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From 6月 29th to 7月 7th, all across America Moms and supporters are joined into 172 parades to letting an estimated 1 million of  their neighbors know about GMOs directly and millions more via media and word of mouth. This was an act of generosity and courage on a grand scale, an example of what makes America great! What awesome and generous people!





The power in being a Mom is taking on our role in America. That is why our 車のデカール say ”Bring it ON! I’m a MOM!” and "Label GMOS!"

On 7月 4th, we took on GMOs and did something new. For most of us, we had not marched in a parade since Girl Scouts and we never even considered being an activist. The majority of us are not radicals, we are not political, we are not doing this for certain religious reasons, we are simply Moms who care about the future of our children. We know that 64 other countries have banned or label GMOs and we march for that freedom here in the USA. We are angry about GMOs but we Moms know that other Mom’s are most likely to consider information when it’s delivered in  non threatening way. Moms know that love works. So we marched with patriotism and pride to be in America’s biggest traditional community event. We marched with love, a friendly attitude and joyous smiles. We were supported by wonderful husbands, partners, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and kids. People who care about health and freedom marched for no personal gain. We took on GMOs, were mostly received with cheers and wonder, ( when have most Moms been CHEERED at for talking about GMOs before??? Never! This was so empowering!!!) and we have never been prouder of our great nation.



















パートナーのおかげで、CA State Grage、LabelGMOs.org、スポンサーのDr. Bronner's、NYR Organic、Nature's Path、Organic Valley、OMG ohmygreen.com、Nutivia、そして寄付してくれたすべての人に感謝します。


  • ルース
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  • シンディ・オーバーガグ
    コメントした 2013-07-09 16:20:38 -0400
    Once again I predict that the scary facts about Monsanto and GMO’s will be just like the link between cigarettes and cancer. When the public knows they will demand to have labeling and get GMO’s out. Like Phillip Morris and Monsanto, money means power. We can’t back down though. Chemical free Grass Roots shall prevail!!
    I bought a copy of Genetic Roulette and am about to circulate it in my neighborhood with a flyer asking folks to watch and pass on. Hopefully most will.
    I have a sign on my front yard against GMOs. I hope that all that pass by are curious enough to check it out.
    If all the moms and other concerned Free Our Food activists email just one company per week and ask them to be ahead of the curve and take GMOs out of their food, we can make an impact. Tell them you are not buying their product. They all know about it. They just don’t want to spend the money to change until the public demands it. We probably wouldn’t have gluten free menus and food sections in our supermarkets if the facts about GMOs had been taken seriously years ago.
    Sad but true,
    GMO Free Nation…just like Smoke Free, it can be done.
  • ドナミルズ
    コメントした 2013-07-08 00:59:05 -0400
    I tried to organize some moms online, and I was told to promptly “cease and desist”; that, I had the wording all wrong in asking for marchers to contact me! Luckily, after conducting a google search, I found someone locally who had followed the proper, “protocol” required to organize a spot in a parade and make the announcement, so I took it from there, but I felt so bad, I didn’t dare try and make anymore attempts to talk about it to anyone else, at least not online. I admire my organizer who got it right the first time. You know, there’s this fine line that separates an activist from a protestor with an issue like this, since it is political as much as it is pragmatic in nature. My group was small, but I still got to march with my daughter and granddaughter and hand out a lot of flyers, pamphlets, buttons and announce the existence of MAA and the right to know before i got heat exhaustion from running around so much in it—and for that I am gratified Now that the march is over, does the “Evening of Empowerment” have any required MAA protocol?
    Donna Mills, Sierra Madre, Ca
  • 禅ハニーカット
    コメントした 2013-07-07 21:52:10 -0400
    Carly we are very sorry there were breakdowns in communication and we take full responsibility for that. We posted a full description of what you can do to start groups, gain support and start a group to march in a parade on “About” and “Events”. This was definitely a self starter deal locally. All there is, is to see what you/we/I can do next time. FYI There were some days when I got a couple hundreds requests and I also have cub scouts, homeworks, doctor appointments and interns that sometimes don’t show. We are very aware we need consistent help and that is part of what we will put in as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback.
  • ジーニー・アンドラダ
    コメントした 2013-07-07 21:25:29 -0400
    共有、共有、共有! foodbabe.com、100 daysofrealfood.comなどのリンクを提供する情報シートを作成し、注意を引く情報を作成しました。 Facebookで私とあなたは私の配布資料の1つの例を見ることができます。
  • カーリーローガン
    コメントした 2013-07-07 20:34:25 -0400
    Super sad. Saw there were 4 others in Knoxville. I reached out. I volunteered. I asked what I could do, where I could get signs, etc. I volunteered to be the point of contact. Nothing. Nada. No contact, no communication, nothing. I believe in what you are doing. PASSIONATELY.

    But ladies, we have to get more organized and get it together or you are going to lose support. I am halfway out the door because I feel like I’m not in the “in” crowd or whatever.

    I am not political and have never done anything like this before. I believe in it THAT much. I wonder how many others were kind of left wondering what to do this past week?

    Sorry for the negativity. I just wanted to step up and instead stepped aside. :-(

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