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You may have heard the uproar about Skittles, how a California man sued Mars for not warning their customers that it contains harmful levels of titanium dioxide...well, it’s not only this colorful candy that contains toxic chemicals. MOST candies, many children’s medicines, and processed foods in America also contain artificial dyes! But the majority of these chemicals are not allowed in Europe! What gives?

Moms Across America Board member Kelly Ryerson, AKA Glyphosate Girl, weighs in on the situation as our guest writer.



Doctors dismissed these outbursts as normal little boy behavior, but there was something peculiar about the tantrums. They triggered so quickly over nothing in particular like some switch had been activated in his mind that sent his nervous system into high gear. My mom’s mind fled into all kinds of worst-case scenarios, abetted by Google searches on everything from terrifying brain diseases to my general failure as a parent. Because what would mom-life be without some occasional self-blame.   


D&C Red No. 33 & FD&C Blue No. 1.



  • FD&CブルーNo. 1
  • FD&CブルーNo. 2
  • FD&CグリーンNo. 3
  • FD&CレッドNo. 3
  • FD&CレッドNo. 40
  • FD&CイエローNo. 5
  • FD&CイエローNo. 6


In Europe, where regulators take a more precautionary approach.

E171, titanium dioxide, found in Skittles in America, is banned from European foods.

The following warning appears on labels of food that include other artificial dyes:

“May harm activity and attention in children.” 

The warning is well justified. Multiple 研究 have shown that artificial food dyes can cause hyperactivity in children.

2021では、カリフォルニア環境保護庁の環境健康ハザード評価局(OEHHA) 見つかった 「合成食用色素は、一部の子供たちの神経行動学的な悪影響と関連しています。行動障害と診断された米国の子供たちの数が増えるにつれ、この評価は、行動上の問題を悪化させる可能性のある曝露から子供たちを保護するための取り組みに情報を与えることができます。」

At the upcoming White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, Hunger, and Health, Moms Across America would like to make our voices heard and ban the use of artificial food dyes in our food. We believe that the US must work to preserve the neurological and psychological health of our children actively, and replacing dyes with natural alternatives would make a significant impact.


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