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Repost: International Glyphosate Study Shows Likely Cause of Explosion in Childhood Leukemia

Childhood Leukemia and leukemia in young adults has increased by an estimated 35% since 1975, with an increase most recently of around 1% a year, according to the CDC. A group of independent scientists from around the world could have just discovered one of the reasons for this – glyphosate-based weed killers, including Bayer’s RoundUp.
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MRNA Vaccines in the Food Supply: What You Can do Now

The emergence of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine technology has transformed the medical landscape, like it or not. The technology used to be researched for cancer (with less than positive results), but when the COVID crisis thrust the gene therapy into the infectious disease arena, global, devastating outcomes have spawned concerns and controversy.

Despite the very real human health concerns, like myocarditis, this modified DNA medicine continues to gain traction. Its presence in the food supply has become front and center for those seeking to avoid the gene-altering tech. (It was CONFIRMED, in April of this year, that cattle farmers WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows). States are introducing bills to protect informed consumption, while organic and regenerative farms are taking their stance against this technology entering the food supply. What does this mean for your family in the grocery aisles and what can you do to avoid it?

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Abysmally Low Nutrients in Fast Food Test Results

Moms Across America's Top Twenty Fast Food Brand Report on Minerals, Vitamin B, and Calories

Moms Across America announces the results of testing the top twenty fast food brands, (plus In-N-Out Burger) for minerals, and the top ten fast food brands for Vitamin B’s, and calories.

The testing was conducted out of concern for America's skyrocketing mental and physical health crisis. Eighty-five million Americans eat fast food every day. Fast food companies often supply a significant portion of the 30 million school meals served to our children each day. The quality of the food, including the contamination of agrochemicals and lack of nutrients due to toxic chemical inputs, contributes to our mental and physical health issues. One in five Americans have a mental illness, and 54% of our children have a chronic health issue.

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Rising Depression Rates in the US & The Link To Glyphosate

New data shows major depression has been on the rise across all age groups in the US, sparking concerns about its underlying causes. At the same time, exposure to the herbicide glyphosate, increasingly used in agriculture, reaches an all time-high.

A recent study has shed light on the connection more precisely, finding a correlation between glyphosate exposure and neurological damage. Data from health insurance providers, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, highlights the extent of the rise in depression, which has been most prominent among teenagers and young adults.

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100% of Fast Food Samples Tested Positive for Heavy Metals, Lead, and Cadmium

Moms Across America’s Top Twenty Fast Food Testing Results

FastFoodSign2.jpgMoms Across America, an educational non profit, is announcing the heavy metal test results from the top twenty most popular fast food restaurants. The 42 samples were tested for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. 100% of the samples, which were purchased at 21 different locations nationwide, contained alarming levels of cadmium and lead.

Moms Across America initiated this testing because of growing concern for skyrocketing levels of mental health issues, violence, behavior and learning disorders, and autism in American children. Moms Across America’s previous testing showed school lunches to be highly contaminated with agrochemicals and pollutants. Fast food companies are often the suppliers of school meals.

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100% of Top Twenty Fast Food Brands Positive for Glyphosate Herbicide 76% Positive for Harmful Pesticides

Top Twenty Fast Food Brands Glyphosate and Pesticide Testing Report

Moms Across America, a nationwide non-profit, has initiated an extensive testing program on the top twenty fast food brands in America, plus one restaurant, California’s In-N-Out Burger. Forty-two samples of 21 brands were tested for the most widely used herbicide in the world, glyphosate, 236 agrochemicals, 4 heavy metals, PFAS, phthalates, and mineral content. The top ten brands were additionally tested for 104 commonly used veterinary drugs and hormones, B Vitamins and calories.

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Contraceptive and Harmful Antibiotics Found in Top Ten Fast Food Samples

Moms Across America’s Report on America’s Most Popular Fast Food

By Zen Honeycutt, Founding Executive Director Moms Across America
Oct 9, 2023

Moms Across America requested that the top ten most popular fast food brand meal samples be tested for 104 of the most commonly used veterinary drugs and hormones. Due to large, industry, confined animal feeding operation conditions, which include extremely close quarters, unsanitary spaces, and high incidence of disease, most of America’s nonorganic meat comes from livestock that is heavily treated with antibiotics, growth hormones, and an anti-parasitic which is also a known aviary contraceptive.

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Carlo Mondavi: Leading the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture in Legacy Wineries

The legacy of the Mondavi family in the wine industry is renowned for producing some of California's finest wines for generations. Carlo Mondavi, the grandson of the legendary winemaker, Robert Mondavi, has stepped forward as a pioneer in transitioning their legacy family winery to regenerative agriculture. Carlo’s journey towards sustainable practices was triggered by a concern for the environment, particularly the plight of monarch butterflies, and the realization of the dangers of glyphosate to both wildlife and human health.

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CHD 2nd Annual Conference: Cutting-Edge Topics Presented by World-Renowned Speakers

Reposted from Children’s Health Defense

The 2023 Children's Health Defense Conference offers the opportunity for health freedom advocates to gain knowledge and empowerment while joining forces with like-minded individuals from around the world.

In addition to taking advantage of the packed line-up of powerful presentations, attendees can also take some time to relax and unwind or explore Savannah’s myriad attractions, including its famed riverfront, expansive bridges, unique historical sites, eateries, and art galleries.

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Turning Down the Dial on Wireless Radiation in Schools: The Science, Symptoms, Solutions & the Legal Imperative to Protect our Children – Free Webinar

Join the Movement to Protect Children from Wireless Harms in Schools! This event is not limited to North Carolina residents; we encourage concerned citizens from all states to participate and be inspired to raise awareness of wireless harms in schools nationwide.

Free, Live Webinar on Tuesday, September 26th
11:00 a.m. – 12:30 pm Eastern Time
Followed by Q & A from 12:30 – 1:00pm

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