There is an uprising happening in America. It's not visible like in Europe where they are tearing up crops and being dragged away from protests in Hazmat suits.... in America the uprising is in kitchens and coffee shops and on the internet. Moms who once found their lives exhausting are now waking at 6 am automatically and posting everything they can about GMOs. They are spending money from their savings to start a ballot initiative for their state and learning the ins and out of politics that they once abhorred. They are doing radio shows and sharing their rage with thousands. People are MAD. Moms are LIVID. The recent reports, there seem to be a new ones every day now, are so many that if you don't scan Facebook for two hours you are out of the loop...and these reports now show categorically that GMOs are dangerous, not only to our health but to the environment and  our economy. This is something I knew in my bones as soon as I saw Robyn O'Brien's TedX Talk "Patriotism on a Plate" and Jeffrey M. Smith's movie Genetic Roulette, but my brain did not have proof of human harm on paper until just these past few weeks. See here for many of those reports.





はい、すべてCAPSで、すべてが叫びます。彼らはMADです。 69,000人が5月 25, と9,000の「March Against Monsanto」を気に入ったのは約1週間でした。人々は怒っています...そして怒っているよりも悪いです...私のような人々は裏切られたと感じます。


たとえば、Walmartは、従業員への給与を部分的に少なくすることで大きな利益を上げており、これらの労働者は、栄養価の低い安価な食品の購入に頼らなければなりません。ウォルマートや他の低賃金の従業員によるこれらの安価な食品の購入による大きな農業の利益。いわゆる食物で病気になったとき、彼らはビッグ・ファーマシューティカルズからの薬物に支払うために残した収入を莫大に支払わなければなりません。 Big Mediaは、Big Agの除草剤と殺虫剤を製造するBig Pharmaceuticalsが支払いを行う医薬品の商業広告を運営していますが、これらはまったく同じものです。彼らは一緒にホワイトハウスと大政府を運営します。この利益の輪を継続するために、すべての法律が賛成で書かれていることを支払う。


Especially as Mom, I love our freedoms, our opportunities, the fact that we are not at war with another country on our homeland and our children are mostly safe...but now with GMOs in every school, church gathering, birthday party and scout outing...I feel like they are being attacked by food and our government knows this and lets it happen. My faith in our country is deeply shaken...and our food is slowly and literally killing us. ( I say this in reference to Dr. Huber's report, see link in first paragraph, that it has been discovered that soy has a new pathogen which causes birth defects and miscarriages in animals AND humans and we now have the lowest recorded birth rate in history. These are our BABIES.)

Unless I fight the status quo, be the one who doesn't have her kids sit down and eat the pizza at the bowling party, be the one who says "No you can't have popcorn" (at the movie theater because it was impromptu and we didn't smuggle in popcorn without GMO canola oil on it) "because it's GMO", loud enough for everyone around me to hear and not care...

私が精力的に、精力的に、積極的に、警戒していない限り、私の子供たちは時間の経過とともにGM食品に傷つけられます。何千人ものお母さんがこれを手に入れ、同じように感じることを知っています。それはエキサイティングですよね? 「F it」と言ってGMOを禁止するニュージーランドやペルーに移動したいだけではありませんか?

Can you just NOT BELIEVE what a twilight zone of a mess our country is in right now? I hate to say this because it seems so un-American. I want to shake myself and wake up. I want to be able to eat at a restaurant and not feel like crap for two days afterwards. I want be able to send my kids to school with 3 dollars and say "Sure, buy lunch today". I want to be able to go to parties and smile authentically at the host and thank her and accept the cake, but that is not going to happen now. Not because I can't, because I could do all of those things, I just choose not to. 

We have a choice but many don't. They don't know what they don't know. They are eating GMOs and wondering why the hell they can't loose the weight or why their autistic kid is not responding to therapy. Everybody, teachers, librarians, parent friends, bankers are all  trying to give our kids GMO candy or sweets as rewards. They just don't know...and not only do they not know they are literally having the freedom to choose their food taken from them by not being told what is in their food. What is truly American is to have faith in the people. That's what our founding fathers did a couple hundred years ago and that's what this movement of mothers is doing now.

So as Moms, as exhausted and mad as we are, I invite us all to channel that energy, that relentless vigilance and tireless love for our children, to share. Share everyday, and in every way you can imagine as an act of generosity for fellow Moms and as an investment in the future of America. We are the ones. There is no one else that is going to swoop down from the sky and fix this for us. This is our country and our kids and it's up to us. We just need to shift from what's bad and wrong to what's possible...


自分の怒りを煮詰めるのではなく、愛の場所からすべてのママの友人と共有するなら、子供たちに何が可能でしょうか?今、それは私たちがアメリカで必要とする一種のリーダーシップです。あなたがそれぞれ10ママと共有し、映画の夜を過ごし、それぞれが5と共有したとします。5はすべて5と共有し、彼らは5ママと共有しました。 1,270ママがGMOについて知り、家族の食べ物を自由に選択できるようにすることに対して個人的に責任を持つ。その倍の100千人のママ(州ごとにたった2000)で、127百万人以上のママに自由をもたらしました。これは、消費者がGMOを拒否し、食品製造業者の利益を5%失うために必要な転換点をはるかに超えています。これは、食品メーカーに非遺伝子組み換えへの切り替えを促すでしょう。 7月 4 への行進にサインアップし、GMO情報チラシをあなたのホールタウンと一度に共有することで、私たちは全国でその転換点同時に引き起こします!


ほとんど4月 2013であり、惑星は大規模な変化を遂げています。この変容には多くの側面があり、最終的には、私たちと集団レベルの人類が一緒になって、グローバルな変化の基本的な構成要素を実現するようになる必要があります。

夫は先日、「The SIXTIES:Years of Hope、Days of Rage」という古着の本をくれました。私たちはそれらの時代をいろいろな方法で模倣しているように思えます...彼らは女性の反乱を起こした「匿名」のような「いたずら」を持ち、バンダナ・シヴァのようにグロリア・スタインメンを持ちました。彼らには戦争があり(今日は同じ化学会社のモンサントが関与しています)、プロップ37で行ったようなコミュニティグループの会合やOccupy Wall Streetのような抗議がありました。 Facebookの投稿から、変容、意識変化、日々上昇しているエネルギーについて語っていますが、それはヒッピーなものでも変なものでもないということです。それは本当です...私たちはもっともっと大きなものを求めています私たちの誰もがイメージできるものとは異なります。

50から60への社会の大きな変化を考えてください。巨大。 50代の平均的な人は、帽子、おそろいの靴、プリム財布、手袋を身に着けたサクサクしたスーツや主婦で、信じられない思いで笑い飛ばしたり、60の...長い髪、ベルボトムの着用、自由にポット喫煙、そしておそらく配偶者を交換する。再び60のために戦うべきだと言っているわけではありませんが、マーケティングと広告から生まれた50年代の基準と理想と、食品システムについて現在持っている基準と理想の間には相関があると言っています。 。私たちには役に立たない食事の方法として「販売」されてきました。この広告は人々の栄養ではなく、最大の利益のために洗脳されています。私たちの前に自由があります。私たちが上昇し、つながり、庭を作り、自分の食べ物を育て、愛と力を与えて集まり、それが私たちの世界を変えます。クールなことは、今回は脇の下を剃ることができるということです。

When I think about the food revolution that we are up to causing, my energy comes back. I can set aside my resentment for the President. I shift my focus to the new and amazing relationships that are being created from this movement. Like my new friend Monica and her daughter Alicia, the 6 year old who is petitioning  the Girl Scouts to make NON GMO cookies, that I only met because of this movement. I get inspired by my kids who want to write letters to Monsanto's employees telling them what they are doing. My heart fills with joy and awe when I get calls from across the USA and even from other parts of the world, saying "We support you, keep going". Then I want to weep tears of gratitude, fulfillment and wonder at the amazing resilience and generosity of the human spirit.








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    I enjoyed the information about the corn report. While reading the info I came across the comments made by Kevin Folta. I not only found it funny that on one of his posts he mentioned nongmoproject.org while talking about in another post on the same thread that no scientists who have published peer reviewed journals have issue or concern with GMO’s. When in fact if you visit that website, http:www.nongmoproject.org you can clearly follow the links under GMO facts, to GMO myths and Truths, which will take you to a report on an examination of the claims made for the safety and efficacy of GMO crops.

    Not only are the majority of the authors PhD holders, one of the has a couple PhD’s. One of the PhD authors has “28 years’ experience in the use of genetic engineering technology investigating gene organisation and control, with over 40 peer reviewed publications of original work, and holds inventor status on a number of gene expression biotechnology patents. Dr Antoniou has a large network of collaborators in industry and academia who are making use of his discoveries in gene control mechanisms for the production of research, diagnostic and therapeutic products and safe and efficacious human somatic gene therapy for inherited and acquired genetic disorders.”

    The other PhD author “is a leading authority on sustainability in the food system,biosafety, and GMO testing. He is founder and chief scientific officer of one of the world’s first GMO testing and certification companies, through which he has pioneered the development of innovative tools to verify and advance food purity,
    safety and sustainability. He co-founded Earth Open Source, which uses open source collaboration to advance sustainable food production. Earlier, he conducted cancer research at the US National Institutes of Health. He holds a PhD in biochemistry and molecular and cell biology from Cornell University.”

    This evidence based examination is well worth the read. I for one sure hope Kevin Folta reads it as well.

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