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Petition From Neighbors

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We, the undersigned, live in _________ area and we oppose the use of any glyphosate herbicides or toxic chemicals for weed management. We request that you discontinue the use of glyphosate herbicides and other toxins immediately. If the area becomes unbearably unsightly we request weed whacking, mulch, or the planting of cover crops instead. We, in fact, prefer “weed” greenery like clover or crabgrass than brown dead-looking dirt in our community. We request that the HOA put the safety of its residents, pets, pollinators, and marine life (from runoff) before the convenience of a toxic chemical spray for unnecessary aesthetics purposes.


If the expense of the alternatives is a budget issue, we request that you discontinue the spraying of this chemical and simply let the weeds grow until an alternative can be addressed. This option, to simply stop spraying toxins, costs the HOA no money, in fact, it saves money. At a later board meeting when budgets are discussed and determined, and when the savings have accrued, alternatives can be decided upon. You were given a list of ten alternatives. Continuing to use a chemical in our association, knowing that it can cause cancer and serious health issues, opens up our HOA to lawsuits. We ask you to discontinue the use of glyphosate to avoid lawsuits and protect the residents.


Again we request that the landscaping is managed with mulch, weed whacking, or other cover crops (which are better than leaving the soil dry), and preserve the beauty of our homeowner’s association without using a chemical that has been shown to cause Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stimulate Lumin-B breast cancer, Multiple Myeloma cancer, liver cancer, kidney disease, miscarriage, harm to testes and sperm, cause autism in male rats, be neurotoxic (learning and behavioral issues) and to weaken the immune system. We ask you to simply stop using glyphosate herbicides and to not substitute with other toxins like Glufosinate, Atrazine or Dicamba ( just banned by courts).



Thank you.


Petition to discontinue the use of glyphosate herbicides and all toxic chemicals for landscaping and use organic or alternative methods instead.


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