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Monsanto Tribunal Conclusion

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t is with a grateful but deeply saddened heart that I share this news with you today.
We cannot rejoice at the following finding, because the subject matter is of such tragedy, but we are very grateful for the work of all involved.

Today the Monsanto Tribunal judges released their findings. After hearing testimonies from mothers of children with birth defects, farmers with cancer, farmers with animals who suffered serious harm and death, and many more testimonies of harm from around the world, the international judges delivered their findings.

Due to the fact that the opinion tribunal was not taken under oath and the accused did not appear to deny or confirm the statements, the findings can only be given with the understanding that the testimonies given by the victims and claims of harm made in the tribunal will be proven to be true.

In summary: 

The Tribunal recognizes the fundamental right to a healthy environment and human health.

The environment is a precondition of all human health. Monsanto was found to violate that right with their products.

Monsanto has also violated the rights to healthy food and access information which is needed to protect health and environment.

Monsanto has taken actions which could be classified as ECO-cide.

Watch the tribunal decision here:

The international community, judges, health organizations, farmers, manufacturers, and consumers are sure to take notice of these important findings and re-think their use of Monsanto's products such as Roundup. We find this to be an important step in moving away from GMO chemical farming and towards organic, regenerative agriculture.We thank the international community who worked tirelessly to create this tribunal.

Read the full transcript of the findings here:

The International Monsanto Tribunal is a unique "Opinion Tribunal" convened by civil society to clarify the legal obligations and consequences of some of the activities of the Monsanto Company.

During the hearings that took place on 10月 15 and 16th in The Hague, judges heard testimonies related to the six questions posed to the Tribunal. The ensuing legal opinion delivered by the Tribunal includes a legal analysis of the questions asked, with respect to both existing international law, and to prospective law in order to improve international human rights and environmental law.

The advisory opinion is structured in three parts. The introductory section details the conditions within which the Tribunal was initiated. The middle section examines the six questions posed to the Tribunal. Looking at the broader picture, the final section tackles the growing asymmetry between the rights conceded to corporations and the constraints imposed upon them to protect local communities and/or future generations, wherever corporations operate.

Thank you for continuing to support our work and raise awareness for healthy communities.
We are grateful for you!

Together, we can reverse the rise of health issues and create healthy communities.

Zen and MAA Team


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    The neighborhood expert appointed an autonomous specialist to look at the representative’s grievances. The majority of the worker’s protests were rejected with the exception of one, and the specialist proposed an arrival to work activity arrange intended to help her in continuing her work at the ACE Center. The worker showed that while she was ready to make part in the move arrange, she was not willing to acknowledge the conclusions drawn by the agent.
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    If You haven’t signed yet here’s your chace.

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    I want to make one more point, last fall Anthony Samsel, and Stephanie Seneff did a study on just the egg protein and gelatin for just glyphosate in vaccines. I’ll guarantee there’s more than that. Atrazine, 2-4-D,…….
    Vaccine-glyphosate link exposed by Anthony Samsel
  • ジョン・アブラハムソン
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    Time to go after the political and media whores, the corporations and there people in the FDA, USDA, CDC, H&HS. They deserve a fair trial, and if guilty have a cowards death for going along!

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    Edmund Burke

    Thank God!
    Thank you all that never gave up over the years, and the newer that help make our voices deafening.
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    Hallelujah . . .