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The Ultimate Detox -- Part 1 of 2

jason.jpgThe Ultimate Detox Part 1

The holiday season is over, and the new year is here, which means our excuses for eating and drinking everything in sight have now expired. It’s officially time for phase two of the holiday season; the cleanup.

The famed “new year cleanse” (or is it detox?) often consists of green juices, superfood smoothies, charcoal tablets, and the highly popular fasting techniques. There is no shortage of recipes and dietary strategies promising to ditch the holiday weight and boost energy levels to help you start the year off right. But it’s 2019. Aren’t we supposed to be like, super woke? That’s what my millennium colleagues tell me.

Forgive me, but it seems a bit naive to think we can undo the damage created by a fast pace lifestyle, over-stimulation from electronics, genetically modified foods, processed ingredients, the constant barrage of thousands of chemicals in our environment, an emotionally charged sociopolitical climate…all with a few glasses of green juice?

Look, I’m a fan of green juice and healthy smoothies. Heck, I live in Southern California. Might as well be the green juice capital. My quick calculations indicate that 21% of state revenue in 2018 came from sales of green juice. Just kidding…or am I? At $14 a bottle, the calculations might be correct. All joking aside, the new year does provide the perfect opportunity to reevaluate our lifestyle and refocus on creating a healthier, more balanced life.

For those focused on semantics, I might suggest the term, “detox”, be generally reserved for the inbuilt biological processes that organic lifeforms use to metabolize and excrete a plethora of organic and inorganic substances in order to maintain balance and harmony in the system. Detox might include metabolic functions of microbiota in the gut and elsewhere. Or it can occur intracellularly in a variety of tissues throughout the body including the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, bowels, brain, and lymphatic system, among others. Detoxification processes also occur inside our mitochondria, and in the extra cellular matrix. In fact, there aren’t many places in the body where detoxification doesn’t occur.

When we speak of cleansing, I might suggest this term more appropriately describes the actions we take to alter our internal and external environment, thereby lowering our overall toxic load and allowing the body to properly detoxify, expel, or excrete substances that disrupt homeostatic balance in our system.

So, we might say the key to detoxification is to use a variety of cleansing techniques to reduce the internal toxic load, while also providing the substrates needed to carry out the biological processes required for metabolizing and excreting substances that contribute to imbalance – things like disruptive chemicals, disruptive metals, hormone metabolites, and pathogenic organisms.

But instead of getting too caught up in the semantics of words like “cleanse” and “detoxification”, let us focus more on the syntax of these two terms. Let’s approach 2019 like the woke humans we are. No longer is it sufficient to simply focus on food if we want to lose weight, increase energy, improve mood, and optimize function. Instead, if we look at cleansing and detoxification as more of an archetype, we can apply these concepts to many areas of our daily life.

Your diet is not only what you eat. It’s what you listen to,

what you read, and what you watch. It’s what you think and feel.

Be mindful of the mental, emotional, and physical things that you embody.

Truth is, there exist a number of lifestyle factors that can disrupt homeostasis and prevent your body from optimal physiological detoxification. So here are the four primary areas of your life that you can cleanse and detoxify to improve your overall health.

External Environment

This is a fantastic place to start because the change is very tangible, and you may notice an immediate improvement to your health. Probably the most unrecognized and increasingly pervasive “toxin” in the home these days is artificial light. Run-of-the-mill overhead lighting in the house and the bright lighted emitted from various electronic screens, particularly after sunset, have decimated both sleep time and sleep quality. So much so that research continues to show that poor sleep caused by artificial light is contributing to weight gain, increased breast cancer risk, fatigue, and many other chronic conditions. Improving sleep quality can dramatically improve health across the board. Wearing blue blocking glasses at night, swapping out your traditional lights with orange bulbs, and using beeswax or organic soy candles are easy ways to detoxify your nighttime lighting environment.

Another fantastic way to detox your environment is to do a “spring cleaning” and get rid of anything you don’t really need. Employ minimalist strategies and clear out stale energy and emotions bound up in material goods you don’t use. If you have a hard time tossing out old furniture, books, knickknacks, or clothes that haven’t made their way out of your closet in 2 years, you’ve got emotional attachment that needs to be cleared. Besides, less fortunate people can probably use the clothes you aren’t wearing or furniture sitting in your basement or garage. Did I mention that research suggests generosity and altruism benefit your health.

Jason Prall is a former mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur, filmmaker, and Health Optimization Practitioner. Due to 20 years of his own health challenges, Jason was given the opportunity to discover the reality behind his symptoms. Over the years, he transitioned from working as a practitioner in the integrative disease care model to a model of health optimization and lifestyle medicine. In May of 2018, his extensive research and experience were distilled into a documentary film series called, "The Human Longevity Project", which uncovers the complex mechanisms of chronic disease and aging, and the true nature of longevity in our modern world.


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New Year, New Moms Across America

family garden

“We are the authors of our destinies. No one can see the vision any clearer, believe in and work any harder to make it a reality more than the visionary.” – Nike Campbell-Fatoki

Each new year seems to come about so quickly. Where did the last year go? But this year at Moms Across America we are ready to move forward with a renewed purpose and determination -- literally. 2018 was a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows for us as a country. I am sure you felt it. After much thoughtful consideration the MAA team, with your feedback, as regrouped and reinvigorated our purpose. We are poised, realizing that we are the authors of our destinies, recognizing the visionary in each of us -- and the collective ability that we have as visionaries to move mountains.

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Monsanto's Roundup Found in Baby Food

December 11, 2018

Screen_Shot_2018-07-30_at_6.32.21_PM.pngThe Chinese government is smart to announce that they will set low limits of glyphosate residues on their food imports. Grains have been shown to be especially high in glyphosate levels and the impact harming our most vulnerable.

Moms Across America announces that the baby food samples tested were positive for residues of glyphosate when the baby foods contained grains such as rice, wheat, or oats. Baby foods that contained only fruits and vegetables did not. Eight different conventional baby foods from two top brands, Gerber and Comfort for Baby, were tested by Health Research Institute labs in Iowa, with the “gold standard” HPLC MS/MS methodology. The levels found in the foods with grain as part of the ingredients averaged 14.3 parts per billion, which is 143 times higher than the amount that is allowed in EU drinking water. At-home testing on Gerber Oatmeal and Apple Toddler Cereal revealed that glyphosate levels between 50-200 ppb. Oats are commonly sprayed with glyphosate as a drying agent so most conventional oat products are expected to have similar levels of glyphosate.

Glyphosate is the declared active chemical ingredient in Roundup, manufactured by Monsanto/Bayer. Recent John v Monsanto jury trial found Monsanto guilty on all accounts, including for “malice and oppression”- meaning that the company knew their products could cause cancer and suppressed the information.

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French Government Taxes Glyphosate for Organic Farm Development

Huge News!!

We are so thrilled at this brilliant, delightful, creative solution! You are Manifique, Macron!

French Government Starts Phase-Out of Glyphosate with Online Farmer Platform and Herbicide Tax

The French government has released its glyphosate ‘phase-out’ online platform, in an attempt to help farmers across the country to stop using the world’s most used herbicide before 2020. Macron places a 50% increase tax on glyphosate and funds go to support organic farming. How brilliant!

Man of the Year! President Macron!

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Which Countries are Saying NO to GMOs This Week?

South Africa Government Rejects Monsanto’s GMO Triple Stacked Maize

The African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) has welcomed the decision of the South African biosafety authorities, rejecting Monsanto’s application for the commercial release of its GM drought tolerant triple stacked maize: MON 87460 x MON 89034 x NK 603. At its meeting on the 2nd October 2018, the Executive...


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War and Freedom

Screen_Shot_2018-11-12_at_8.12.35_AM.pngOn Veteran's Day, I am reminded to honor Veteran's and I do. My father is a World War II Veteran. He fought to protect democracy around the world for four years of his young life. I am grateful for the sacrifice so many gave and I cherish the freedoms we have in America.

I also detest war. War is simply when one entity is opposing it's will on another until the other finds they must defend themselves with force. It is a lack of communication, negotiation, compassion, and respect of individual rights. I think we can do better than war. We can honor each other, communicate, and come to agreements. This is possible when we set aside our ego, greed, force, and desire for power.


Moms do this on a daily basis. We set aside our needs, our ego, our desires for rest or a full meal to care for others. We know it is possible to negotiate, we do it with toddlers and/or teens every day. We may appear to be forceful at times, with impending consequences for certain behavior....but our end goal is to support our children to make responsible choices on their own, without our influence. Much like a sovereign country. Our goal is to have them be free.

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Glyphosate Free Wine, Aluminum in Vaccines and more.

Good News!

SmartVine Enters the Market as First-Ever Glyphosate Residue-Free Certified Wine

Sustainable Pulse interview with Christine Fitzgerald, Owner of SmartVine, the first-ever Glyphosate Residue Free certified wine.

"Using my knowledge of nutrition science I began formulating wine combinations with herb infusions. My business partner Chrystal understood formulating wine without the use of herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides, and using more of a natural, old-world style to make wine.

After 6 months of research and experimentation, we finally discovered the perfect iteration of SmartVine; blending clean, chemical-free wine that tasted amazing and was better for you."

Read full article here.

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GMO Potatoes Put on HIGH RISK List

From Non-GMO Project Verified 

Contact: Kristin Wheeler
Phone: 360.255.7704 x131

Non-GMO Project addresses supply chain risks caused by new techniques like CRISPR and RNAi

Screen_Shot_2018-10-30_at_1.11.19_PM.pngBELLINGHAM, WAOctober 31—The potato has been added to the High-Risk list of the Non-GMO Project Standard because a GMO potato variety is now “widely commercially available” in the United States. To determine when a crop needs to be moved from the Monitored-Risk list to the High-Risk list, the Project uses an established set of criteria related to the likelihood of GMO contamination in the conventional and non-GMO supply chain. As a result of today’s move, products made with potato will now be subject to extra scrutiny before they can become Non-GMO Project Verified.
On the market since 2015, the GMO potato developed by J.R. Simplot has been engineered through a method of gene silencing called RNA interference (RNAi). This genetic engineering technique results in a potato that hides the symptoms of blackspot bruising. Currently, GMO potatoes are being marketed under the Simplot Innate brand, found under the trademark White Russet.
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GMO and Glyphosate News Oct

Monday night October 29, 2018 on our Moms Connect Call, we discussed the following news. You can see the discussion here. And review the articles below. We hope you will join us next time! 

Pesticide-Free Organic Food Lowers Your Blood Cancer Risk by 86% – 70,000 French People Surveyed

Cutting out pesticides by eating only organic food could slash your cancer risk by up to 86 percent, a new study claims.

For full article click here.

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Breakfast Favorite Orange Juice Tainted by Glyphosate Herbicide Threatens Our Health and Florida’s Environment

Glyphosate in Orange Juice


Screen_Shot_2018-10-26_at_8.49.58_AM.pngIn August, news broke that Cheerios, Quaker Oats, and other breakfast cereals were contaminated with glyphosate weed killer. Just this week, more news of glyphosate in snack bars. Parents across the nation became concerned about their family’s breakfast foods and snacks. Now we learn we must also be looking at the most popular breakfast beverage, orange juice, as well.

Over one year after initial tests, Moms Across America sent America's most popular orange juice brands to be tested again for the carcinogenic chemical glyphosate. The new test results, ranging from 2.99 ppb to 17.16 ppb, are not promising. Although the different brands, Tropicana, Minute Maid, Costco’s Kirkland Signature, and Stater Bros. had slightly lower levels of glyphosate weed killer than the first tests conducted a year ago, all still had detectable levels of glyphosate. In addition, Moms Across America added another sample, Florida’s Natural, and the results were not only among the highest of all the brands tested for glyphosate residues, the sample from the brand showed results almost 3 times higher than the previous year’s test results provided to another organization, showing an increase, rather than a decrease of the use of glyphosate herbicides.

Florida’s Natural glyphosate testing in 2017 showed the following results: glyphosate amount detected: 2.14 ppb; AMPA amount detected: 1.98 ppb, the effective glyphosate level was 5.11 ppb. In 2018 the test results showed an effective level of glyphosate at 14.42.

Recently plaintiff Alexandra Axon, represented by Richman Law Group, sued Florida’s Natural for misleading the public by claiming their product is natural when in fact it contains glyphosate. The lawsuit is still pending.


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