buy 80%. They can sell their cheap, toxic food all over the world much more easily. Cargill CEO actually said, "Resist the urge to go after domestic food security." ie: Let the USA feed you! Pass the TPP!
Leaders around the world must be more unified and bolder and smarter than ever. We must do something unparalleled that will stop the corporate control over our governments. The timing is now, it is urgent, we need a massive campaign to reach out and speak to the leaders of these countries in person, to meet with them if possible, and to make it personal. We must appeal to them on the grounds of protecting their health, sovereignty and feeding their growing population with organic/bio diverse methods.
I am praying that the right people will see the light. That conference, the hate I felt, the vast amount of lies, was like a tsunami of greed, covered in a cloak of " A Noble Cause of Feeding the World." God help us.

IMAG0791.jpg    IMAG0783.jpg

In the meantime, we must help ourselves.

Here is some info you can share with foreign countries and Senators here at home.

Please watch this short but shocking video of Alice from Uganda
Thank you for taking the time to also peruse the studies via these links, especially the ones showing:

1.  Destruction of gut bacteria/immune system: Effects of Glyphosate on Beneficial Chicken Gut Bacteria-Carrusco
There are many more ill effects from GMOs and Glyphosate in peer reviewed scientific studies and papers here:
Leaders must consider the facts before making policy which would alter the soil, water and health of their country irreversibly.
This is a crucial time in history: will we succumb to chemical company pressure and greed... which will result in the destruction of local soil and health..... or heed the independent science and take actions to protect your country's people and prosperity for generations to come?
Please find solutions to farming:
At one point I was called disruptive. Yes, I hope to disrupt the current movement to exploit the African farmers and push toxic GMOs and chemicals on their lands while driving Hawaii and the USA's health into the ground. I hope to remind them that their farmers are ingenious and that they have been farming for thousands of years without GMOs and toxic chemicals and that success has led them to the population growth they have today.
They do not need chemical companies to come in and tell them how to farm.
We have faith in our international leaders in our global food economy, that they will see the value in putting their children's health, soil quality, mental wellness of their society, and the burden on their heath care system first.
Thank you for sharing this information with citizens of other countries as well as your friends here in America. I was acutely aware of the importance of each person's opinion in the Borlaug Dialogue. One person can wield quite a bit of power. Make sure you are speaking up and wielding your power!

A full accounting of this meeting will be published in Zen's new book, "Unstoppable Love" due out in 2016.
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John Gray on GMOs, Glyphosate, Toxins and Brain Health


It was with great honor and happiness that I interviewed Dr. John Gray, world renowned best selling author on Tuesday Sept 15th, 2015. When we met at the Autism One conference in the spring, he greeted me warmly, saying that he knew about and appreciated the work of Moms Across America (all of YOU!) and offered his support. I could sense that he is a person who is completely devoted to the well being of human kind and he meant it, so when I read an article about American's getting dementia in their 40's, I was reminded of a Brazilian study showing glyphosate causing neurotoxicity of the brain (brain cell death) and then thought of John Gray's recent book "Staying Focused in a Hyper World" about ADHD, memory loss and brain performance. I asked him for an interview and he was very generous to accept. He is compassionate, extremely intelligent, and a powerful speaker. It was truly a delight to meet and interview John Gray.

See the video here:

We covered GMO, glyphosate at 12:17, Tylenol/acetaminophen at 28:53 and other toxic exposure, and the impact on our bodies and brains. He gives a clear and stunning explanation of how glyphosate destroys the gut bacteria stops the production of glutathione which is a cell protector ( like the anti glyphosate) and impacts neuron cell death. We go over what we can do about autism, Parkinson's and ADHD, recovering brain performance and escaping a lifetime of synthetic chemical medications with dangerous side effects. He touches on cancer, GCMAF and Dr. Bradsteet at 35:06. Many are saying this was our best interview thus far.

There were many topics we did not get to. And there are so many possibilities of renewed health for you and your family. I strongly urge you to buy his book at www.marsvenus.com or watch his free videos on a variety of topics.

His supplements  have rave reviews and I personally feel happier, more focused and productive after a week of his Super Minerals. 


The fact is we are all being exposed to glyphosate, which is a chelator, meaning it "holds or makes unavailable", the vital nutrients of any living thing it touches. So we could be eating very healthy food, lots of vegetables and fruits, have a filter on our water faucet and still be vitamin and mineral deficient because glyphosate, in our food, water, air and rain, is grabbing onto those vitamins and minerals and making them unavailable to our bodies.  This impacts our brain and overall health, relationships, performance and happiness.

So it is important to support our bodies with the vitamins and minerals we need. If you can afford it, give it a try, consider it an investment in your future. Having the right minerals helps us have less anxiety, stop the circular obsessive thinking, distracted behavior, and be happier and more productive. We really wish that for all our supporters. We need to be at the top of our game to be successful and create Health and Freedom in America!

Many thanks and hugs to John Gray and his support staff for all you do to support well being around the world. You are wonderful!





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Heirloom Expo Brings Together Experts, Actvists and Public

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CA EPA Considers Labeling Glyphosate ( Roundup) a Carcinogen

From reporter Carey Gilliam at Reuter's:

The EPA’s office of environmental health hazard assessment in California wants to label four chemicals, including the most popular herbicide and key ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup, glyphosate (Roundup),  as “known to cause cancer,” following the most recent WHO cancer research division’s report.

The “notice of intent” envisions placing Glyphosate within 30 days to the list of chemicals that are known to cause cancer, classification of which falls under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, or the Proposition 65. Under the Act any chemicals that threatens human life require a businesses to provide a "clear and reasonable" warning label before exposing individuals to a chemical on the list.

In March the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate as being “probably” carcinogenic to humans forcing the agrochemical giant Monsanto to furiously reject the conclusions.

READ MORE: Key ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup found 'safe' despite WHO claims – report

Glyphosate, which was invented by Monsanto back in 1974, is a broad-spectrum herbicide used to kill weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds and grasses known to compete with commercial crops.

To read the rest of her article go here: https://www.rt.com/usa/314544-california-epa-glyphosate-carcinogenic/

To comment on this law change and encourage them to classify glyphosate as a carcinogen, please contact the following:

Written comments must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, 10月 5, 2015 to be considered. We encourage you to submit comments in electronic form, rather than in paper form. Comments transmitted by e‑mail should be addressed to P65Public.Comments@oehha.ca.govand should include “NOIL” and the chemical name in the subject line. Comments submitted in paper form may be mailed, faxed, or delivered in person to the address below.

Mailing Address: Ms. Esther Barajas-Ochoa
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
P.O. Box 4010, MS-19B
Sacramento, California 95812-4010
Fax: (916) 323-2265

Street Address: 1001 I Street
Sacramento, California 95814

Comments received during the public comment period will be posted on the OEHHA web site after the close of the comment period.

If you have any questions, please contact Esther Barajas-Ochoa at [email protected] or at (916)445-6900.
More info:

At Moms Across America we are thrilled that the CA EPA is considering taking the lead in acknowledging the harm that glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world, is causing to our residents. California has the most toxic water in America, besides Hawaii, as stated in a recent water report due to chemical farming.  We wish our federal EPA would also have the courage to acknowledge the harm from glyphosate and take action.

We want to take a moment to acknowledge the dedicated people at the CA Guild who worked with the Environmental Working Group to propose this classification. It is the courage and commitment of citizens like them who can literally change the world, one state, one country at a time. It is not easy, it is not popular and it is not well paid...but the generosity of these people prevails and we THANK YOU so much!

We also want to thank all the supporters who sent in their tap water, urine and breast milk to test for glyphosate and raise awareness. You can still get your water and urine tested for glyphosate (and soon breast milk) at www.momsacrossamerica.com/action. Please get tested if you can. These new tests are deemed valid by the EPA and will make a huge difference for our cause.

We also ask the federal EPA- if you acknowledge that glyphosate is a "reproductive effector" and "causes liver and kidney damage" on your fact sheet and now a "probable carcinogen" as stated by the World Health Organization, why would you allow glyphosate on our food at all?
Why not protect the people and revoke the license and ban glyphosate from sale or use?

Could it be that our government regulatory agencies feel pressured by the chemical companies?
Does the EPA think the few hundred lawyers who work for Monsanto are more important than the millions of mothers, fathers, children and babies who are sick in America today from toxic exposure?
Does the EPA think that the pressure of the chemical companies is more formidable than the grief from a lost loved one?

1 out of 2 males and 1 out of 3 females are EXPECTED to get cancer today in America. This is NOT normal. This is caused by environmental toxins and we MUST Take action to reduce the exposure of our communities to toxic chemicals. 

1 out of 2 children in America have a chronic illness such as autism, asthma, auto immune disorders, allergies, diabetes or obesity. Many of these illnesses are accompanied by inflammation which can lead to cancer and many studies point to glyphosate as a major contributing factor.  Glyphosate is allowed on 160 of our foods by the EPA at levels FAR above what has been shown to destroy gut bacteria and promote pathogenic gut bacteria, which leads not only to leaky gut and a weakened immune system, but to the gut brain connection signaling the brain to create excitotoxins, which cause neurotoxicity. This is where erratic behavior, memory loss, loss of IQ tics and stammering in autistic children or adults with dementia appear. Dementia is now affecting adults in their 40's and 50's. Toxins are destroying the potential of America.

The fact is that our children and loved ones are the collateral damage for a war on bugs and weeds that was fabricated by the chemical companies for profit. Our farmers have farmed for thousands of years before GMOs, without cancer causing chemicals, and they can and are in many cases, farming even better now. Organic and bio dynamic food is more nutritious, better tasting, has less synthetic chemicals if not none, and has a greater yield. See the Rodale Institute 30 year report for more info. We have faith in our farmers! They are ingenious, they can farm as they have for thousands of years, without toxic chemicals.

So yes, while glyphosate is being permitted on our food, which is completely unacceptable, LABEL IT DANGEROUS. Within two weeks labels can be printed and applied. But within 2 months, recalls should be enacted and these products should be removed from the shelves. The spraying of glyphosate as a desiccant and on our food crops should be stopped immediately. The fact is that the longer we allow glyphosate and toxic chemicals to be sprayed on our food, the more we destroy the microbes and nutrients in the soil, promote drought and loss of top soil, reduce the nutritional content in our food, weaken the immune system and impact the health of Americans and diminish the prosperity of our country.
Our farmers have already found alternatives. Look up http://growbetterfood.com/john-kempf/.

We, as families and as a country, cannot afford glyphosate. We cannot afford chemical farming.
Our families are priceless. Our country is priceless.
Let's treat it with honor and respect and stop chemical farming altogether.
The EPA: Do not sell the health and future of America to the most intimidating chemical company.
Be strong, stand your ground, do your job, protect the American people.

Thank you.
Zen Honeycutt

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International Demonstration Against GMOs and Corporate Control in Zurich

8月 22, 2015 Zurich, Switzerland

Organized by Public Eye on Science
In attendance: Multi Watch of Basel, GenTechFrei, STOPOGM.ch, biorespect, uniterre, SAG, Integrale Politik, Garten fur alle, Permakultur Schweiz, Aktive schweiz, Longomai, Moms Across America.

Speakers: Zen Honeycutt, Monika Krueger, Arnaud Apoteker, Walter Haefeker, Josef Hopplicher, Eva Gelinsky, Ruth Tippe, Ulrike Minkner, Olivia Jost and Ueli Gahler, Udo Schilling,  Gottfried Glockner, Anner Marie Volling.



It was a sunny Saturday in Switzerland. We started out in a story book picturesque farm valley east of Zurich with a van full of speakers and activists. We drove for nearly an hour to the outskirts of Zurich to start the rally at a typical tree lined square. The demonstration had been denied access to the center of Zurich and a gathering in the research facility. It didn't stop them however. Our host Urs Hannes, a down to earth cattle farmer, was an infamous activist and farmer in his region. A few years ago he realized that his fellow farmer calves were dying shortly after vaccinations. He refused to vaccinate his calves and it resulted in a standoff between he and the government that rallied farmers from far and wide. For the first time ever differences between different types of farmers were set aside, mountain farmers and valley farmers, conventional and ecological, poor and wealthy, cattle, goat and sheep farmers, all came together to fight against mandatory vaccinations of their animals. Urs and the farmers won the ability to opt out. Lo and behold, their animals did not die of the disease that the government proclaimed would wipe out their livestock. Urs was unstoppable in his stand for his animals and I am pretty sure that is why he related to my speech when he saw me speak in Denver Colorado at the Seeds of Doubt Conference.

When a Moms across America supporter, Nadia Negro heard Urs asking questions of me at the Denver conference, she recognized his accent and said to him in Swiss German, "We need to talk." She was moving back to her homeland, Switzerland and she said " I want to keep going, we have to do something." She too, was unstoppable. So the two of them got together in Switzerland and organized and event for myself and several international speakers to address their citizens at a demonstration against corporate control and the test planting of GMO potatoes in their region.



Watch the 20 minute recap of the march here or read the account below.




This may sound like just another rally but it really was extraordinary on so many levels.

First, Switzerland does not cultivate GMO crops, it does not import or feed their livestock GMOs and they do not allow them in their food, made locally or imported. GMOs are not a part of their daily life. To ask anyone to protest against something which is not impacting them, and to have nearly 1000 people show up, is true dedication and I must say, sheer brilliance on everyone's part.

Second, the test plot was merely an few hundred feet of a fenced in field of potatoes, something that most people wouldn't even blink at. It will not be on the news, it was not planted near a school or church. It looks harmless. To have so many people march from the outskirts of town through Zurich and back out through a small village to this potato field for an entire day, is just a feat of dedication, that I hate to say, most Americans would not even imagine.

Third, the moratorium preventing GMOs from being grown for industry in the EU will expire in 2017. That's nearly two years from now. Not next week. Nearly two years. Most people don't plan a month out, never mind plan a protest for something which will not truly impact them for another 2 years. The organizers, Urs and Nadia and their families and friends are truly dedicated people and get that political pressure must remain strong now and the public must be the ones to speak up.




Everyone who showed up and marched in the bright sun, passed out flyers, chanted, sang and danced down the roads of Zurich and small villages for hours, are truly extraordinary people. I was smiling from ear to ear all day when I wasn't nearly half asleep from jet lag. I talked to everyone I could and just immediately loved them. I love them all.

I love America too and yet being in Switzerland and seeing the dedication of the activists has me wondering...as it did one of the spectators who asked me, "Why aren't Americans doing more about this? Why are they letting them plant GMOs everywhere? Why don't they do something?"
I racked my brain.
I was reminded of the article I saw posted on Facebook a few days ago where a person suggested that the fluoride in our water could be connected to complacency. It was put into the water of prison camps, the article stated, and made the prisoners docile, complacent and more easy to manage. Such a conspiracy theory sounds ludicrous, but one must wonder...why is fluoride in our water if it if Harvard University studies have found it to be a neuro toxin? Could it be making us more complacent? Why aren't Americans more active and stopping GMOs and pesticide from polluting our country and harming our children? Why doesn't the American public care?

I told the man that unfortunately I did not find out about GMOs until 4 years ago, I fed my children GMOs for 9 years. I ate them for 17. The mainstream media does not tell us about them. The only reason I realized GMOs were harmful is because I had children who were sick and so I researched. Most Americans don't know and the ones that are not sick don't care. They don't have reason to. The ones who do know now however, are doing something. We just are not activists in the same way Europeans are. It's not a part of our culture the way it is here, I said. But it all sounded like excuses and not a real answer. The fact is, I don't know. Do you? Why don't you protest what is happening if you don't? If you do what reasons do you hear from friends that won't join you? What do you think we can do to impact this?

I grapple with this still. I know thousands of activists and supporters now who do care and do go to extraordinary efforts to raise awareness. I am enlivened and enamored with them. The switch has turned ON for them and there is no turning it off. I wonder every day how we can turn more people to ON. How can we raise awareness with million so they realize what is happening and are compelled to do anything and everything they can? My only answer for now is empowerment and love.


This banner design is 15 years old. Switzerland has been keeping GMOs out for 15 years.

So on that sunny Saturday, as I stood on the top level of the gutted double decker bus which was festooned with banners and outfitted with speakers and a rumbling generator, I started with empowerment and love.

Click here for my speech.

After the speech I was approached by many wonderfully kind and dear people. They looked me in the eyes and thanked me in such a heart felt way I had tears in my eyes. I realize in these moments how much I love people. This is a challenging thing to do sometimes. I am wracked with feeling of betrayal, fear, anger, resentment and doubt as much as anyone else, even more sometimes, I think because I am sent so many scientific studies and testimonials from people who have been harmed, but the people I meet doing this work inspire me forevermore. Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Dupont, Bayer, and BASF have nothing, zero, zilch, nyente, nothing on the love and dedication of the compassionate people in the world. All the money in the world cannot stop humans from protecting their loved ones.


Monika Krueger, German scientist and I take a break from the seriousness for a chuckle.

Monika Kruger then spoke in German about her finding of glyphosate in livestocks' urine, muscle and the impact on their gut health. A lovely man, Hopplicher, that I could only describe as Winnie the Pooh in the form of a Bee Keeper man, translated for me. She spoke of the microbiome in the gut and how we can actually restore it with humic acid, saurkraut juice and zeolyte. I was so thrilled to see her again after our first meeting in China a year ago. Urs told me that when he asked her to attend, if she could be there, she said, " Well it's not a matter if I could, I NEED to be there." That is what I mean by compelled. Dedication. Love.


The speakers from Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and USA.

We rallied up and began marching to the next point on the other side of town. When the banners came up and the music came on, a lively, insanely cool track of German and French music blared for all to hear. You just had to bounce your head and wiggle. I was totally impressed with the MC, a young man in his twenties, who created a perfect balance of chants with raucous music. He and two other young men darted on and off the double decker bus where I sat, as they changed the music and directed chants. I still have the chants in my head event though I don't understand the language. All I know is they all said no to GMOs and corporate control. Many mentioned Syngenta, which is the world's largest producer of pesticides and is based in Basel Switzerland. It may be the new home of Monsanto as well, ( NOOOO! SWITZERLAND PLEASE KEEP MONSANTO OUT!)  if they are successful in finding themselves a company to buy and become a tax break shelter. I may be coming back to Switzerland quite a bit.




After nearly an hour of parading through town, during which I was taking pictures and short videos constantly because everyone was just so cool, we stopped at a square with a shaded park. Bodies fell into shaded sections and people chatted and conspired together. I loved seeing so many connect. Several speakers spoke of seeds, bees, and the harm of GMOs. Esteemed speakers from France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland all spoke passionately and garnered loud cheers and applause even though most of us would rather be napping. The fire in the belly of an activist can keep us awake for hours beyond when our body says enough.



After the speeches, we rallied again. This time we walked to the out skirts of Zurich, to a farming village, through fields, past cows and ducks to stop in a large field adjacent from the GMO potato test plot. The tractors moved into a circular pattern and the tents serving vegan food were already set up and waiting for us. Urs and Nadia’s planning was typical of Switzerland’s reputation, like fine clockwork.

The activist set some banners up to face the test plot field, so the security guards could see we were there. Several tried to walk toward the fields and police came closer, speaking into their walkie talkie’s. The activist had envisioned shooting conventional potatoes into the field with sling shots, to contaminate the crop as undoubtedly their GMO crops will do to the neighboring crops, but the season for seeding and sprouting had passed. It would have needed to be a catapult as well, as the test plot was at least a quarter of a mile away. No, we behaved, ate, listened to more speeches, talked and schemed amoungst ourselves. A lovely man translated several of the speeches for me and I was impressed by the range of experts Urs and Nadia had lined up.


When it was my time to close out the afternoon with one more speech about "How We Will Win", I had my doubts the crowd wanted to hear it, as they had listened to speeches for a few hours already. It had been a long day. But I launched into it and gave it all I had anyway. In the end though, just two paragraphs away from the end, the generator died. The mic went dead and the people a few hundred feet away in the huge field could not hear a word. I ended on the words, "We have faith in our farmers." And I decided that was a good way to end. For those who wish to read the whole speech, here it is. I wish everyone to be empowered to transform the world and create health and freedom, in this commitment I will not be stopped and I will continue to share.

Second speech click here.



Thank you to the organizers of the International Demonstration in Zurich!



The film crew of "Scientist Under Attack" filmed the demonstration. Look for their new movie about GMOs coming out in the Spring and watch their other two movies in the meantime.



http://www.scientistsunderattack.com/    http://thefarmerandhisprince.com/


P.S. Note that I could eat whatever I wanted in Switzerland. The bread and cheese did not make me feel bloated, tired, cranky or give me digestive issues like the bread and cheese in the USA.


My boys could also eat the bread. They did not rash out, get irritable or wet the bed like some usually do when they eat wheat in the USA. This shows the sad state of our food in America. I attribute this primarily to the fact that glyphosate (Roundup) is sprayed on wheat and grains as a drying agent in the USA but not in most of Europe.


Bronson held the bread to his cheek and said, "This bread is like magic."


-Zen Honeycutt

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More Roundup Found in USA Mom's Breast Milk


Moms Across America urges mothers to breast feed their babies. It is the number one opportunity for the necessary nutrition, good bacteria and bonding an infant can receive. We also urge pregnant mother and breast feeding mothers to eat as much organic as possible and avoid GMOs and toxic pesticides.

Pennsylvania's GMO Free Lancaster County non profit organization announced today that 1 out of 12 mothers tested for glyphosate at a detectability level of 75 ppb, found high levels the world's most popular weed killer their breast milk.


Zoe Swartz, Moms Across America East Coast leader, GMO Free Lancaster County Executive Director and coordinator of the testing, reported that 6 out of 12 ate organic.  Jen, the mother whose levels were 91 ppb, did not eat organic. Jen worked on a farm and sprayed Roundup/glyphosate on her farm while she was pregnant, thinking it was safe. Her 4 month old infant has neuroblastoma cancer. This is especially concerning considering that the World Health Organization has deemed glyphosate a Class 2 "probable carcinogen". Of course we cannot know if glyphosate is connected to Jen's infant's cancer, but we are extremely concerned. Scientists who have just learned of this information have commented that is is very likely that glyphosate could have caused this infant's neuroblastoma. This is heart breaking.

It is important to note that the other 11 mothers who tested negative at levels above 75 ppb, may have glyphosate in their breast milk. Testing of tap water found levels of glyphosate at .33 ppb and in urine, as high as 20 ppb. Glyphosate has been found in 70-100% of samples of soil, water and air. Glyphosate levels are allowed by the EPA on 160 of our food; 5 ppm is allowed on potatoes, 13 ppm on corn, 25 ppm on sugar and  40 ppm in oils. The method used for testing commissioned by GMO Free Lancaster County in PA could not detect below 75 ppb and further testing is being coordinated to get a more accurate reading of the contamination of glyphosate in the American people.

Glyphosate is the active chemical ingredient in Roundup and 750 other herbicide products around the world. It is the most widely used herbicide in the world, used on gardens, sidewalks, streets, school yards and sprayed directly on GMO food during the growing season as aweedkiller and non GMO food as a drying agent. Glyphosate levels as small as .1ppb have been shown to destroy gut bacteria and .10 ppt to increase the growth of breast cancer cells. Glyphosate has been linked, by independent scientists, to numerous illnesses including non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, autism, Parkinson's, endocrine disruption, and has been shown to cause placental cell death. Glyphosate, once thought safe, is proving to be one of the most, if not the most, insidious and toxic chemicals mankind has ever produced.

Glyphosate has been shown to stay viable in dark salty water for 315 days. Our wombs contain dark salty water.

Glyphosate has also been shown to kill white shrimp, which are the size of a six week old fetus, at levels above 5.2ppm.

25 ppm is allowed on sugar by the EPA, one of the most commonly consumed ingredients in America. We currently have the highest rate of infertility and birth defects in recorded history and still born deaths are on the rise. The possible correlation is terrifying. Mothers are outraged that nothing is being done to take precaution. Fathers are also speaking up.

Grandfather and Farmer educator Howard Vlieger has said "Glyphosate is going to make DDT look like mouthwash."

Dr. Don Huber, when speaking of the chelating effects of glyphosate says "Glyphosate chelates, or makes unavailable,  the vital nutrients of any living thing. It weakens the plant's immune system. It essentially gives the plant AIDS."

How can our babies grow and develope properly and protect themselves from cancer or chronic illness when they are being exposed to this chemical?

Monsanto, the primary producer of glyphosate, claimed that their chemicals; PCB's, DDT and Agent Orange were safe. They now also claim that breast milk is "glyphosate free" despite Moms Across America, Sustainable Pulse and German breast milk findings, and that glyphosate is safe when used correctly. They will challenge these findings. We agree, the newest findings, done in the best possible method available to PA citizens at the time, do need third party verification to be taken seriously by the scientific community. We wonder WHY hasn't our EPA done this? Why is the safety of the world's most widely used herbicide being argued about by a group of moms and a chemical company? Where are our regulators and elected leaders?

To mothers who want to protect their children, no further testing is necessary. If glyphosate is sprayed on non organic food, and any studies at all show harm from glyphosate, we chose to exercise precaution and avoid  glyphosate by eating organic regardless of the specific levels of findings in breast milk. There should not be any amount of glyphosate in our bodies or on our food, ever.

We particularly urge women who are planning to become pregnant, pregnant mothers and mothers who are breast feeding to eat as much organic food as possible. The good news is that studies have shown that 90% of pesticides leave the body in 1 week, and 100% in 2 weeks. All studies referred to in this article can be found under DATA on our website. www.momsacrossamerica.com.

The lab report will be available when names can be omitted for privacy. Links to this blog will be added as soon as possible.

The lab who conducted the testing was Microbe Inotech and the same methods were used as the Moms Across America tests conducted in 2014.


We hope you will urge the women you know to find out more about GMOs and glyphosate. Thank you!





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Lab Responds to WSU/Monsanto Accusations of False Results


It is no small matter to accuse a scientific lab of falsifying results, especially when it comes to the contents of the most important food to infant human beings. Life is precious. The source of life, mother's breast milk, is not only a crucial nutrient, but it is a sacred and bonding act between mother and child, one which should feel wholesome, safe and loving. NO mother should ever be concerned about the contents of the food or breast milk she is giving her child, that it could hurt them somehow. It makes a mother feel anxious, unsafe and bewildered as to what to do.


Moms Across America tested glyphosate (Roundup) weedkiller in breast milk to explore the widespread contamination of this insidiously harmful chemical and spark further testing, with the intention of eliminating this chemical from our food chain and from breast milk and formula forever.

You can do that yourself by eating organic and avoiding toxic chemicals. 90% of pesticides have been shown to leave the body in 1 week, 100% in 2 weeks.

Many mothers do not know about  Roundup being sprayed in the food however, so we strive to get the license of glyphosate revoked (the main ingredient in Roundup and 750 other herbicide products) so that no mother ever has to worry about glyphosate regardless of her awareness or economic sector. Healthy breast milk should not just be for the babies whose mothers happen to know about glyphosate and whose mothers can afford organic.

We hope, as unbelievable as the results are from our testing with the support of Sustainable Pulse in 2014, which showed levels  of 76-166 ppm in 3 out of 10 mothers, levels up to 1600 X higher than is allowed in EU's drinking water, that you will take steps to eat organic and take action to support a ban or revoking of glyphosate from your HOA, community, farms and nation.  9 out of 10 of the mothers who sent n their samples stated that they were aware of GMOs and glyphosate and DID try to avoid them, so to find any levels of glyphosate at all, especially with the best detect-ability level at the time, 75ppb, was shocking. Soy baby formula has been found by Anthony Samsel to have levels of 170 ppb.

The recent WSU/Monsanto funded testing by Michelle McGuire in a Monsanto lab, with 41 samples, found American breast milk to be "glyphosate free". Considering the German breast milk positive findings and recent findings of glyphosate in 70-100% of soil, rain, stream water, urine and air, and additional findings in cereal, honey, soy sauce baby food and formula this is highly implausible. It is also a serious issue to call a scientific lab's work "wrong".

Below is Dr. Hemming's statement about the accusation of his lab's work:


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Surprise! Monsanto Says, "No Glyphosate in Breast Milk".

On 7月 23, WSU posted the news that a Monsanto funded study by Michelle McGuire found "glyphosate free breast milk." The tests were conducted in Monsanto's lab.

I was not impressed. Nor was I very surprised.

E.G. Valliantos EPA whistleblower and author of "Poison Spring" has stated that he has seen stacks of photos of dead bees after testing with neonicotinoids and glyphosate. The chemical companies and the EPA KNEW of the harm caused by pesticides.They simply chose to protect the profits of their shareholders rather than take precautions for the health of our babies and humans.

We have every reason to question the results of tests conducted by the chemical company who said that DDT and Agent Orange were safe. 

Michelle McGuire said, regarding the Moms Across America commissioned results "Moms Across America flat outright it wrong."

What do you think?

Below is our rebuttal to her article.


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Right or Wrong? Why the GMO Debate is Over for Me.

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong. ”― Peter T. McIntyre


In the beginning I was not very confident to talk about GMOs and glyphosate. Surveys taken show that men need only be 20% sure of the facts before speaking about an issue and women need to be 85% sure. Because women are more likely to be shunned from their female community for being wrong (it's a safety issue), it's a primal instinct to stay quiet.

But then I considered the impact of either scenario. What if I (and not only I but many researchers and scientist with decades of experience) were right? Hundreds of millions needed to know in the USA ASAP. If I was wrong? Then the impact on them was only that they had switched to eating organic. Yes, it would be more expensive initially if they didn't buy bulk, whole foods and cook from scratch (it's actually cheaper that way) but they would only be eating organic food, the way food was created, whole perfect and complete. There is no negative impact on the health of human beings for eating perfect, organic food.

spraying_field_man.jpg There is a harmful impact from eating GMOs and related pesticides. We consume foreign proteins which have slow but unpredictable consequences on our health. We consume greater amounts of pesticides. Much of the impact is unforeseeable, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. Moms don't do well with the unknown and their children. We would rather know or avoid the unknown harms. It's better to be safe than sorry. I have confidence in this decision.

pesticide_sign.jpgThere are great risks of harm we avoid by avoiding GMOs. GMO foreign proteins DNA could be altering our children's/our DNA, GMO genes could be silencing our genes and waking up rare diseases. GMO related toxic pesticides could be shutting down our immune system, making us more susceptible to cancer and illness, and breaking down our blood brain barrier, allowing toxins into the brain such as fire retardants on our kids pajamas and sofas, PCBs from pollution, BPAs from plastic, aluminum and mercury from flu shots and vaccines, chemicals from our carpets and cars, and formaldehyde off gassing from furniture. The impact of the foods genetically engineered to either BE a pesticide or to RESIST herbicides, increasing our consumption of toxic chemicals, have never shown to improve human health. 

Organic food has been shown to be more nutritious, taste better, have much lower quantities of pesticides (and the toxic ones like glyphosate are not allowed), improves the quality of the soil over time and increases the soil's ability to retain water, decreasing drought. (Studies all on our DATA page)

So if I am wrong, the impact on people and the environment is still all right. I hope supporters are confident in sharing about the impact of GMOs and glyphosate, as a precautionary measure, to protect your friends and family. It's time for us to stand up and create the America WE want. It's time for people before profit.


To address the concerns of the opposition, the companies who profit from GMO and related pesticides:

There is a negative impact to the corporations making the GMOs and toxic pesticides whether I (and tens of thousands of doctors and scientists) are right or wrong about GMOs and related toxic pesticides and people eat organic instead of their products. They lose money.

Although corporations are not my concern, and I could just dismiss the impact on them as their problem, I understand it is reality that they are impacted by a movement of moms who buy 85% of the food, who are encouraging millions to not buy their products. My concern is the health and well being of the people and children, not the profits of the chemical companies. However, let's look at the reality for the chemical companies...If they do not face the reality of causing harm and only look at the reality of losing money, and they do not get innovative, then they will have to fire employees. The economy could be impacted if those employees do not get innovative find other jobs. This only happens however if they are not innovative.

Frustration is the mother of invention. Being stuck between a rock and a hard place is often the only time one will move.

Kodak went bankrupt because they sat on the technology for digital cameras for 20 years and did not act on it. They preferred to make money from their existing technology. They became extinct because they did not outdo themselves.

GMO technology is 20 years old, and their mainstay chemical glyphosate is over 40 years old now. That is not being innovative. It is also not ethically moral. To both make the toxic chemicals that are sprayed on our foods which make us (and the animals we eat) sick and then to make the pharmaceuticals which make us "better" is a perfect profit circle. Bayer, Syngenta, Monsanto, Dupont...all make the pesticides and have sister companies, own or are partially owned by companies which make the pharmaceuticals.

Syngenta, the largest pesticide company in the world has a sister company called Astra Seneca which advertises allergy, heart, COPD,asthma and cancer drugs regularly on your favorite TV channels which will not report the news about the harm from GMOs and pesticides...surprise, surprise.

Bayer makes aspirin, as we all know, and it also make pesticides.

Dupont owns Danisco which sells the majority of probiotic cultures in the USA.

Monsanto which makes the majority of GMO seeds and owns Roundup (glyphosate) the world's most popular herbicide, is a spin off of Pharamcia, owned by Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

spraying_fields_three_men.jpgCapitalizing on the sickness you cause is morally and ethically reprehensible. It is wrong on so many levels that no amount of money can make it right. This is why the chemical companies need entire departments of paid staff to lie, slander and discredit one or two volunteer activists or unpaid independent scientists who devote their lives to truth. You have to pay people to be immoral. And the public can tell the difference. We know. The truth is free and creates freedom.

The entire system of chemical farming is morally bankrupt and will go bankrupt of they continue because it simply does not work for our health. Health comes first. Without a healthy society we do not have a healthy economy, military or position of world power.


pesticide_danger_sign.jpgNo matter whether I (and millions of people) are right or wrong, chemical companies would benefit from setting aside the concept of chemical farming and focus instead on what the environment and the people need now. We need technology to clean water, to reduce toxins in the air and oceans. We need solar and wind power and a way to eliminate trash. We need batteries that last and furniture, clothes and cars that do not off gas toxic fumes. We need safe vaccines and cancer treatments that do not obliterate our immune system. We need health care that does not bankrupt families or doctors and a food system that provides organic food to the wealthy and poor no matter where they live. We need innovation now.

We need people who are confident to speak the truth, who are willing to take risks, to be wrong and look bad even, risking themselves for health and freedom.

At a recent expo, at speaker panels on various subjects, I got up and asked questions afterwards. At one panel, I was scolded by a fellow activist. He said "You looked foolish. You should have done your homework." I replied "I don't care if I looked foolish, or looked bad. It's not about me. I have a responsibility to bring information back to the moms in a way that is easy to understand. I need to understand it. If I don't get it, I am going to ask questions, I don't care if I look bad." The willingness to be wrong, look bad and foolish is microscopic compared to the love I have for my children and the future of our country. So yes, there will be times when I will mess up, make mistakes, say the wrong thing or do something inappropriate....I am confident however, that out of it will come a benefit for the greater purpose, for health and freedom. Nothing wrong can come from being love.My confidence comes from allowing love to be greater than my fear. Right or wrong...I love, and love protects.

I hope you will be fueled by your love. Take steps today, with confidence, to alter the future of America.


Host an event on www.momsacrossamerica.com. Get a code via email and pass out the free flyers. Be a speaker about GMOs. Host a speaker at your library. Ask your city council, school or HOA to discontinue the use of glyphosate and toxin based herbicides. March in a harvest parade this fall. Have a movie night. It's time to be the one to make a difference.

We need you.




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Moms March On in 2015 Independence Day Parades

On 7月 4 2015 for the third consecutive year, Moms and supporters joined into 4th of July parades all across the nation with Moms Across America banners and passed out flyers to the thousands of neighbors who lined the streets. Volunteer moms and families reached thousands locally and millions nationally in a single day.


We did this to raise awareness about GMOs and related toxic pesticides because we care about our communities and the future of our country.  We did this to create a future of health and freedom. Health by avoiding GMOs and toxic chemicals and Freedom to choose not to eat GMOs and toxic chemicals.  Freedom also from the control of chemical company corporations such as Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Syngenta, BASF and Bayer which are influencing our regulatory agencies and politicians to make laws which protect the chemical companies, not the people.

So we opt out of the system and eat organic, but it is not enough just for our own families to eat organic. Our children's future spouses are out there somewhere, most likely eating GMO foods. We know now about the studies showing rats which showed rats which ate GMOs, by the third generation were completely sterile. We know now about glyphosate( Roundup) which is sprayed on GMOs (and non non organic crops as a drying agent), has been shown to be an antibiotic (destroying immune system), a chelator (drawing out minerals needed to fight cancer) and an endocrine disruptor (birth defects and sterility). It has also been link to Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, liver and kidney disease and numerous behavioral and mental disorders such as Autism and Alzheimer's. This is NOT okay with us. We think America can do better and we demand it of our food companies and government. Until they do better we raise awareness to eliminate GMOs and toxic chemicals from our tables NOW, by growing, buying and eating organic. 

We thank all Wonderful Sponsors and Supporters of Moms Across America for your support!

Moms posted 40 parades to march in last Saturday and we want to take a moment to THANK YOU for your support either recently or in the past.
We are so grateful for you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


Because of you:

  • Moms volunteers who feel overwhelmed and stressed out feel supported by you and are delighted with the boxes of hundreds of dollars free materials they have received.THANK YOU!


  • Hundreds of thousands of flyers have been personally passed out across the country and we have supplies for many thousands more...reaching millions of family members and making a difference for generations to come.



  • Over 600 volunteers and leaders have had events; parades, Moms Meetups, speaker series, movie nights etc and have been able to spread awareness in 46 states during our first two years with your support. This third year has shown a rise in support, 85 trained speakers, a rise in organic and Non GMO food sales, and a drop in profits for toxic food and product manufacturers.


Watch Temple Terrace video of their parade and why the moms are marching here:


  • With your support, we reach hundreds of thousands of people through social media for free each week/month depending on events and millions more through movies like BOUGHT and international documentaries, changing lives.


  • With your support, we have been able to conduct glyphosate testing which has made a difference for our cause and instigate further studies and policy change. The EPA WILL include their own glyphosate /breast milk testing in their assessment of the glyphosate due out later this year. THANK YOU!


  • With supporters donations, we have been able to share our testimonials and requests to thousands of shareholders of the largest toxic chemical companies in the world, in person, passionately and clearly. We are being heard because of you.


  • Moms Across America has been able to spread the state of the health of our children and the hope/solutions we have to the rest of the world with a global offshoot Moms Across the World, in New Zealand, Australia, China, Africa, UK and more.


  • Your support has touched the lives of millions and will alter the future of America. THANK YOU very much!!!

With Hugs from the Moms Across America Team,
Zen CA, Zoe PA, Laurie WA, Anne MI, Jessica CA, Beth SC, Nanette WA, Amber VA, Natalie CA and Sherry WA.

Pictures from just some of the parades from across the country,  California, Texas, Washington, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan and more!

10981611_477615325738343_3800592823926258719_n.jpg   11062249_477615572404985_4219058356953116855_n.jpg

11206509_843060749116604_3847241028848420776_o.jpg  11411643_10205501494835345_206569790207749419_o.jpg


11412053_482918688530575_5474228009158188377_o.jpg   11538124_843060855783260_1026788712579609903_o.jpg

11666226_10152977982732308_8127303221655358413_n.jpg   11667392_920465784676940_3455861714315656237_n.jpg

11695904_10203992301950347_6739661978029575818_n.jpg   11696482_843060599116619_5451743743308917104_o.jpg

11700849_477615535738322_1917338728673898127_n.jpg   11705290_920465854676933_5251487322674548866_n.jpg



11722655_10205501493155303_8275221942004075899_o.jpg      11722654_482918618530582_311866499987272319_o.jpg


THANK YOU supporters and sponsors for your commitment!!!

Love and Hugs,


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